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Muhammad Rahim Aziz is the main antagonist of ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign.


Aziz was both the political and military leader of the modern day Takistani nation.

A member of the anti-Royal family Socialists party, Aziz led the group to victory over the Royalists and was elevated to prominence as a war hero following the civil war.

For almost two decades, Aziz continued to rule Takistan under an iron fist, crushing all supporters of the old royal family and using profits gained from the country's highly lucrative crude oil industry to modernise the Army.

Under Aziz's leadership, many weapons programmes were also initiated in direct contravention of international treaties.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)



Despite the loss of Rasman, Aziz wasn't just about to give up quietly. He ordered his troops to prepare the remaining SCUD launchers still in his possession for launch against both Karzeghistan and on NATO troops.

Time was nonetheless running out as American troops rapidly closed in onto the city, having gotten word of Aziz's last ditch plan. Despite having made preparations to flee from the country, he was already too late; the SCUDs were destroyed, and U.S. special forces had surrounded the entire presidential palace while his escape vehicle was shot to pieces.

Together with his elite troops, Aziz remained defiant to the end and opened fire on the approaching Americans. He was subsequently shot and killed along with his bodyguards.

Post-Operation Arrowhead

« Task Force Knight defeated the forces of the authoritarian regime in Takistan; its main driving force, and suspected war criminal, Colonel Muhammad Aziz, was killed during a fierce firefight.
U.S. Army Col. C.F. Kane briefing the global media on the aftermath of Operation Arrowhead

Aziz's death had effectively spelt the beginning of the end for the Socialist Takistani regime. Almost immediately after his passing, most of the remaining units in Zargabad chose to willingly surrender to the Americans.

However for those that chose not to give up, Aziz had become a symbol for the remnants to rally around. Barely weeks after the invasion, the foreigners would soon find themselves fighting against an insurgency formed out of the fragmented Army; equally as defiant and determined to overthrow pro-Royalists as Aziz had been.

Personality and Appearance



  • He is given the codename as the Jack of Clubs by NATO intelligence and Madman by TF Knight.
  • Aziz's fate is inconsistently stated on both the official timeline and ArmA 2 material. All campaigns beginning with Crimson Lance state that Aziz was officially killed by U.S. special forces, yet the timeline contradicts in-game sources by stating that he was imprisoned.
    • Both in gameplay and storyline-wise, no primary objective (even in the alternate endings of Operation Arrowhead) orders or gives the player(s) a chance to restrain him. As his survival is not mentioned in any other material, it can be safely assumed that Aziz canonically remains dead.

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