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Mission Description

One Week Later is the sixth mission of ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


The players control the four operatives of USMC Force Recon fireteam callsign Razor. Bardak has been captured and all towns along South Zagoria's coastline have been cleared of ChDKZ insurgents. Razor Team have now been reassigned to the northern regions where the 27th MEU has extended its counterinsurgency efforts at FOB Manhattan.


Default loadouts:





There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Get to LZ Oregon




  • All members of Razor must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not leave the AO


Primary 1: Get to LZ Oregon

You'll start off on top of an APC being transported to the outskirts of LZ Oregon. You'll automatically disembark once the driver stops and transition onto bikes. Make your way towards the LZ where the VTOL transport and members of Sabre Team are waiting.

Once you arrive, dismount from your bikes and get into the VTOL's passenger cabin. The pilot will take off and start ferrying the team to FOB Manhattan. The "mission" will end shortly afterwards.


  • If playing on singleplayer, save your game BEFORE getting into the Osprey VTOL.
    • The AI pilot has a particularly bad habit of clipping its wings onto one of the treetops as they transition from vertical flight to fixed-wing mode.
    • This is further compounded by ArmA 2's notoriously inconsistent physics simulation which can result in the aircraft flipping upside down or sideways (and therefore exploding near-instantaneously).
    • Because of how random this take-off sequence is, there is no way to predict whether the pilot will successfully clear the treetops before he completes the transitioning phase. Not saving will mean you'll have to sit through the entire ride on the APC and riding on bicycles to the LZ again.
  • As for co-op, you will simply have to gamble on the hope that the pilot doesn't somehow crash the Osprey since saving is not possible for online play. Alternately, the player hosting the session may simply have to skip the mission entirely.


Victory from Armed Assault, reused in ArmA 2

  • The musical theme that plays when Razor Team ride towards the LZ on bikes ("Valentine") is a reused track from ArmA: Armed Assault; specifically from the first mission of the expansion pack's Rahmadi Conflict campaign (where it is simply titled as "Victory").
  • Script variable names and unused text strings would suggest that the player(s) were intended to start the mission in a truck rather than riding on top of an APC.

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