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The Takistani Rebels are an Independent faction in ArmA 2. They were added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


« Truth is the same under the sun and the moon.
Takistani saying


Heavily based on a tribal structure and hierarchy, the Takistani rebels are local fighters who mostly remain loyal to only their families, clans and regional warlords. They will fight anyone who dares to threaten them, and will in turn assist those who help them in their struggle.

Despite the government's concentrated attempts in undermining the civil war-era Royalists, many of the various tribes scattered throughout the country still swear allegiance to the former royal family.


Rebel insignia.

Following a successful coup attempt by Socialist groups in 1988 (secretly backed by the Soviet Union), the royal family is forced into exile while their forces continue to fight against the Socialists for control over Takistan.

The civil war would last for a total of four more years. Backed by large shipments of weaponry and overt military support from the desperate Soviet government, the Socialists completely turn the tides in their favour and ultimately prevail over the Royalists in 1992.

Defeated, the Royalist tribes are forced to accede to the new ruler of Takistan, Colonel Muhammad R. Aziz, and are oppressed under his rule to eliminate the last remnants of the royal family.

Events of Operation Arrowhead (2012)

With the covert support of American CIA operatives seeking to destabilise Aziz's regime, the rebels succeed in dealing a severe and crippling blow to Aziz's main source of income; the Takistani petroleum industry.

A well-coordinated raid on several key oilfields results in the loss of a year's worth of crude oil production and the destruction of almost 68% of the country's oil wells. With his main source of influence effectively wiped out overnight, Aziz's grip over the country begins to disintegrate.

In a desperate bid to cling to the reins of power, the Socialist Supreme Bureau threatens the nearby country of Karzeghistan with the use of chemical weapons if the oil-rich Sharig Plateau, an integral part of Takistani territory usurped by the British reign in the times of the Takistani monarchy, was not "...immediately returned to the people of Takistan".

A joint call by the UN Security Council for Aziz's government to back down from its threat goes ignored, prompting foreign intervention to put a stop to him. U.S.-led NATO forces lead the charge into the country by attacking multiple cities throughout the country, beginning with the Loy Manara airfield to the south of Central Takistan.


NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead's 'Operation Arrowhead' campaign.

Local tribesmen immediately offered their support to the foreigners, which is gratefully accepted by the American task force. With the assistance and information provided by the rebels, the Americans are able to stop the Takistani Army from destroying a coltan mine, and also prevent the destruction of a major oil field just south of the Rasman airbase.

The rebels also lended their aid in the final attack on Zargabad, just as the U.S. task force moved into position to deal their deathblow against the regime. After a fierce battle in the city and the loss of his remaining SCUD launchers, Aziz is finally hunted down and killed by U.S. special forces at his presidential palace.

Events of Operation Crimson Lance (2012)

With Royalist control of the nation regained, the New Takistani Army (NTA) is formed with representatives from the various tribes to assist in restoring stability to the wartorn country. NTA troops worked alongside former rebels in hunting down the remnants of pro-Aziz insurgents who continued to resist the new administration in Takmyr.

The main base of the insurgents is finally discovered after some time, and the NTA succeed in rooting out the last of the pro-Aziz forces with the help from British and American troops.

Events of Operation Black Gauntlet (2013)

As the fighting spreads, foreign nationals find themselves increasingly under fire from the former rebels.

Despite their partially successful efforts in working towards rebuilding the country, a year later the country begins to descend into chaos once again. The pro-Royalist tribes, no longer unconditionally supportive of the foreign presence or the NTA, begin to fight amongst themselves and with the government for control of the country.

With the deteriorating security situation, NATO forces begin to pull out of the country and hire private military contractors to fill their place instead. The former rebels began to target the PMCs, and also attacked foreign aid workers and Non-Government Organisations.


Miscellaneous colour schemes and fabric patterns used on rebel apparel.

Similar to the their Republican Militia counterparts, the rebels are armed with diverse variety of weapons obtained both locally and from abroad.

They range from Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifles dating back to the days of the British Empire, Cold War-era AKM assault rifles, as well as PKM machine guns, RPG-7V rocket launchers, and even American-made M47 Dragon ATGM launchers.

In contrast to the militia, most rebel fighters do not wear military-style uniforms and gear, donning only civilian outfits with a mixture of turbans, pakols and keffiyehs for headwear. Unlike the militia, they stand out due to their lack of camouflage but are easier to identify for foreigners confused by their similar appearance.

Their vehicular options are limited to armed pickup trucks, miscellaneous civilian cars and Soviet-made armoured personnel carriers/infantry fighting vehicles. Some tribes however, are known to operate T-34 tanks and Cold War-era T-55s salvaged in raids against the Army. Similarly, a few tribes have even been known to utilise stolen helicopters to ferry their fighters around the mountainous central regions.



  • The rebels initially remain neutral during the events of Operation Arrowhead. Depending on the player's actions, the rebels can either become allies or can turn borderline hostile towards U.S. troops.

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