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The NVS (full name: Night Vision Scope) is a light-intensifying optical gunsight used by several BLUFOR, REDFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3.


It has a magnification zoom of 5x, and uses a fixed zeroing of 300 m that cannot be adjusted.

Unlike the TWS, it is designed purely for use in low-light conditions and is unable to switch to a "normal" vision mode for use in daylight. It also lacks an integrated laser rangefinder.

The NVS isn't calibrated for any specific firearm cartridge and can be employed onto all weapon platforms. However, its fixed zeroing makes it fairly redundant on anything other than assault rifles:

The NVS uses an illuminated crosshair reticle with two fixed markings for targets at 400 metres and 600 metres away. The centre of the reticle where the two axes intersect is intended to be aimed at targets located 300 metres away.

For all other targets that are below that distance, aiming slightly above the intersecting lines is necessary for anything at 200, 100, and 50 metres (respectively).


  • The NVS is a completely fictional design. However, it draws many similarities to real-life night vision scopes made by various companies such as ATN Corp and Elbit Systems.
  • NVS optics were not originally available in the Alpha and were only added in the Beta's final patch (coinciding with ArmA 3's full launch as part of Game Update 1.00).[1]
  • It should be noted that besides lacking the top mount collimator sight and its Sand-coloured texture, the NVS shares the exact same model as the Nightstalker scope.
  • The NVS is specifically labelled as a product of Clearskeye, an Armaverse company that specialises in optical sights.[2]



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