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Patrol is the second mission of ArmaA 2's Silver Lion campaign.


The play takes control of Sgt. Bohuslav Kouba, after apprehending the militia leader Radan Mioyvic, the insurgents are still active in Bystrica. Kouba is tasked to take an WIFV and search the area for militia activity.




After a quick conversation, hop in the WIFV Pandur II in the commander/gunner seat. You are in charge of a seven man team including two technicians that are able to repair the IFV (but only if parts of the vehicle reach red condition).

On the map you will find several red question marks around which you can usually find enemy personnel. During your patrol, you will also be tasked with clearing out marked positions.

You may use the map to point out locations to the AI driver, however this may fail in several ways - the AI is terrible at pathfinding through anything that isn't a straight road and sometimes it doesn't even start driving. Or you can switch to the driver's seat and return to the gunner position once you reach your destination or when you find an enemy.