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Faction Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Type Light Plane
Seats 4 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 3× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
Top speed 300 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 3,000 m
Fuel capacity 1000 fuel units
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants None

The Plane is a light aircraft flown by Maldenian/Nogovan civilians in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


  • Role:
    • Recreational flight
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Vehicle Description


The Plane is a single-engined, light plane flown by Maldenian and Nogovan air taxi services and recreational aviators.

A simple utility airplane designed for civilian transportation. It has a fixed landing gear that cannot be retracted in mid-flight.

Slow and unwieldy, the Plane isn't intended for anything other than flying from one airstrip to another. Its lack of armour plating also means that all the onboard crew/passengers can be shot out of the sky by small arms fire if it flies too low.

Crew Capacity
The Plane supports the pilot and up to three passengers who sit in the rear section of the cabin.


The Plane has 15 points worth of armour plating.


  • The in-game Plane is based on the real-world Cessna "182 Skylane".
  • It is the only dedicated fixed-wing aircraft that can transport passengers in Cold War Assault aside from the Sopwith Camel (though it has a vastly different role and is actually armed).
  • James Gastovski can opt to take one of his Planes as a method of transportation to meet up with his friends for the reunion in Status Quo.


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