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Neochori is a town located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


One of the three towns near the "border" with the central region of Altis, Neochori overlooks the Katalaki Bay to its south and has a harbour that supports recreational boats and fishing vessels.

Notably, it was the site of a major battle between Iranian CSAT forces and U.S.-led NATO troops at the height of the NATO invasion of Altis. During the fighting, Neochori incurred significant damage from both sides as they fought to maintain control over the settlement.


Naval strike aircraft destroy defensive positions at Neochori (2035)

Responding to the unprovoked attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis on Stratis, a U.S.-led invasion force consisting of several battalions from the U.S. Army's 111th Infantry Division (111th ID) spearheaded the invasion of Altis.

During the night of August 8th, 2035, fighter jets based on the USS Freedom (CVN-83) bombarded defensive positions at Neochori. Their objective was to clear the way towards the international airport where an amphibious strike force was due to assault shortly. Additional aircraft in the form of attack helicopters were dispatched to mop up remaining stragglers. They were also directed to attack the AAC airfield further to the south where a large group of FIA insurgents were spotted.

The assault on the airport ran into heavier than expected opposition, with the deeply entrenched defenders consisting of both Altian military forces and Iranian CSAT units inflicting severe casualties upon the force. Remnants of the strike force retreated to Neochori, where the 111th's main ground elements had just arrived after capturing other settlements in the west. A defensive line was subsequently erected on the town's eastern ridgeline, as NATO forces awaited for the arrival of their artillery assets.

U.S.-led NATO troops scramble to retake the defensive line.

The next day on the evening of August 9th, the Iranians staged a multi-pronged attack aimed at crippling the defences at Neochori. In coordination with another attack against Katalaki further west, recon teams succeeded in sabotaging anti-aircraft batteries at three NATO positions: Point Starfire, Point Omicron and Point Kilo. With their loss, the Iranians were able to fly their gunships with impunity over Neochori and overrun the distracted Americans.

Although the surprise attack had wiped out most of the defenders, the Americans were able to scramble two mechanised infantry squads to retake the town. They were supported by FIA insurgents who assisted the reinforcements in driving off the gunships with their own surface-to-air missiles. In response, the Iranians counterattacked with a platoon of tanks and IFVs while attack boats attempted to seize the harbour.

However, the counterattack fared poorly and was unable to breach the re-established defences. The recon teams were similarly unable to intercept additional ground troops from arriving, and were promptly annihilated in the failed counterattack.


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