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Modular Carrier Lite
Faction Icon-side-greenfor.png LDF
Armour rating Level III
Mass 70
Storage capacity 130

The Modular Carrier Lite is a ballistic-resistant vest used by the Livonian Defense Force in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Contact DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Contact expansion pack.

The Modular Carrier Lite is the standard-issue plate carrier vest worn by all Livonian soldiers. It weighs a total "mass" of 70 and provides enough space for 130 units worth of ammunition/items.

Rated at Level III protection standards, its plate inserts cover the wearer's chest, abdomen and diaphragm. Each part of the plate has a base armour value of 16 and retain a 70% damage reduction modifier against gunfire; allowing the wearer to survive at most a point blank hit from a 7.62 mm bullet.

Essentially the LDF's version of the Carrier Lite worn by American soldiers, the Modular Carrier Lite isn't particularly impressive and provides nearly the same amount of surface coverage. In some respects, it covers less of the wearer's torso as the frontal plate is shorter though the rear plate is slightly taller than NATO's Carrier Lite.

However, the only statistical difference between the two is that it weighs 10 "mass" less. But consequently, it also trades 10 units worth of storage space (130 versus 140). Regardless, choosing between either will be solely dependent on the user's own preferences.


  • Geometric: Fractal woodland-themed camouflage intended to mimic the LDF's Geometric pattern.
  • Olive: Pale olive green colour scheme.


  • The Modular Carrier Lite uses the exact same model as the Modular Carrier Vest. The only change is that its model retains a holster and has a tactical radio/extra pouches attached.
  • Like its parent vest, Modular Carrier Lites appear to be modelled after the real-world "KBT-02 Mini Plate Carrier" designed by MASKPOL S.A., a protective gear manufacturer based in Poland.
    • Likewise, the radio is based on RADMOR SA's "3501", a handheld radio designed for use by the Polish military.


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