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« Government loyalists search for a missing squad ahead of a major offensive.
Mission Description

No Reprieve is the first mission of ArmA 3's Beyond Hope mini-campaign.


The player controls Government Loyalist fighter Kael Mavros. The six-day ceasefire has held firm and humanitarian aid is slowly trickling into the country.

However, a Loyalist patrol near the town of Orino, callsign Spartan, has failed to check in. Concerned that Akhanteros' insurgents may have unilaterally broken the ceasefire, Mavros' squad has been ordered to track down their last known position.

Mavros' role/class:

  • Infantry / Squad Leader

Default loadout:

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Get in Offroad
  • (2) Clear strongpoint
  • (3) Support Main Assault
  • (4) Secure Mortar Site
  • (5) Destroy APC
  • (6) Defend Orino


  • (7) Choose Loadout
  • (8) Find lost squad
  • (9) Search for Captives
  • (10) Rescue Captives


  • Mavros must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not call in artillery on friendly forces or civilians
  • The number of units on Mavros' and all allied squads must not drop below 7 units total
  • Once captured, Orino must not be overrun (combined number of attackers must not exceed that of the defenders)
  • Do not leave the AO


Primary 1: Get in Offroad

Whether or not you choose to modify your loadout (see Optional objective below), get into the passenger seat of the marked truck when you're ready to commence the operation.

Primary 2: Clear strongpoint

You begin south-west of the main AO. Your primary goal is to recon the area to identify the strongpoints forming the AAF's main line of perimeter defences.

Red: Dug-in IFVs (randomised)
Green: Strongpoints
Violet: Paramilitary patrol teams

The three primary strongpoints which need to be marked are at:

  • Grid coordinates 101-173 (west of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 101-170 (south-west of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 097-173 (north-north-east of your starting location)

In addition to the strongpoints, there are two stationary IFVs which will be dug-in at two of six possible locations (they are randomised per playthrough):

  • Grid coordinates 102-173 (north-west of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 102-172 (west of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 102-171 (wedged between a grove, south-west of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 103-171 (south of Orino along the road)
  • Grid coordinates 102-170 (east of the road leading out of Orino)
  • Grid coordinates 102-171 (south of Orino)

Due the terrain, you may need to walk around the hills to get a better view of both vehicles. Also be on the lookout for a third IFV that will patrol around the sector.

You should already see two AAF patrols less than 500 metres away from your starting position as you move north along the dotted path. Order your squad to Hold Fire for now; you don't want to kick off the fighting just yet. Follow behind them from a distance as they go over the hill and continue moving north. Keep scouting the area and rescue the survivors if possible (see Optional objectives below).

Primary 3: Support Main Assault


When Olympos gives the green-light for the main offensive to commence, join other Loyalist forces in the assault and attack Orino. You need to clear every one of the strongpoints, destroy the roaming enemy vehicles and neutralise the mortar sites (as below).

Once the town is cleared of all threats this objective will be completed. If you don't have any grenades/missiles left for your AT launchers, resupply quickly before the final phase of the mission starts (you can grab more from the crates at the paramilitary/AAF strongpoints).

Primary 4: Secure Mortar Site

Soon after the main offensive kicks off, Olympos will inform you that mortars are being fired from an unknown location north-west of Orino.

Red: Mortar battery (randomised)

The mortar battery is located at one of three possible locations:

  • Grid coordinates 095-176
  • Grid coordinates 099-177
  • Grid coordinates 102-179

Simply eliminate the battery's crew and disable the mortars by shooting them. It's in your best interests to get rid of them as soon as possible since the mortars - whilst inaccurate most of the time, are going to eventually hit their targets. Centaur and Hoplite will warn you when they begin to take casualties.

Primary 5: Destroy APC

The three IFVs protecting the town can be destroyed with either shoulder-fired launchers or with mortar strikes. Sergeant James' team will be standing by to carry out your fire mission once the targets are marked and requested (via the Supports menu).

Primary 6: Defend Orino


  • Whatever weapons and equipment that you finish the mission with will be retained for the next mission.
  • Be sure to have Mavros fully rearmed if possible, and bring an anti-tank launcher (RPG-42/MAAWS) if you intend on selecting one of the three routes (Sniper).

Remnants of the AAF insurgents have signalled for help and a Quick Reaction Force has been dispatched to retake Orino.

Green: QRF vehicle spawn points
Red: QRF attack routes


The opposition is a motorised force comprising of one HMG-armed MRAP backed by a rifle squad's worth of troops being transported via truck. They will always come in from the north and north-east.

You have approximately one minute to set up defences around the town. Choose a building of your choice and bunker down until the QRF is destroyed. Centaur and Hoplite will be supporting you so don't take unnecessary risks. Be mindful of the civilians running around the tent camp north of Orino as it's easy to get them killed in the crossfire (their deaths will result in mission failure).

When the QRF's reinforcements have been completely annihilated, this objective and the mission will be complete.

Optional 7: Choose Loadout

Once the briefing ends, you have the option of customising your default loadout with more suitable weapons and equipment at the improvised armoury upstairs.

You may wish to bring along a GPS for navigation purposes and swap your default bullpup with a longer-ranged 7.62 mm AK-12 or 6.5 mm MX. If you prefer marksman rifles, the Mk18 is a decent option too; just don't forget to pair it with a bipod for stability.

It will automatically be skipped if you choose to hop into the waiting Offroad. The screen will also fade out if you take too long choosing your loadout and skip ahead to the main objective.

