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« The Mk200 is a gas-operated light machine gun based on the Belgian LMG with ergonomical grips, reinforced lock and quick barrel removal system. It fires 6.5x39 mm (caseless) ammunition fed from a belt with a rate of 800 rounds per minute. The Mk200 provides the squad with the accurate and sustained fire-power required to suppress and destroy enemy targets.
Field Manual
The Mk200 6.5 mm light machine gun.

The Mk200 is a 6.5 mm light machine gun used by several BLUFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3.


The Mk200 is a belt fed, gas operated, fully automatic light machine gun that is chambered to fire 6.5×39 mm caseless ammunition.[note 1]

It feeds from 200-round linked belts stored in soft pouches, and can attain a fire rate of up to 800 rounds per minute[CfgWp 6][Formula 1] with a muzzle velocity of 920 m/s.[CfgMa 2] The Mk200 can mount accessories on its top[CfgWp 7], side[CfgWp 8] and underbarrel[CfgWp 9] rails, and can also have suppressors fitted onto its muzzle.[CfgWp 10]

Compared to both its CSAT and Russian-made counterparts, the Mk200 is lighter to wield against the former while possessing a much larger magazine capacity (200 rounds versus the Zafir's 150 or the RPK-12's meagre 75).

Despite being an LMG, the Mk200's recoil is fairly manageable even without a bipod deployed, making sustained bursts over medium ranges a feasible option. It also retains a greater muzzle velocity while being better in terms of accuracy over long ranges. Furthermore, unlike the Zafir, it can be suppressed, which renders it ideal for stealth missions that require the firepower of an LMG.

The main drawback to the Mk200 stems from its use of the smaller 6.5 mm cartridge. While this is what makes the Mk200 lighter to carry, it also means that its rounds are relatively less hard-hitting compared to the Zafir's 7.62×54 mmR rounds. The other downside is its inability to toggle a semi-automatic or reduced RPM fire mode (as opposed to the LIM-85) which limits it to firing on full auto only. Although this isn't necessarily a drawback to the Mk200, it can result in a few wasted rounds after every burst if the user is careless with the trigger.



The Mk200 can be manually zeroed starting at a minimum of 100 metres up to a maximum of 600 metres (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600).[CfgWp 11] By default, it is set to a zeroing of 200 metres.[CfgWp 12] Neither the front nor rear sights are illuminated.

If the top rail is fitted with an optic that can be zeroed beyond 600 metres (e.g. TWS MG), the Mk200 will permit an absolute maximum zeroing of 1,200 metres.[CfgWp 13]


  • Black: Matte black paint finish. Exclusive to LDF autoriflemen.
  • Sand: Flat dark earth finish with some black coloured parts. Shared by AAF, FIA and Loyalist automatic riflemen.


Ammo parameter 6.5 mm (Ball/Yellow) 6.5 mm (Ball/Red)
Base damage value 10[CfgAm 1] 10[CfgAm 2]
Aerodynamic friction -0.0009[CfgAm 3] -0.0009[CfgAm 4]
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 920[CfgMa 2] 920[CfgMa 3]
Expected velocity (m/s) 820[CfgAm 5][note 2] 820[CfgAm 6][note 2]
Penetration depth (mm) 13.8[CfgAm 7][Formula 2] 13.8[CfgAm 8][Formula 3]
Deflection angle (degrees) 15°[CfgAm 9] 15°[CfgAm 10]

The Mk200 can be fed with four types of belt pouch magazines.[CfgWp 14] All four share the same weight of 50[CfgMa 4] "mass" units:

6.5 mm 200Rnd Belt[]


200-round soft pouch with a belt that contains a mixed loadout of caseless 6.5 mm ball and tracer ammunition.[CfgMa 5]

Every fourth round fired will always emit a visible yellow tracer.[CfgMa 6] Only the last four rounds consist exclusively of tracers.[CfgMa 7]

6.5 mm 200Rnd Reload Tracer (Red) Belt[]


Alternate 200-round soft pouch that contains a mix of ball and red tracer ammunition as opposed to yellow.[CfgMa 8]

Aside from its usage of red tracers, it is statistically identical to the yellow tracer 200-round soft pouches.

6.5 mm 200Rnd Belt Tracer (Yellow)[]


Dedicated 200-round soft pouch loaded exclusively with 6.5 mm yellow tracer ammunition.[CfgMa 9]

Aside from its tracer-exclusive loadout, it is statistically identical to the regular 200-round soft pouches.

6.5mm 200Rnd Belt Tracer (Red)[]


Alternate 200-rounder soft pouch that uses red tracers as opposed to yellow.[CfgMa 10]

It is statistically identical to the regular 200-round soft pouches (aside from its tracer-exclusive loadout).


  • ArmA 3's Mk200 is based on the "Stoner 96 LMG" designed by the Knight's Armament Company (KAC), a firearms manufacturer based in the state of Florida, U.S.A.[1]
    • The Stoner 96 was initially offered as a replacement for the venerable "M249 SAW" LMG that is currently still in service (in limited numbers) with both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Although it was rejected by the U.S. military, it was tested in a limited capacity by French and Danish special operations units.[2]
  • It also appears to be partially based on AAI Corporation's prototype LMG that was initially designed for the U.S. military's Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) programme[3], which was then succeeded by the Cased Telescoped Small Arms Systems (CTSAS) programme.
    • Arma3-icon-m200

      Unused pre-Alpha Mk200 icon.

      This is further reinforced by the existence of an unused icon which depicts a model that strongly resembles the LSAT prototype, though the model itself is unavailable within the game files (Texture name: gear_m200_ca.paa).[4]
    • While AAI's prototype was chambered to fire 5.56/7.62 mm caseless/cased telescopic ammunition instead of the Mk200's 6.5 mm, the concept design between the two is very similar.
  • It is stated to be a product of an Armaverse company named Vigilante Design.[5]
  • Before the release of the Beta and subsequent inclusion of the Zafir[6], it initially served as a placeholder LMG for CSAT forces during the Alpha.
  • Prior to the release of the Marksmen DLC, the Mk200 also featured an integrated grip pod. This was later removed as the weapon was refactored to accept regular bipods on its underbarrel rail.[7]
  • Both the Black-coloured variant and two additional "magazines" loaded with red tracers were not added until the release of the Contact expansion pack (specifically for use by the Livonian Defense Force).[8]


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