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News Today is a daily newspaper publication based in the United States.


An American middle-market newspaper, News Today reports on the latest developments in global events, the economy and domestic U.S. politics.

Their online reader can be accessed via the publication's official website at "" and "" (minus quotations).

Known members

As of 2039, at least four members of the writing staff are publicly known:

  • John Rovelli, based in Washington D.C., U.S.A
  • Edward S. Dalkirk, based in Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Lisa Kenwood, based in El Aaiún (Laâyoune), Western Sahara
  • Max Carr, based in Belgrade, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia)



  • News Today is the Armaverse's equivalent to the real-world "USA Today" newspaper. The stylisation and typography of the logo is almost identical, and is likewise a subsidiary of the Gannitt company (an obvious parody of the real "Gannett Co., Incorporated").
  • It made its first appearance into the Armaverse following the release of ArmA 3's Contact expansion.
    • Chronologically however, its first appearance would technically be in the Apex expansion's Old Man mini-campaign/scenario, as the latter precedes its events despite being released long after First Contact.

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