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ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign has players take control of U.S. Army soldier Howard Drake, tank commander Ben Herrera, helicopter pilot Garry Pierce, and Delta Force operator Terry Graves. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.

NATO forces invade the Green Sea region nation of Takistan following the expiration of a UN-mandated ultimatum to the Takistani government, led by Colonel Muhammad R. Aziz, to cease its aggressive behaviour towards neighbouring countries.




Backstab (1st June, 2012)

« Special Forces attempt to take out the enemy commander before the invasion. »

A team of 1st SFOD-D operatives led by Sgt. Graves attempts to assassinate Col. Aziz at the mosque in downtown Zargabad, the regional capital of Central Takistan, in the early hours before the main invasion. They manage to infiltrate the city successfully and set up a position overlooking their target, but their cover is blown and are forced to pull back.

Good Morning T-stan (1st June, 2012)

« The invasion has just begun... »

With NATO forces invading all along Takistan's southern and eastern coasts, it is up to the U.S. Army's Task Force Knight to lead the charge into the Central regions, deep within enemy-held territory. TF Knight attempt a daring airborne raid into the heart of the Takistani Army's Loy Manara airfield in the region's south. Cpl. Drake's squad eliminates the defenders with the support of other allied forces, and the airfield is secured for further NATO reinforcements to be brought in. During the attack, Drake's squad comes into contact with local guerilla warlords who graciously offer their support to the Americans.

Pathfinder (1st June, 2012)

« TF Knight established a bridgehead, now it's time to push north. »

Though the airfield was secured, the Naran Darre pass north of Loy Manara was still held by the Takistani Army and their Republican militia allies. Lt. Herrera leads a convoy of tanks and IFVs to clear the way through the steep valleys. They help several more anti-government rebels along the way, and also set up a temporary resupply point at FOS Planck. However, a friendly transport carrying news reporters and aid workers is shot down halfway through. Herrera's convoy are unable to reach the crash site in time, but the rebels inform NATO forces that the plane survivors were taken away by militia to a nearby coltan mine in Feruz Abad.

Coltan Blues (1st June, 2012)

« Emergency! Special Forces prepare to free the captives held in a mining facility. »

Sgt. Graves' team of elite operatives are flown to the coltan mine near Feruz Abad, where the survivors were last spotted. They clear the mine, but only discover the corpse of a reporter with the other three survivors nowhere to be seen. Just then, Graves' team discovers that the mine had been booby trapped with bombs set to explode, but they succeed in defusing the bombs before they can detonate. Graves is later flown to a nearby anti-air gun battery where he helps intercept incoming enemy jets, preventing the U.S. forces attacking Feruz Abad from incurring heavy casualties.

Open Season (1st June, 2012)

« Gunships go hunting enemy in the mountains before the decisive strike of ground troops. »

In preparation for the main ground assault on the northern Rasman airbase, Cpt. Pierce helps clear a path forward by destroying anti-air batteries scattered and hidden across the nearby mountains. He also manages to intercept a convoy of reinforcements heading towards the airbase.

Sandstorm (2nd June, 2012)

« Ground forces of TF Knight storm the military airfield. This is the shit! »

With Takistani AA defences neutralised, TF Knight prepares to storm the Rasman airbase by ground and air, with Lt. Herrera's platoon leading the ground offensive. During the attack, Herrera destroys a vital Takistani Army communications hub, and also manages to stop the Takistanis from destroying a nearby oil fields. After an hour of fierce fighting, Rasman finally falls to NATO forces and is repurposed into a forward airbase for coalition aircraft.

Eye of the Hurricane (2nd June, 2012)

« The battle of Zargabad commences. The stakes are high... »

Intelligence gathered by NATO confirms that Col. Aziz himself is holed up in Zargabad, but is attempting to flee. At the same time, he has also prepared the last of his SCUD launches and is aiming them at both allied troops and neighbouring Karzeghistan. Cpl. Drake manages to find and free the remaining three hostages, assists in the destruction of the remaining three launcher vehicles, and also surrounds Aziz' palace compound. The Takistani dictator is killed by U.S. forces while trying to escape.


  • Operation Arrowhead is the first campaign since Cold War Assault's Cold War Crisis to feature three other playable main characters besides the protagonist; set up in the traditional four roles of INFANTRY (Howard Drake), ARMOUR (Ben Herrera), SPECOPS (Terry Graves) and AIR (Garry Pierce).
    • Like Operation Harvest Red, it also features different endings and alternate final missions which can affect the epilogue of the campaign:
      • Canonically, Eye of the Hurricane always results in Aziz dying and the hostages successfully being freed by NATO forces. However, if Aziz is not killed and manages to escape from the city but the hostages were saved, then this leads to Finishing Touch taking place afterwards.
      • If he manages to flee and the hostages were killed, then the worst final mission (Phoenix Op) occurs instead.
  • As with Operation Harvest Red, Operation Arrowhead is also designed for both offline single player and online/LAN multiplayer.
  • Its events take place simultaneously with Take On Helicopters: Operation Arrowhead's storyline campaign, a helicopter flight simulator title also developed by Bohemia Interactive.


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