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NOTE: This article is about the Nogova terrain in ArmA: Cold War Assault. For the country of the same name, see Nogova.


Map of Nogova

is an island in Operation Flashpoint. It wasn't present in the original game but was added in Resistance expansion pack. Resistance campaign is set there. 

General informations

150px-FIA flag

Flag of Nogovan partisans.

  • There is located Republic of Nogova.
  • It lies on 144 square kilometres.
  • The capital is Lipany which is also the biggest town.
  • There are almost 30 towns and villages across the country.
  • Towns and villages has names of actual Czech towns and villages.
  • There are 2 airports and 2 ports.
  • The longest river is named Vltavice which is similar to the longest Czech river Vltava.
  • The highest hilltop reaches 744 m above sea level.


200px-nogova 7

Northern mountains

Nogova is located west from Malden. The island itself has heterogenous terrain. There is a desert located in southwest. The rest is mostly green. Northern Nogova is mountainous while the south is lowland. The highest peak is covered by snow.

River Vltavice divides the island into two parts that are connected only by northern mountains and by a bridge in Davle. Some households are located on islands nearby.

Important towns



Lipany is the capital of Nogova and the biggest town. There is a large builing of the town hall with a clock and with 3 floors, the roof can also be accessed.


The second largest town in Nogova and the industrial center of country.


The third largest town in country. There is located the main harbor.


Town located in southern Nogova. There is a port.