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North Lombakka is an African nation located in West Africa.


Civil war

Records of North Lombakka's history remains scarce. However, the country is stated to have been embroiled in a bitter civil conflict with South Lombakka for an undetermined period of time.

The war has yet to be resolved, with the two sides only agreeing to a shaky ceasefire that has left regions of its border with the South littered with unexploded ordnance.


The following information is purely subjective and should not be taken as fact.

North Lombakka's exact position is unknown, though it is presumably a landlocked country located to the north of South Lombakka's border.



North Lombakka holds a temporary ceasefire with its southern neighbour, South Lombakka. The two countries continue to remain bitterly divided.


  • Like South Lombakka, the North's existence is only referenced from one of IDAP's Survivors' Stories which interviewed Chidiebere Idowu, a landmine victim who lived in the South. His full story can be read in the IDAP showcase mission.

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