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The National Party (shortened to NAPA) is an Independent faction in ArmA 2.


« We have to show common citizens that our actions are focused on rooting out the evil, not on punishing anyone based on their nationality. Disarm the ordinary armed men, but eliminate all commissars, commanders and functionaries ruthlessly.
Soldier's Handbook, allegedly by Prizrak, supreme warlord of NAPA


An underground movement formed in the wake of the civil war between the Chernarussian government and ChDKZ separatists, the National Party is a rebel group that firmly opposes Russian influence in Chernarus.

The rebel group is commanded by a shadowy figure called "Prizrak", a ruthless leader who is well-known by both the government and Chedaki for his relentless tactics, and brutality towards the Chedaki and their supporters.

Though they lack advanced weaponry and access to heavy armour, their knowledge of the South Zagorian countryside, military expertise from ex-CDF members, and an extensive network of embedded fighters/civilian collaborators amongst almost every village in the region, has made them a serious threat to both the Chedaki and government forces.

NAPA is also known to operate an illicit narcotics trading/manufacturing operation in order to fund their campaign against the ChDKZ/government forces, with many of their processing labs mainly scattered throughout the northern regions of the province.


ArmA 2-era NAPA emblem.

Formed by Prizrak as a counter-movement against the burgeoning Chedaki insurgency, the National Party was founded on the principle of self-defence; not just against thinly-veiled Russian imperialism, but also against perceived failures and rampant corruption from the Chernarussian government.

Though the group started out small, it quickly gained traction over the span of one year prior to the outbreak of open hostilities. The group was particularly popular with the population of South Zagoria, with many supporters openly collaborating with the guerilla organisation.

On November 11th, 2008, the group's first highly publicised attack was the burning down of a storage facility owned by a ChDKZ affiliate (the Bardak & Sons Distillery), which resulted in the death of a gatekeeper and the warehouse's total destruction.

Following the incident, skirmishes against the Chedaki continued to increase as both sides launched retaliatory attacks against the other. Eventually, even the CDF would become involved as local police forces were simply overwhelmed by both sides, and were incapable of putting a halt to the fighting.

Events of Operation Harvest Red (2009)

Post-Operation Harvest Red

After a fierce battle which resulted in the destruction of the Chedaki base in Msta, the guerillas participated in the clean-up operations throughout the countryside to root out the last defiant cells of the ChDKZ.

With the country returning to a semblance of normality following the war's resolution, NAPA was disbanded as an armed guerilla force. Instead, the group transitioned into an official political party that would peacefully challenge the current government.


Most guerillas wear a mixture of civilian clothing intermeshed with military uniforms camouflaged in a variety of patterns. They almost always conceal their faces with balaclavas, ski masks, and bandannas to hide their identities.

Unlike the CDF, NAPA lacks reliable stocks of heavy vehicles and equipment, and do not have access to any aviation assets at all. They mostly rely on salvaged hardware obtained either from raids against the ChDKZ, purchased from arms smugglers (via funds obtained through their trade in narcotics), or stolen from government forces under Prizrak's command.

In most cases, their vehicular options are limited to outdated Second World War/early Cold War-era armour like T-34 light tanks and repurposed civilian cars like Pickup trucks.

For small arms, they mostly utilise the same firearms as their Chedaki and government counterparts, which ranges from AKM assault rifles to PKM machine guns, as well as 9K32 Strela SAM launchers.




  • Assuming that Chernarus has indeed become a member of CSAT by the 2030s (as implied by the origin of ArmA 3's Cyrus marksman rifle), Prizrak's fears of the country never becoming truly independent from Russian influence would ironically become vindicated.

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