NOTE: This article is about the Mk6 static mortar in ArmA 3. For the ArmA: Mobile Ops Mortar defensive structure, see Mortar.

« A classic 82 mm caliber mortar, equipped with a ballistic computer and easy to handle. It weighs only 21 kg and can fire various kinds of ammo: from HE (high explosive) to smokes, flares in support of infantry.
Field Manual

Mk6 Mortar
Faction - NATO
- Loyalists
Type Mortar
Caliber 82 mm
Variants None

The Mk6 Mortar is an 82 mm static artillery piece that is universally employed by both Mediterranean/Pacific NATO forces, Mediterranean CSAT, the AAF, as well as in limited numbers with Altian government loyalists and the FIA in ArmA 3.


The Mk6 is a static mortar that is designed to launch 82 mm mortar shells.

The standard loadout of the Mk6 gives it 24 rounds of high-explosive (HE) shells. In addition to the standard HE shells, 2 more sub-munition types are also available, forming a total of 16 more shells that can be loaded. These include:

  • 8 rounds of deployable white smoke shells that can cover the impact zone instantly in a shroud of thick smoke to obscure infrared sensors
  • 8 rounds of white-coloured parachute flares to provide temporary illumination over a wide area

The Mk6 can be broken down into two separate components as backpacks and reassembled at any desired location. The backpacks are light enough to be loaded into a Quadbike together for transport, and makes it incredibly easy for infantry to set it up into position for an assault, and then just as easily relocate once the main element has advanced or withdrawn.


Like the Mk30 and the Mk32, the Mk6 can be easily set up at any location to provide quick indirect fire support.

To disassemble the mortar, roll the mouse's scroll wheel when facing it to open the context menu, then select "Disassemble Mk6 Mortar". Two backpacks will appear on the ground in place of the mortar; one called "Folded Mk6 Mortar Bipod" and another "Folded Mk6 Mortar Tube". These can be stored inside the cargo space of vehicles or carried by infantry to a desired location.

To assemble the mortar, simply place one of the two backpacks on the ground at the desired location. With the other backpack equipped, it should now be possible to walk up to the backpack on the ground, roll the mouse scroll wheel to access the context menu, and select "Assemble Mk6 Mortar". The backpacks will then disappear and be replaced by the mortar.


  • Olive: Standard paint scheme with a black-coloured tube and olive drab green components and baseplate. Used by NATO, FIA, and AAF Mk6 Mortars.
  • Hex: Black-coloured tube with an Arid Hexacam camouflaged baseplate and miscellaneous components. Exclusively used on Mediterranean CSAT Mk6 Mortars only.


Once assembled in position, the Mk6 can fire eight-round salvos in 13 seconds between reloads which last six seconds. As such, each full firing cycle is 19 seconds. It is possible for a Mk6 to fire off all of its HE shells in just 51 seconds if the final reload for non-HE ammo is skipped.

It has three range modes available for firing:

  • Close range: 34 to 499 metres (ETA 14-10 seconds)
  • Medium range: 139 to 1,998 metres (ETA 28-20 seconds)
  • Far range: 284 to 4,078 metres (ETA 40-29 seconds)

Shells fired at the minimum range within a given firing mode will land at the maximum ETA for that mode, and likewise shells fired at the maximal range for the firing mode will land with the minimum ETA.

Note that there is an overlap between all three modes from 284-499 metres, and an overlap between just Medium and Far range from 499 to 1,998 metres. In these overlaps, it is possible to begin a salvo with a longer range setting and then decrease the range setting towards the end of the salvo. This tactic allows more damage to be dealt in the initial moments of an attack while the enemy is still off-guard and scrambling to escape or take cover.

As an example set-up at 1,998 metres, a Far range salvo will land 39 seconds after firing, while a Medium range salvo will land 20 seconds after firing. This allows a skilled mortar gunner to fire a complete 8-round salvo in the Far range setting, then fire another complete 8 round salvo in the Medium range setting and have both salvos land on the same target simultaneously, as if it were two mortars firing at the same time.


  • The Mk6 does not appear to be based directly on any real-world mortar design, though it does share some design elements with the smaller "M224 Lightweight Mortar", a 60 mm man-portable mortar currently in use with the U.S. military.
  • Two more munition types are actually available for use by the Mk6 if added to it via script through the editor. These include both laser-guided and infrared-guided shells; both of which are available on the NATO Scorcher and CSAT 2S9 SPG vehicles by default but curiously enough, not with the Mk6 itself.
  • Along with the rest of the static weapons, the Mk6 Mortar is not available to Pacific CSAT forces by default with the Zeus module, nor in the Eden editor. It also lacks a Green Hex camouflage scheme.
    • In addition, Pacific CSAT support gunners carry the Mediterranean CSAT version of the Mk6 Mortar's backpack instead.


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