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« These "people" don't understand anything except actions: crack out a few shots over their heads and they'll soon scatter.
Patrick Dixon urges Brian Frost to scare civilian protesters away with gunfire

Patrick "Dickie" Dixon was a main character in ArmA 2's Operation Black Gauntlet campaign.


Dixon grew up in the small port town of Anna Bay in New South Wales.

At the age of 20, he found employment with the Black Element private military company (prior to its renaming to ION Services) and was eventually promoted to leader of Team Sword.

His once clean record was eventually mired in controversy after an incident while he was on an assignment to guard a power plant in Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus. Alongside other contractors also present at the site, Dixon open fired on protesters who were angry at the fuel shortages they were facing mere days after the events of Operation Harvest Red.

Several of the protesters were killed in the crossfire, and the incident sparked global outrage over the company's operations in the country, which forces a complete halt to all of Black Element's contracts in the region.

Operation Black Gauntlet (2013)

Three years later, Dixon is reassigned to Takistan following the conclusion of the UN-mandated/U.S-led invasion. He guarded the NGO-run Refugee Help Centre in central Takistan, but had several public spats with the main organiser of the centre, which culminated in Dixon being ordered to stand down by the company. He was demoted from his position as team leader, and lost it to Mark Reynolds, another veteran of the PMC.

Eventually, Dixon is called up with fellow mercenaries Brian Frost, Tanny Radcliffe, Henry Asano, and several others to provide security detail for a United Nations weapons inspection team. The team was dispatched to the country to search for signs of a nuclear weapons program which was presumably being developed under the former regime.

After several more missions, the UN inspectors manage to discover the existence of an actual nuclear weapons program, where it is then revealed that the regime received covert support for the program from the People's Republic of China. With this heavily incriminating evidence at hand, Dixon and the others decide to escort the inspectors back to Zargabad, hoping to announce their findings to the world.


With the inspection team safe from harm and en-route to their destination, Dixon, Frost, and Asano are suddenly radioed by Reynolds. The team co-coordinator informs them that he has the evidence in his possession, and orders them to silence the inspectors through any means necessary while making their deaths look like it was caused by rogue militants.

The shocked mercenaries begin to debate their options off-radio about Reynolds' plan. Asano is indifferent, but Dixon argues that Reynolds has stepped out of line; pointing out that no matter what he had to be stopped.

« Frost: Christ, this is more of a balls up then I'd ever imagined...
Dixon: There's no confusion at all - we go kill that smug fuck. He's only in this for himself.
Frost: Well, it's not exactly that bloody simple, is it? What about everything at stake... what of the lives already lost in this whole fucking mess?
Dixon: Look, dickhead: Tanny died exactly because of this mess. Wake the hell up, mate.
Frost: Don't you fucking talk about Tanny, you prick! It's never that fucking simple!
Dixon: One thing Reynolds did have right: there is no time for dicking about. I'm going to end this - you wanna go with that prick? Fine, but you're gonna have to kill me first.
Frost: Fuck's sake, Dickie. Don't walk away...
Dixon's last conversation with Frost moments before his death

Frost remains confused and knows that Dixon is right to some extent but continues to disagree, saying that they needed more time to consider what was at stake. Annoyed by his reluctance to act out against Reynolds, Dixon tells Frost that he'll stop him on his own if he has to, offering Frost a choice to either assist him or kill him. At the last second, greed prevails over the indecisive Frost and the latter shoots Dixon in the back just as he begins to walk away.

« I'm sorry, Dickie - you gave me no other choice.
Frost last words to his former colleague

His death is covered up by Reynolds, with the latter claiming in an official statement to the company's executives that he was killed while trying to protect the UN inspectors.

Personality and Appearance

A white thirty year-old male, Dixon had a clean-cut and brown head of hair with a chevron moustache. His usual attire consisted of a tucked-in light blue poloshirt, khaki jeans, and a lightweight, ranger green-coloured Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV).

« Dixon: Well, just what do you expect - naming your op. after some sorta bloody sanitary product?!
Tanny: Just what the fuck is wrong with you, Dickie? Only a complete idiot would find that name fucking funny. Prick.
Dixon: Jesus... nothing's wrong with me, mate. I'm not the one with a personality disorder here...
The level of Dixon and Tanny's usual arguments

Cold and completely indifferent to the needs of others, Dixon has garnered a reputation for being a cynic throughout his service as an ION contractor. Not to mention being trigger-happy and prone to outbursts of anger, Dixon makes no effort to conceal that he's a full-blown racist, and looks down upon anyone who isn't from the company as well. He especially dislikes Tanny, and constantly bickers with him over every minor detail.

Needless to say, his abrasive attitudes means that Dixon maintains a "friendship" with his colleagues in name only.

In spite of his callous personality, Dixon ironically maintains a clearer mind than the supposedly more experienced and cool-headed Frost. He is the only member out of all the mercenaries who placed morality over greed; pointing out how Reynolds had clearly gone too far with agreeing to killing the UN inspectors.

Nonetheless, his inability to convince the latter of Reynolds' breach of ethics (in no small part due to his abrasive personality) would ultimately result in his demise.


  • He is nicknamed by his fellow mercenaries as "Tricky" and additionally "Dickie" due to his personality.
  • Dixon is the only named Australian character in ArmA 2 and is one of the few in the entire series; the other being (voice-only) Vince Broadale in ArmA 3. His in-game unit is also unique for having a fully-voiced radio protocol.
  • He exclusively wields the AA-12 shotgun (which he affectionately calls "Matilda") in every mission that he makes an appearance in, and does not utilise any other firearm in the entire campaign.
  • Dixon will always die regardless of whether Frost chooses to side with him or Reynolds. He will either be executed at the hands of Frost, or be killed in an ambush by mercenaries who were still loyal to Reynolds during the final assault against the palace in Zargabad.


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