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« This is not meant as a slight to you Sergeant, our people need to see their own army in control of the situation. These are famous, notorious men, they must be seen to come with us, not you Marines.
Nikola Nikitin

Nikola Nikitin was a minor antagonist in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Nikitin was formerly an officer in the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF), who was in reality a double agent working for the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ), a powerful pro-Russian insurgent group that was based in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus.

He was eventually promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and took charge of a small platoon prior to civil war breaking out between government forces and the ChDKZ. It's not known when exactly he "turned", but at some point in his career was lured into joining the insurgency by his own volition.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

Soon after, USMC forces from the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) intervene in the country to assist the beleaguered CDF forces.

During the Battle of Chernogorsk, a Force Recon team callsigned Razor Team, manage to capture several prominent leaders of the insurgency, including its leader Gregori Lopotev and second-in-command, Mikola Bardak.

Desperate to prevent Lopotev and the other officers from being handed over into government custody, Nikitin proceeds to trick Razor Team into thinking that Lopotev had to be "shown" as having been apprehended by the CDF and not by the Marines.

« Good job Razor team. In the name of Chernarussian government I thank you for you outstanding cooperation in finding these prisoners, we will take them from here.
Nikitin "orders" Razor Team to stand down and have Lopotev handed over

Seemingly convinced by his words, the Marines' team leader, Patrick Miles, agrees to hand over the ChDKZ captives to Nikitin, but only on the condition that they also be permitted to escort them back to CDF lines.

Driving back to CDF lines, the truck they're riding in is suddenly caught in an explosion after they divert to an apparently "safer" route outside of the city. The Marines are knocked unconscious by the blast, and are immediately restrained by Nikitin's men and another CDF double agent called "Kostey".

« Nikitin you filthy motherfucker! I should've fucking known!
Chad Rodriguez's suspicions of Nikitin being a traitor are vindicated

Their team leader is executed at the hands of Lopotev, who fires a bullet directly into his head. Nikitin and the others make their getaway just before another Force Recon team assaults the warehouse.

Nikitin goes into hiding along with the other senior leaders of the ChDKZ, and weeks later, relocates to the remote (and ChDKZ-friendly) northern regions of South Zagoria. Under orders from Lopotev himself, he establishes a hidden base deep in the forests, and launches raids against pro-government towns and villages in order to drive out their supporters and anti-ChDKZ guerillas.


Not long after, Razor Team discover the location of the main camp and proceed to assault it. During the fight, they manage to mortally wound Nikitin, who they discover to be the commander of the ChDKZ forward base.

While searching through the rubble and corpses, they hear a faint cry for help, and move closer to find Nikitin writhing on the ground from his gunshot wounds. He pleads the Marines to save him, but the disgusted (and somewhat satisfied) members of Razor Team ignore his cries.

« Nikitin: Please! Oh god-oh god-oh god! Have mercy! Don't kill me! Oh god no! I don't want to die! Please no!
Cooper: Like your pals had for Miles? Forget it Niktin, you're a dead man.
Nikitin begs the Marines to spare his life

Rather than waste a bullet on the traitor, the Marines simply proceed to search his body for intel and find the signed operational orders in his pockets. Nikitin finally dies after succumbing to his wounds moments later.

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Slavic male, Nikitin has a moderately bearded face with a greying, black head of hair. He also has two faint scars streaked across his right eye and forehead.

His usual attire while working undercover with the CDF was that of an officer, consisting of a TTsKO-camouflaged uniform and field cap. Under his true identity as a ChDKZ leader however, Nikitin wore Rastr-camouflaged fatigues, fingerless gloves, an olive green-coloured shemagh, chest rig, and a Flora-camouflaged field cap.

Initially, Nikitin seemed to be dutiful if not arrogant, towards the Americans. He appeared to take great pleasure in assuming all the credit for Lopotev's "capture", and even seemed to enjoy mocking (the rightly outraged) Chad Rodriguez before his planned betrayal.

In spite of that, Nikitin was by no means a fool and was cunning enough to deceive even the usually observant Miles. But at the same time, Nikitin wasn't particularly brave either. Even as he laid on ground bleeding heavily from his wounds, he begged his would-be killers for mercy; demonstrating that for all his arrogance and duplicity, Nikitin was nothing more than an opportunistic coward in the end.


  • While Razor Team are canonically the ones who rediscover Nikitin's whereabouts, he can alternately be killed by other USMC forces if the player does not manage to reach the camp in time before callsign Boomerang attack the ChDKZ base. Shaftoe will later inform the team of Nikitin's passing over the radio should this occur instead.


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