Peter is a minor character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's Resistance campaign.


A Nogovan civilian, Peter was a friend of Victor Troska and fellow villager Tom. The trio lived close to each other in the remote countryside on the outskirts of the capital Petrovice.

He possesses some mechanical skills, as he helps repair Troska's motorbike on occasion.

Resistance (1982)

The day prior to the Soviet invasion of Nogova, Troska had asked if Peter could help to fix his broken-down motorbike.

Following the invasion, Peter and Tom (along with two other villagers) headed on over to Troska's home the next morning.

After overhearing Tasmanian Devil's message during a Soviet propaganda broadcast, they deliberated on whether it was a good idea to listen to Tasmanian Devil's advice to join the resistance movement.

Troska remains adamant that they shouldn't get involved however, and urges Peter and Tom to return home to their families.

« He's talking about that forest, isn't he? That's where they're based, the resistance? We should go, right?

Moments later, Peter and the others spot what appeared to be an injured person running their way. Wondering out loud who it could be, Peter immediately recognises his face and identifies the man as Anton, a known acquaintance of his. He immediately asks what happened to him, and Anton reveals that he was a part of a failed ambush on a Soviet convoy.

One of the other villagers soon spot a Soviet truck racing towards Troska's home however, so Tom suggests that Anton hide in Troska's shed until they leave (to Troska's protest, of course).

Upon arrival, the Soviets begin to demand all five to hand over the guerilla they had been pursuing in this direction. Peter and the others refused to tell them anything, however. Soon after, a Soviet officer shows up and also demands the location of the fugitive. One of the other villagers steps up and belatedly repeats to the officer that they didn't see anyone.

"Disappointed" with the villager's reply, the officer summarily executes him for attempting to "attack" him and returns to his car, but not before ordering the Soviet soldiers to execute the villagers one by one if Peter and the others continued to defy them.

To Peter's amazement (and shock), Troska suddenly dashes to the back of his house and retrieves a shotgun, opening fire on the Soviets and cutting them all down. Alongside Tom and the other surviving villager, Peter makes a run for it and flees from the scene of the crime.

What happens to Peter in the aftermath of the attack is not known, though he manages to safely escape from Troska's home and is not seen again.

Personality and Appearance

Peter was a white Nogovan male who had short black hair and a moderately bearded face. He could always be seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater and olive-coloured pants.


  • At the start of the campaign, the player can opt to take Troska's motorcycle (freshly repaired by Peter) to the courthouse rather than riding the bus.
  • If the player takes too long to decide on whether to rebel against the Soviets (or attempts to "negotiate"), Peter will be the first victim to be executed. Troska will utter a unique line of dialogue lamenting over his death.

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