« Well it wasn't pretty Sir, I can tell you that. Op was silky though.
Patrick Miles

Patrick Miles was a secondary character in ArmA 2's Harvest Red campaign.


« Pat is an outstanding leader inspiring great loyalty in his team. There‘s not a marine in the Corps I‘d rather have to my right.
Captain Shaftoe's evaluation of Miles

The son of a Californian politician and lawyer, Miles chose to enlist as a non-commissioned officer within the United States Marine Corps rather than opt for a commission as an officer despite having completed OCS.

His first deployment was during the Iraq War as a USMC Recon squad commander, followed by a second tour of duty in Afghanistan; at which point he had already joined the Corps' Force Reconnaissance special forces unit.

Miles scored high grades in the Ranger Course and later at Recon School as well, which eventually earned him a place in the 5th Force Recon Battalion. He was later assigned to Razor Team as its team leader in 2008.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

On September 2009, the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (also known as the "ChDKZ" or "Chedaki") lead a coup against the Chernarussian government, taking complete control of the South Zagoria region and forcing the government to go into exile.

A month later, the United Nations-mandated 27th MEU are sent to the coast in order to drive back the ChDKZ. Razor Team eventually storm a warehouse and captures the Chedaki's top leader Gregori Lopotev, along with his senior commanders Mikola Bardak, Kostey, and an unnamed insurgent.


Before Lopotev and his cohorts could be brought back to the safety of CDF lines however, a CDF double agent transports both Razor Team and Lopotev elsewhere to a secluded warehouse, whereupon the members of Razor Team are knocked unconscious by an explosion, and are captured by the Chedaki.

Just as they begin to awaken, Cooper and the others are greeted with the sight of Lopotev and Bardak discussing escape plans and what to do with the Marines. Miles is presented to Lopotev, who immediately executes the team leader with a point blank gunshot to the head, killing him instantly.

Personality and Appearance

Like Cooper, Miles is a middle-aged African-American though he sports a slight short-stubble beard. His standard outfit is largely the same as Cooper's; consisting of a Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier, and a sage green-coloured Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform with MARPAT-camouflaged pants.

The sole difference is that Miles prefers to wear a camouflaged booniehat instead of a baseball cap. On occasion, he can also be seen wearing black shades.

Miles is noted for his brilliant leadership skills and expertise in conducting special warfare tactics. Though not elaborated on, he is also specified to possess knowledge of several languages as well.

While strict at times with the rest of his squad (particularly with Chad Rodriguez), Miles looks out for his fellow team members and shows great respect for them. He is also shown to have placed a large amount of trust and faith in Cooper as well, especially for the latter's presumed hints of good leadership skills. At the same time, the rest of the members look up to Miles and are genuinely rocked by his untimely death.


  • Miles is often nicknamed as "8-Ball" or "Eightballer".
  • He and Rodriguez are both Afghanistan/Iraq War veterans.
  • Miles' appearance is based on Mamadou Diavando. He is voiced by Joachim Benloulou.


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