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Orino is a settlement located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


A village located to the south-east of Syrta, Orino comprises of several single- and double-storey houses built along the only road that originates from the town of Agios Dionysios.

This road eventually terminates further up the hill and is not connected to any other settlement in the area.


In the first year of the civil war, Orino was the site of a major battle between the pro-civilian government Loyalists and pro-Akhanteros AAF military forces.

On May 11th, 2026, mere hours after a tenuous ceasefire was agreed upon by both sides, a Loyalist squad was ambushed by pro-AAF paramilitary fighters. Another squad of Loyalists were subsequently dispatched to investigate the missing squad's fate. They only found a single survivor who was then brought to the safety of Loyalist-held lines.

The survivor reported that some of the squad's members had been captured and were being held at an AAF camp nearby, though they were quickly freed by the Loyalists.

Having captured the village, Orino becomes a Loyalist outpost (2026)

In response to the AAF's unilateral breaking of the ceasefire, the Loyalists initiated an offensive of their own, hoping to seize the town by dawn. After an hour of fighting, the Loyalists succeeded in capturing Orino and fought off an attempted counterattack by the AAF.

By noon, Orino would become a forward outpost for the Loyalists who would then use it to spearhead other attacks in the region.



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