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Set one year before the events of The East Wind (Stratis Incident), the Prologue has players fill the shoes of Sergeant Conway during a period of crumbling AAF-NATO relations.


Reality Check

Prologue 1

Adams' & Conway's first look at Virtual Reality.

The prologue begins with Sergeant Conway and Staff Sergeant Adams testing out the new Virtual Reality (VR) gear. Conway must complete a series of tasks from moving and shooting in order to confirm that the gear and system work properly, which Adams seems to abuse through flying a helicopter to firing a tank cannon which Conway objects (due to its loudness). The testing is a success and both Conway and Adams prepare for some AAF soldiers that are arriving.

Common Denominator

Prologue 2

Conway & Adam's having a brief talk.

Prologue 3

Sergeant Conway honing his marksmanship skills.

After testing the VR gear Conway and Adams prepare the range for the AAF soldiers. After raising up the targets Adams realizes that he has missed one and send Conway to fix it. After doing so Conway returns to Adams and they introduce themselves to the AAF soldiers who are confused with Adams joke calling themselves "Cabin Crew" and are unsure about using CSAT targets on the range. Conway then performs a series of shooting tasks to demonstrate the impact of stances on aim and the impact of fatigue which Conway reluctantly accepts and curses Adams for it. However Conway completes the tasks and soon after Adams is contacted by a AAF team that has had an 'Incident'.

Diplomatic Relations

Adams asks the AAF squad leader who is contacting them about the 'Incident' and try's to find out their location but the squad is poorly equipped and has neither a map or GPS which annoys Adams. But he uses this situation to further train the AAF soldiers that are with him on how to read a map and to use basic navigation to find the AAF squad. Adams contacts the AAF team on several occasions to find out any landmarks they have passed which is further used to triangulate their position. Eventually they locate their grid reference and load up to assist whilst leaving behind the AAF soldiers.

Prologue 4

Aftermath of the 'Incident'.

Shortly after leaving they experience a tremor that surprises Adams team (with Martinez stating "For the record, I'm blaming CSAT") in addition to NATO, CSAT and mainly AAF forces on Altis which the AAF commander informs them to return to their posts which Martinez jokes about the AAF "Shitting themselves".

Prologue 6

Guerilla weapons cache on location.

Adams team eventually arrives at the grid and upon speaking to the AAF squad leader he states that they attacked which annoys Conway and Adams as they lack sufficient evidence to why they did. In addition an injured survivor which the AAF have not treated prompting Adams to yell at the AAF squad leader to call for a MEDEVAC while Conway searches some buildings that were not searched by the AAF team originally. Conway stumbles upon a FIA cache and relays to Adams which seems to justify the AAF's squads actions. Soon a MEDEVAC helicopter arrives but is to late to save the injured survivor whilst Adams team is recalled by NATO command.

Rising Tensions

Prologue 7

Receiving a run-down of the situation from Colonel MacKinnon (Broadway).

A week later, the government and the FIA agreed to a sit-down in Kavala in the Ministry of Defence (MoD), as a gesture of goodwill from the government. However Adams team is call upon by Colonel Mackinnon (Broadway) to locate a missing AAF security convoy en route from the AAC airfield to Kavala that had not passed an AAF checkpoint at it's scheduled arrival time.

Prologue 7-0

A Mexican Standoff ensues between Adams team and the FIA guerillas.

Adams and his team are transported to the suspected location of the convoy by MH-9 Hummingbird and spot it among with the remnants of its deceased occupants. The helo drops off Adams team and shortly after disembarking they are sprung upon by FIA guerillas which Adams is forced to comply with Return Fire ROE. Shortly after the FIA's reveal they open fire and Adams team is forced to engage against members of the FIA as the move towards the convoy.


The wounded AAF soldier in a bad way.

Upon eliminating all of the surrounding FIA guerillas Adams finds a heavily wounded AAF soldier leaning on a Zamak. Conway stabilises the wounded AAF soldier whilst Adam calls in MEDEVAC and the rest of the team sets up a perimeter to await its arrival.

Damage Control

Less than an hour after Adam's request for a MEDEVAC for a wounded AAF soldier after their engagement with FIA guerillas, Bravo 2-3 arrives but is to late to save the AAF soldier. Shortly after a CSAT Mi-48 Kajman arrives which Bravo 2-3 states them as "Just marking their territory, as per usual", which prompts Bravo 2-3 to send Adams team back to Kavala on a MH-9 Hummingbird.

2015-11-04 00036

An AAF checkpoint engulfed in flames.

Along the flight they spot the AAF checkpoint that is aflame and when the flight approaches Kavala it triggers Adams to contact Broadway on the current situation which he replies as to the best of his knowledge that "the sitdown went haywire" and that Phalanx reported that "the FIA threw themselves at the cordon". Broadway then instructs Adams and Conway to get on the ground at the MoD to verify the conflicting reports and take control of the situation. Adams and Conway board a Hunter who is driven by Kerry.

Prologue 8

Dead civilians litter the streets in Kavala.

Along the drive to the MoD they encounter destruction, disarray, and chaos that has been left in the wake of the failed sit-down with the streets and alleys of Kavala being littered by both deceased and wounded AAF soldiers, FIA guerillas, and Civilians. Upon arriving at the MoD Conway is disgusted by the AAF's mistreatment of the FIA guerillas and eventually threatens Phalanx until he is ordered to stand-down by Broadway.

Prologue 9

The credits explain the repercussions from the failed sit-down.

Sometime after the confrontation with Phalanx at the MoD it is revealed that Conway just clashed horns with the AAF's top brass who is actually Col. Georgious Akhanteros the commander of the AAF which Conway replies that now he knows why they are so fucked up. The two leave the area and the credits roll that explain the aftermath of the failed sit-down which ultimately leads to the Stratis Incident and the causation of the East Wind Campaign.


  • It is debatable that the reasoning for the deterioration of AAF-NATO relations was due to the failed Kavala MoD AAF-FIA sit-down, or Conway's aggressive tone and threats that were made to Phalanx at the MoD.

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