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Military Cap
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Mass 6



The Military Cap is a wearable hat worn by multiple factions in ArmA 3.


The Military Cap is a soft kepi with a stiff, rounded visor and flat top. It always comes with a radio headset attached for communications, and is primarily worn by both officers and off-duty military personnel when not in combat.

It weighs a "mass" of 6 and offers no protection to either small arms fire or explosions.



Military Cap (Gendarmerie)
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Gendarmerie
Mass 6

Worn exclusively by Tanoan Gendarmerie officers. It was added with the release of the Apex expansion pack.

Aside from the medium blue colour scheme and Gendarmerie logo, it is functionally and statistically identical to regular Military Caps.


  • MTP: MTP camouflage pattern. Used by Mediterranean NATO forces.
  • Tropic: Tropical MTP version of the regular MTP pattern. Exclusive to Pacific NATO forces and some CTRG Group 15 operatives.
  • Woodland: Woodland-themed MTP camouflage pattern scheme. Used by NATO forces stationed in Eastern Europe.
  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage scheme. Utilised by both Mediterranean and North African CSAT forces.
  • Green Hex: Tropical Hexacam camouflage pattern scheme. Exclusive to Pacific CSAT forces.
  • AAF: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern. Used by the AAF.
  • Gendarmerie: Medium blue colour scheme with GENDARMERIE (in white) stitched onto the front.
  • Grey: Slate grey colour scheme.
  • Taiga: Taiga-themed Hexacam camouflage pattern. Exclusively utilised by Russian Spetsnaz operatives.
  • Blue: Dark blue colour scheme.
  • Green: Flat olive green colour scheme.
  • LDF: Fractal pattern meant to mimic the LDF's Geometric camouflage. Only used by the LDF.


  • In-game Military Caps are loosely based on the U.S. Army's Patrol Cap.
    • In spite of this, they are strangely depicted being used by both CSAT and Russian forces as well. The real-world Iranian Armed Forces, Chinese People's Liberation Army and Russian Armed Forces each have their own counterparts to the U.S. Army's Patrol Cap (i.e. the Chinese Type 07 field cap) and would not be utilising an American-made hat.
  • It is one of the most ubiquitous hats in ArmA 3, with almost every faction having at least one or more units wearing a variant of the Military Cap.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Unused checker pattern variants.

    There are several unused config entries for additional variants of the Military Cap. These would include one stylised in CSAT's Urban Hexacam camouflage pattern, three intended for civilian use (featuring a checker pattern in either light grey, slate grey or brown colour varieties), and a fifth coloured in desert tan.
    • With the exception of the Urban variant, the textures for the other four schemes still exist within the game files but remain unused for unknown reasons.
  • Additionally, there is an unused entry for a sixth variant (Classname: H_MilCap_rucamo) intended for use by the Raven Security faction. Raven Security was intended to be a Russian private military company which would have been categorised as a REDFOR sub-faction.
    • Unfortunately, ArmA 3's complete development overhaul in 2012 resulted in the faction's removal before the game was released in 2013. The original texture - with the faction's insignia stitched onto the front - was removed and can no longer be found within the game's files.


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