Oringo Madaki is a minor character in ArmA 3's Old Man mini-campaign.


Oringo lived in the village of Vagalala on the main island of the Tanoa Province. He worked as a mechanic, but secretly supported the L'Ensemble rebel movement by supplying them with tools and equipment.

Old Man (2038)

Following suspicions that he was involved in the death of a political leader from Nouveaux Horizons, Oringo was taken into custody by government forces and held at one of their facilities for "interrogation".

He was brutally beaten and was left tied up inside one of the huts. The police intended to dispose of him shortly by dumping him in the swamps nearby. Before they could do so, the facility was attacked by L'Ensemble guerillas and he was freed by one of the fighters.

What his rescuer didn't realise was that - by his own admission, he was already a traitor to the movement.

« No way I'm goin' back. The boss don't know I never talked. He'll bury me out in the mangroves. It's a death sentence... Say you find that and nothing else!

The police had managed to extract information out of him and, fearing for his life, going back to the L'Ensemble was not an option; not unless he wanted to end up in several pieces.

He begged his rescuer to take his wallet and ID card back to the guerilla leader by passing it onto Solé, another mechanic who lived nearby. To incentivise him, he told the man about a hidden cache of weapons and equipment stowed away at the big shrine at the cemetery in Vagalala. The man agreed, and promptly untied his restraints.

« A suspect in the death of Nouveaux Horizons leader, Jean-Guy Devereux, has disappeared from police custody after a bloody gunfight near Vagalala. Oringo Madaki, a 39 year-old mechanic, is believed to have escaped detention after anti-government insurgents staged a rescue. Several gendarmes were killed in the engagement.
Radio report following Oringo's "rescue"

After making sure the coast was clear, Oringo fled from the facility to go into hiding from both the government and his former allies.

Personality and Appearance

A Tanoan male in his late thirties, Oringo had short black hair and sported a moderately thick beard. He always wore a dark blue striped poloshirt with beige-coloured pants. Following his interrogation at the hands of the Gendarmerie, Oringo sported a bloodied bandage wrapped over his forehead.


  • Oringo will eventually die if he isn't rescued from the Gendarmerie. A post-mortem radio report will mention that his corpse was discovered in a mangrove swamp near Kotomo.


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