Peter Adamson was a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


The designated marksman of USMC Force Recon callsign Sabre Team, Adamson was deployed alongside the rest of his fireteam to support the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit's (27th MEU) operations in the Green Sea nation of Chernarus following the outbreak of a civil war.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

Relocated to the MEU's lead ship, Sabre Team were briefed on their first mission. Prior to the main ground invasion, Adamson's team would be left responsible with demolishing vital insurgent supply dumps and coastal defences.

Inserting behind enemy lines, Adamson's team struck the village of Mogilevka before moving south towards the coast. At another village near the base of the Pik Kozlova mountain, one of Adamson's team members were ambushed and pinned down by insurgents.

Though their mission was compromised, a fellow Force Recon team, callsign Razor, were nearby to lend their support. While Adamson's team member marked targets with smoke, Razor Team's members laser designated the them to call in artillery strikes.

Once the targets were destroyed, Adamson's team moved in the direction of the regional capital of Chernogorsk. Government forces and the 27th's ground elements were besieging the city, and Adamson's team was called upon to assist allied troops.

During the siege, Sabre was notified of the whereabouts of the insurgent group's leader and his senior commanders. Razor Team were closer to the targets however, leaving Adamson's team to remain on standby while awaiting for news of the leaders' capture.

Despite the supposed raid taking place, Razor's members failed to check in after securing the leaders. Shortly after, Adamson's team was notified that Razor Team had been apprehended by the insurgents and had been transferred to a warehouse on the city limits. Sabre quickly moved into position to breach the warehouse.

« Sorry guys, he's gone.
Peter Adamson after verifying Patrick Miles' condition

The third member of the team to breach, Adamson quickly checked on the condition of Patrick Miles, Razor's team leader. Unfortunately, it was all-too apparent that the team leader was beyond help and could not be revived.


One week later, Adamson's team was relocated to FOB Manhattan, a forward outpost built deep within the northern, ChDKZ-held regions of the province.

However, news of a terrorist bombing in the heart of the Russian Federation's capital, supposedly carried out by Chernarussian extremists, soon brings the MEU's deployment to a grinding halt. With their intervention mandate revoked, the entirety of the MEU would be forced to evacuate within 48 hours to make way for Russian forces.

Prior to departing, Captain Shaftoe assigns one final mission to Adamson's team. They were to retrieve an insurgent; a defector who wanted to divulge vital information about the terrorist attacks. Adamson's team brought back the man to the FOB successfully, and only waited for Razor's members to bring back documents from the defector's safehouse.

Without warning, the FOB is suddenly struck by mortars and Adamson is incapacitated by gunfire from unknown assailants. Knocked into a daze, he is soon awoken and dragged away for interrogation by a mysterious blond-haired man. The man - seemingly Russian in appearance, demanded to know the whereabouts of Razor Team's members.

Adamson's team refused to answer, and the blond man stabbed them one by one in a fit of rage. By the time Razor Team could return Adamson was already dead, having passed away from severe blood loss.

Personality and Appearance

An African-American male, Adamson had a black head of hair and wore a woodland-camouflaged bandanna.

He wore a Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier, sage green-coloured Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform, an olive green shemagh, and MARPAT-camouflaged pants. For direct assault missions, Adamson wore a tan-coloured MICH combat helmet instead.


  • Adamson is one of the few named USMC characters who dons multiple outfits, varying from the "assault" gear during the warehouse assault where he makes his first appearance, and the standard recon outfit show later on in One Week Later... and Bitter Chill.

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