O'Connor is a minor character in ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


O'Connor is a member of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), a multi-national black ops unit.

He serves as a sharpshooter in Group 14, and is directly subordinate to Lieutenant James.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Following Captain Scott Miller's urgent request for reinforcements, O'Connor joined the rest of Group 14 to aid Miller and the rest of Group 15 at the Blue Pearl Industrial Port.

Miller and Group 15 had managed to secure CSAT's "Project Eastwind" device, but CSAT's elite Viper Team operatives were inbound and had managed to pin down the Captain.

O'Connor and the rest of Group 14 arrived just in the nick of time to push back Viper Team, supporting Miller from their helicopters by laying down a hail of suppressive fire.

Post-Apex Protocol

Thanks to their timely aid, CTRG is finally able to lay claim on Eastwind. Another helicopter soon arrived to slingload the device away, with O'Connor's helicopter flying alongside to escort it to a safe location.

Personality and Appearance

O'Connor wears the same Tropic Dazzle stealth uniform used by the other members of Group 14. He also dons a ranger green-coloured plate carrier vest and a special, thermally-masked balaclava.


  • His nationality and race is never revealed as he lacks a fixed "identity", though it can be safely assumed that he is also British (as with the other members of Group 14).
  • O'Connor was initially added with the Marksmen DLC and is always featured on promotional materials wielding the MAR-10.
    • However, O'Connor never actually appears in the main campaign and only briefly makes an appearance in the final mission of Apex Protocol. Likewise, his editor unit features him with Arid Dazzle-camouflaged equipment suitable for Altis rather than Tanoa.


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