Optional 8: Find lost squad


  • If you discovered the captives first before finding Spartan's survivor then this objective will be cancelled.
  • Even if you locate Spartan's corpses, Mavros will simply report back that there were no survivors found at the lost squad's position.

Green: AAF starting locations
Red: AAF patrol routes
Violet: AAF sentry outpost
Orange: Spartan's survivor (randomised)
Blue: Safehouses

Callsign Spartan has been ambushed by AAF insurgents on the outskirts of Orino. Their last known position will be always be randomised per playthrough at one of four possible locations:

  • Grid coordinates 095-172
  • Grid coordinates 096-171
  • Grid coordinates 096-170
  • Grid coordinates 097-170

Look for a black smoke plume emanating from the wreck of an MRAP. You will eventually stumble onto a wounded survivor who will call out to Mavros as he gets closer. A green chemlight will also be lit right next to him.

However, there are two AAF teams who will patrol through the highlighted sector on your map in addition to the sentry outposts. You may need to get rid of them first before helping the survivor. Once the conversation is over, stabilise his injuries (hold the spacebar when the action prompt appears) and he will move towards one of the safehouses. A First Aid Kit is not required to do this.

Depending on where you found the survivor, you will need to escort him to a safe location for Sgt. James' team to collect at grid coordinates 096-170 or 092-172. Look for a small brick house at either location. Once he enters the house, the objective will be finished. It may be a good idea to personally tag along with him as AAF patrols are nearby who will easily finish him off (the survivor cannot defend himself).

This objective will fail if you walk away too far after finding the survivor before stabilising his wound or you take too long to find his location.

Optional 9: Search for Captives


  • This objective can be discovered early if you head straight for their location first and identify the prisoners.
  • Doing so will cancel the previous optional objective involving locating the survivors of the lost squad.

After Spartan's survivor reaches the safehouse, speak with him to trigger this objective.

The rest of Spartan's squad members are being held at a scrapyard (grid coordinates 100-173). Look for a white shed/warehouse.

Optional 10: Rescue Captives


A total of five AAF insurgents along with a HMG-armed Offroad truck will be guarding them. Depending on their pace, a two-man sentry team may also come in from the north.

Kill every one of the insurgents, then move in to free the captives by untying their restraints (hold spacebar when the action appears).

You will fail this objective if all the captives are executed or are "accidentally" killed by friendly fire.


  • A Titan AT launcher can be found behind the boxes inside the garage opposite the Loyalist HQ (look for a parked MB 4WD).
    • It has significantly better range than the PCML since its infrared sensor isn't affected by the fog or darkness, though keep in mind that your stamina will be cut in half if you bring it along due to the weight of its missiles.
  • Before the main assault begins, try to avoid detection for as long as possible. You DO NOT need to engage enemy patrols this early on unless their patrol routes intersect directly with your squad (the low-light conditions severely hamper the enemy AI's detection capabilities).
    • Contrary to popular urban myths regarding the AI's capabilities, they are not able to see very far at nighttime or under heavy fog conditions.
    • However, if you repeatedly fire rounds in a quick succession even with a suppressor fitted, the AI will eventually see your muzzle flash as the suppressor doesn't fully mask it.
  • Depending on your current playthrough, an AAF sniper team may randomly spawn at grid 101-175 (they'll be hiding inside the bushes).
    • The duo has a GM6 Lynx sniper rifle that is highly effective for clearing the strongpoints from a safe distance, though watch out for them as the sniper can kill you or your allies in a single shot.


  • Arma3-achievement-forwardobserver.png
    Forward Observer
    • You must destroy the three IFVs defending Orino by calling in artillery strikes directly on top of them. This must be done in a single playthrough.
    • It requires mandatory usage of the mortar fire support team. You may only radio for this support once, so make sure all three IFVs are marked before you call in the fire mission.
    • Note that it is not required for the IFVs to be manned. The achievement will still be rewarded even if they have no crews in them.
    • Therefore it is highly recommended that you disable the vehicles first (i.e. bursting their tyres) with a large calibre non-explosive firearm to force the crews to abandon the vehicle. This will prevent the other Loyalist squads from prematurely destroying them before you can mark the vehicles.


  • No Reprieve marks the earliest (canonical) appearance of then-Sergeant James and his team of British CTRG operatives.
    • It is also one of the two occasions where pro-Akhanteros paramilitary forces make their official (and only) appearance.
  • If the mission fails for whatever reason, a squad of AAF insurgents will uniquely spawn to hunt down the player until they reach the safety of the Loyalist staging area.
  • Conversations at the staging area reveal that many of Loyalists despise the presence of Sgt. James' team due to lingering anti-colonial sentiments.
  • There are several events throughout the mission that can cause unique lines of dialogue to trigger:
    • If the magazine in his current weapon runs dry and the player attempts to fire, Mavros will utter a profanity at his bad luck.
    • If Mavros is wounded by enemy fire.
    • If idle enemies who are not yet aware of Mavros' presence suddenly detect him or his squad members.
    • If Mavros comes into proximity of civilians who emphasise their neutrality and beg for their lives (specifically near the home at grid 092-168).
  • When Spartan's members are freed, they will automatically run towards the nearby supply crate to arm themselves with AKM assault rifles. The stock of AKMs stowed inside the crate does not actually decrease, however, as their weapons are "equipped" via scripting commands.
  • Sgt. James' team does not launch mortars towards the player's marked targets as they are actually fired from an invisible Sandstorm MLRS. If observed closely, one can see that the "mortar shells" are actually 230 mm rockets.

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