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« Having seized control of the main airport, NATO are poised to strike Pyrgos, the capital city of Altis.
Mission Description

Moral Fiber is the twenty-first mission of ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


The player controls U.S. Army infantryman Corporal Ben Kerry. With the airport now under NATO control, the way to the capital of Altis has been opened. Taking the city will inflict a severe blow against the Altian regime and drive a wedge in the AAF's supply lines.

Kerry's role/class:

  • Infantry / Grenadier

Default loadout:**

Loadout options:*

  • Default pool of weapons and equipment

(*) Any weapons, ammo, gear and/or backpacks salvaged from previous missions will carry on to this mission and can be equipped through the briefing equipment menu.
(**) This is the default loadout assuming that the player has not customised or collected different items from the previous mission.



  • (1) Board Vehicle
  • (2) Defend Vehicles
  • (3) Secure Warehouses
  • (4) Await Orders
  • (5) Wait for Reinforcements
  • (6) Help Squad
  • (7) Meet Leader
  • (8) Neutralize Tank




  • Kerry must survive
  • Obey your squad leader's commands
  • Charlie 2-3 must not be annihilated
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not leave the combat zone


Primary 1: Board Vehicle

Board the marked MRAP once the intro cutscene is over.

Primary 2: Defend Vehicles

A small force of AAF troopers are attempting to ambush the convoy. After dismounting, take cover behind anything and return fire on the troopers near the small chapel. This shouldn't take too long to complete as the convoy's IFVs will provide suppression as you clear the area.

Primary 3: Secure Warehouses

Continue following your squad towards the white-coloured warehouse just beyond the hill.

There are several troopers both on the outside and inside of the building. Be especially careful when breaching the warehouse as the troopers garrisoned inside are already on alert, and can quickly kill you if you're not ready for them.

Primary 4: Await Orders

Once the warehouse is cleared of all hostiles, simply wait for further instructions. Take this opportunity to rearm from the crates inside the warehouse if you need to, though be aware that none of them actually contain any 6.5 mm magazines for your rifle.

Primary 5: Wait for Reinforcements

Continue standing by until the helicopter ferries in reinforcements.

Primary 6: Help Squad

Get back into your squad's MRAP and wait until you arrive at the front line.

Primary 7: Meet Leader

Dismount as ordered and follow your squad leader until you reach the commanding officer of Charlie 2-3. He's hiding behind the wrecked MRAP.

Primary 8: Neutralize Tank

The AAF have deliberately set up one of their tanks behind the roadblock to use as a stationary gun turret. Fortunately, it is already partially damaged and immobilised, making it an easy target for an artillery barrage. However, your FIA allies have already requested that NATO cease artillery fire as civilians are still trapped in the city.

After being given command of your own 3-man fireteam, you will have two options to destroy the tank:

  • Call in artillery on the tank: Quickest and simplest solution. While this will negatively affect your relations with the FIA, it will save you the trouble of having to risk destroying the tank on foot. Simply radio HQ to commence the fire mission and the objective will be completed (after being reprimanded by the FIA leader).
  • Manually destroy tank: Difficult but not impossible to achieve. You need to head straight for the tank's position with only your fireteam to provide support. The roads leading towards the tank are barricaded by razor wire and wrecked vehicles, so you will need to make your way around them to get within range of the tank.
    • Eliminate all enemy troopers near the tank before attempting to assault it, otherwise they will kill you without hesitation.
    • Once within range of the tank, you can destroy it instantly with either the Explosive Charge (alternately satchels if you grabbed one from the warehouse crates previously) or any anti-tank weapons like the PCML/Titan ATGMs. Don't forget that your teammate also carries a Titan Compact, which you may want to requisition to use yourself since AI anti-vehicle gunners tend to not...react fast enough in close quarters.
    • Be careful not to expose yourself for too long when attempting this, as the tank's commander can also kill you with just one shot from their RCWS turret's heavy machine gun.

Taking too long to destroy the tank will result in the mission failing as Charlie 2-3's soldiers will be "killed", so make your choice quickly. Regardless, once the tank's destruction has been confirmed friendly forces will proceed to push on through to the AAF's roadblock. Soon after, the mission itself will also be over.


  • There is no benefit to destroying the tank by hand.
    • Calling artillery on it will earn you an angry rebuke from Nikos. However, only a few dialogue lines in the campaign's ending will be altered and does not actually affect the player's progress.


  • Kerry being assigned with his own fireteam in the latter half of the campaign appears to be a reused sequence from the Armed Assault showcase.
    • The dialogue is almost identical line-by-line and his subordinates even share the same names as well (Ryans, Givens and Taylor).
  • Prior to Game Update 1.16, it was possible to fail the mission even after the player succeeded in destroying the tank without calling in an artillery strike.

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