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« Nonsense! The CDF are useless! You know this yourself! They couldn't handle things when it was just the Chedaki and now you think they can beat the Russians too? Madness! Chernarus must be free from all Russians. Settler and soldier alike. We must have our country back! Stalin sent them here and I will send them back!

Prizrak (also known by his alternate identity as Father Fyodor Kovalenko) is the former leader of the NAPA guerillas. He serves as one of the antagonists of ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Prizrak, or better known by his alter ego as "Father Fyodor", is the warlord of the Chernarussian National Party (NAPA).

Posing as nothing more than a simple priest in the village of Gorka, Prizrak is actually the shadowy figure leading the guerilla movement.

His (notorious) reputation for brutality against both the Chedaki and Chernarussian citizens of Russian descent is well-known by all sides, though his true identity remained unknown for quite some time until he was finally found out by Razor Team.

While his past remains shrouded in complete mystery, Prizrak has always harboured immense (to put it lightly) anti-Russian views ever since Chernarus itself had become an independent nation.

He holds both the Chernarussian government and its armed forces in contempt, seeing them as being completely incompetent for allowing the Chedaki to overrun South Zagoria so easily.

Likewise, he strongly dislikes the American presence in the country and almost (though not quite in the same capacity as with the Russians) views them as a nuisance preventing him from achieving his "goals".

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

When fighting between government forces and the ChDKZ broke out, the insurgents were too powerful to challenge directly. Within a matter of days, large portions of South Zagoria quickly fell under Chedaki control.

Many civilians were killed by the Chedaki; often just for sport, or by Chedaki fighters pillaging their homes for food and other supplies. Prizrak led the guerillas in a bloody war for survival, conducting raids on Chedaki camps whenever they could, and dispersing their fighters to villages under threat from the Chedaki in order to protect them from being looted.

« Take these Marines to Elektrozavodsk. This is Razor Team, they're the guys who helped the Father in Gorka.
Fyodor's good word about the Marines quickly spreads throughout the rebel group

It was at this time that "Fyodor" first came into contact with USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team. He convinces the Marines' team leader, Master Sergeant Matthew Cooper, to not report in the weapons caches being hidden by NAPA in the village of Gorka. As thanks for their silence, he spreads word of their "generosity" to the rest of the organisation, who become more than happy to help the Marines hide from the Russians after their base is attacked by unknown assailants.


The CDF were slowly gaining ground against the Chedaki thanks to the help of Razor Team. As both sides were fighting towards the same goal, NAPA made for natural allies. But one major obstacle stood in the way of a formal alliance from being established: Prizrak.

Divided by his cruelty, borderline insane views, and willing to form an alliance with the CDF, a splinter faction of guerillas from within the organisation decide that Prizrak needed to be deposed of. They arrange a meeting with Razor Team through their liaison in the CDF, Tomas Marny, who agree to help them assassinate Prizrak once and for all.

« I will not allow the gains NAPA have made to be squandered by fools in the CDF. There will be no alliance while I am alive!

So make your choice Sergeant Cooper. I have work to do.
"Fyodor" presents Razor Team with a moral dilemma.

Thinking that they had "cornered" him at a lumber mill deep in the woodlands, Razor Team are shocked to discover that Prizrak knew all about the splinter faction's plans. Even so, he faced the Marines unarmed and tried to explain his views to them, hoping that they would understand and agree to "help" him drive out the Chedaki and Russians.

Unable to convince them through words alone, Prizrak finally presents the team with an ultimatum; kill him or let him go to continue his "work". Though reluctant, Prizrak is fatally shot by Cooper in the back just as he begins to walk away.

Personality and Appearance

Prizrak appears as a grey haired and bearded Slavic male approaching his late fifties/early sixties. When assuming his identity as "Fyodor Kovalenko", Prizrak wore the standard clerical clothing of an Orthodox Christian Hieromonk with a black Klobuk and cassock.

When leading guerillas into battle on the other hand, Prizrak donned a grey safari hat, a woodland camouflaged long-sleeved trenchcoat, a kufiyah, and twin bandoleer belts.

« I am whoever I must be to make NAPA strong Sergeant. I built this organization, so I am bound to lead it. The Lord is my shepherd, yes? And so people are like sheep. They need to be guided. But it is easier if you are also the wolf, you understand?

In the end, fear is the only real motivator. Even as a priest you deal in fear, people listen because they are afraid. So I am both the carrot and the stick, yes? Fyodor standing in the light, and Prizrak lurking in the shadow.
Prizrak's twisted mentality

As "Fyodor", Prizrak seemed to be a kind, albeit stubborn local priest who was just trying to help the guerillas defend themselves from the Chedaki.

In reality, he was a sociopath who saw it as his "duty" to torture and kill as many of his enemies in order to drive them out of the country. It didn't matter whether they were actually Chedaki or Chernarussians with Russian heritage; everyone was a morally viable target if they opposed his ideas.

« The man's an extremist! He's murdered and tortured as much as any Chedaki. Ask anyone and you'll see it in their eyes.

But it should be noted that while Prizrak possessed extremist views against his enemies, he was by no means an insane psychopath. In fact, Prizrak is shown to be calculated with his ruthlessness and is extremely cunning; evident by how quickly he discovered the splinter faction's plot against him, and how he was able to convince Razor Team into not confiscating NAPA's weapons caches.

He is also shown to be quite charismatic, and often tries to use words alone to convince people to join his cause rather than through violence (with much success), though he will not hesitate to use force should they prove to be "reluctant".


  • Choosing to spare Prizrak will cause NAPA to remain hostile to the CDF (if the player chose to side with them) during the events of Dogs of War, the final mission in the campaign. Yidash - one of the guerillas from the splinter faction, will also be executed by Prizrak prior to the mission for plotting to commit treason against him.
    • This is completely non-canonical however, as Prizrak is assassinated by Razor Team before any of this can happen.
  • Ironically, Prizrak's overzealous ideals make him a complete parallel of Gregori Lopotev; the sole difference being that he focuses on targeting Russian supporters instead.


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