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Pandur II 8x8 CZ
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png ACR
Type Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Seats 11 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
  • 1× Commander
  • 8× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 10× Weapons
  • 50× Magazines
  • 5× Backpacks
Top speed ~ 94 km/h on land
11 km/h on water
Fuel capacity 246 fuel units
Primary armament Main:
  • 1× ATK Mk44 30 mm
Secondary armament Secondary:
  • 4× Spike-LR ATGM


  • 1× M240 GPMG 7.62 mm


  • 1× Smoke Generator
Variants None
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The Pandur II 8x8 CZ is a wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle used exclusively by Czech military forces in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Army of the Czech Republic DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Fire support
« The Pandur II 8x8 CZ is an improved, all-wheel-drive, armored personnel carrier. The Czech version differs from its original, boasting thicker armor, a reverse V-shaped bottom wave-breaker, and night vision optics on the driver's hatch. It is armed with a 30mm cannon, coaxial machinegun and two guided Spike missiles, mounted on a remote controlled turret. The crew consists of 8 soldiers, the driver and gunner/commander. The vehicle may be transported via C-130 Hercules.
Armoury Description


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Army of the Czech Republic DLC.

The Austrian-made Pandur II is the latest model in the Pandur family of armoured fighting vehicles.

Using a bigger chassis that supports heavier turrets, the Pandur II can be armed with a variety of differently-sized main guns.

The turret is armed with a 30 mm autocannon that is capable of firing both high-explosive (HE) and armour-piercing (AP) shells at distances of up to 1,500 metres.

It also possesses a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun for use against infantry, along with infrared-guided anti-tank missiles for vehicular targets.

The standard loadout of the Pandur II gives it 140 rounds of HE and 60 AP shells for the main gun, while the coaxial MMG feeds from a single pre-loaded 460-round belt and has a further two more belts to spare (for a combined total of 1,380 rounds).

The adjacent launcher pods carry two ready-to-fire Spike AT missiles, and have two more to reload from for a total of four missiles.

Designed to combine both mobility and survivability, the Pandur II has a longer wheel base and bigger hull than its Pandur I predecessor.

Its armour offers protection against small arms calibres of up to 7.62 mm, as well as limited protection from 30 mm/40 mm grenade rounds and small Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

Pandur II in combat.

Compared to other wheeled APCs/IFVs in its class, the Pandur II is slightly slower than the USMC's LAV-25 and has overall poorer handling versus the U.S. Army's Stryker. Unlike the latter however, the Pandur II retains amphibious capabilities and can ford across bodies of water, granting it valuable all-terrain versatility.

Notable Traits
The Pandur II carries a diverse armament loadout that is similar to that of the BTR-90 used by Russian forces. Because it packs four ATGMs on top of its 30 mm cannon, the Pandur II can even pose as a threat to Main Battle Tanks if positioned properly. At the same time, this also means that it does not require a separate dedicated AT variant like the Stryker APC to tackle MBTs.

Since it has practically the same amount of armour as the Stryker, the Pandur II naturally will not react well to cannon fire from MBTs and heavy AT weapons.

Like all wheeled IFVs, the Pandur II's crew needs to make full use of the vehicle's mobility to avoid getting trapped in such situations, as attacking these threats head-on generally won't end well for the crew and any passengers onboard.

Crew Capacity
Not including the crew, the Pandur II has a transportation capacity of eight passengers. The crew on the other hand consists of just the driver, the commander, and the gunner.


The Pandur II has a base armour value of 150.

Successful strikes to any of the following highlighted sections will inflict full damage to the component:

Green = Body
Orange = Engine
Violet = Fuel tank
Maroon = Turret


The hull can resist up to 150 points of damage.


The engine can survive 75 points of damage before failure. A damaged engine will prevent the Pandur from being able to attain its top speed.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank can only take a meagre 21 points of damage before rupturing. Incurred damage will cause the Pandur to gradually leak fuel over time.


The Pandur's wheels can only take 45 points of damage before bursting. Destroying them will not affect the Pandur's "health" pool.


The RCWS turret can only take 120 points of damage before failing. 30% of incoming damage is always transferred onto the Pandur's "health" pool.

Disabling the turret will prevent the gunner from adjusting its rotation/elevation but will not stop its weapons from being fired.


NOTE: For specifics on the ATK Mk44's munitions, see its related section listed here.

The gunner position controls all weapon systems. For optics, they have access to a variable zoom camera that can toggle either a day, night or black-hot/white-hot thermal vision mode:

ATK Mk44


30 mm autocannon.

It has an effective firing range of approximately 1,500 metres. It can switch between either HE or AP-type munitions but requires 10 seconds to finish reloading.

It can attain a variable fire rate depending on two modes:

  • LOW: 200 rounds per minute
  • HIGH: 400 rounds per minute

Both modes have identical dispersion values of 0.0005 rad regardless of distance. Rounds are always fired in bursts of 5 no matter the selected mode (unless the ATK Mk44 is out of ammunition).

Zeroing is possible starting at a minimum of 400 m and a maximum of 2000 m (rising in 200 m increments).


Damage type Base damage value
High-Explosive Anti-Tank 800

Anti-tank infrared-guided missile launcher pod.

There is a fixed delay of 5 seconds in-between launches. Missiles have an initial launch velocity of 55.16 m/s and can reach a maximum of up to 430 m/s in mid-flight. It takes up to 30 seconds to fully reload another set of missiles. The warhead has a blast radius of 2 metres.


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s)
12 -0.0009324 900

Coaxial 7.62 mm medium machine gun.

It can attain a fire rate of 800 RPM and has a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. Accuracy-wise, it has a dispersion of 0.0012 rad at distances of up to 800 metres. It takes 5 seconds for the gunner to reload a fresh belt once depleted.

It can be manually zeroed but has the same range limits as the ATK Mk44 autocannon.


  • Initially upon the DLC's release, the in-game Pandur II did not have amphibious capabilities as it directly inherited its configuration properties from the U.S. Army's Stryker - preventing it from being able to ford across water.
    • This was eventually fixed following the latest Steam version updates (as part of the Community Configuration Project) which enabled the Pandur II to traverse in water.
  • Whether it was a mistake or is another case of developer oversight, the Pandur II's Spike-LR missiles are not actually Spike ATGMs but are American-made Javelins instead.
  • The Pandur II was one of the few vehicle models from ArmA 2 that was officially ported (and slightly updated) into ArmA 3 whereupon it would become known as the AFV-4 Gorgon IFV utilised exclusively by the AAF faction.


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