Faction - NATO
Type Light Strike Vehicle
Seats Unarmed: 7 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 6× Passengers

Armed: 5 seats:

  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
  • 1× Commander
  • 2× Passengers
Item capacity Max: 1800 mass
  • 12× Weapons
  • 64× Magazines
Top speed 172 km/h
Fuel capacity 50 L
Primary armament HMG Loadout only:
  • 1× Mk30 .50 HMG

AT Loadout only:

  • 1× Titan MPRL Compact ATGM
Secondary armament Armed only:
  • 1× SPMG .338 GPMG
Variants Unarmed, Light, HMG, AT

The Prowler is a Light Strike Vehicle that is used by both NATO forces and CTRG operators in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Reconnaissance
    • Fire support
« The Prowler is a light strike vehicle (LSV). That means it’s agile, lightly armored and uses speed, maneuverability, and off-road mobility to avoid threats. Two configurations of Prowler exist. The armed variant is equipped with two machine guns. The front seated position carries .338 SPMG medium machine gun, while the top turret is equipped with a .50 cal heavy machine gun. With this arsenal, the Prowler is ideal for quick hit and run missions. The unarmed variant is stripped of all guns, but the back part of the vehicle is opened and has reserve seats for two additional soldiers.
Field Manual


Primarily designed for use by special forces, the Prowler is a lightweight, air transportable, highly mobile platform that can be configured for a variety of missions.

It is available in three variants; a baseline unarmed version that has no weapons mounted on it, and two separately armed versions that have either a heavy machine gun or anti-tank missile launcher mounted onto the turret ring. Both armed versions have a forward-facing medium machine gun fitted to front where the commander's seat is.

Prowlers can be airlifted by V-44X vehicle transports, as well via slingloading with CH-67 and UH-80 helicopters.

In contrast to its CSAT counterpart, the Prowler is slightly faster and has better control on rough terrain. However, the armed Prowler has to sacrifice multiple passenger seats in exchange for possessing heavier firepower.

Crew Capacity
Passenger capacity varies depending on whether the variant is armed or not.


Baseline variant. It has enough seats to transport up to six passengers, one of whom sits in the (weaponless) turret ring. All passengers are capable of firing out of the vehicle, but the vehicle itself is otherwise completely unarmed.

Virtually identical in performance and capability to the baseline vehicle. The sole difference is that this variant has both its passenger doors and rear cages removed.

Armed variant of the Prowler. It can only transport up to two passengers (not including the gunner and commander) and instead has a Mk30 heavy machine gun mounted externally onto the turret ring located in the centre of the vehicle.

The Mk30 comes pre-loaded with a single 100-round belt box of .50 cal ammunition, and has additional belt boxes stored in reserve worth up to 200 rounds (for a total of 300 rounds).

Identical to the HMG variant but has the turret ring fitted with a Titan MPRL Compact missile launcher instead. The Titan is pre-loaded with a single missile by default and has a further five missiles to reload from (for a total of six).

Transports the same number of passengers as the HMG variant.

(*) The commander (in the front right seat) on both variants can utilise the SPMG medium machine gun. It is loaded with a 130 round belt bag of .338 NM rounds by default, and has a further 260 rounds worth of belt bags in reserve.


  • Black: Pattern-less matte black paint scheme. Has very limited uses outside of operations set during the night or in areas with very low visibility.
  • Olive: Standard pattern-less olive drab green paint scheme used by all NATO ground vehicles and certain aircraft. This can be universally employed in all types of terrain, but is more suited to arid and forested environments.
  • Sand: Pattern-less dull sand paint scheme. Primarily designed for use in arid and desert environments.
  • Dazzle: Two-tone dazzle pattern camouflage scheme used by CTRG forces. Intended for use in arid terrain, but can also be employed in tropic environments as well.


  • The Prowler is based on the real-world "DAGOR", an air-droppable light off-road vehicle developed by Polaris Industries.
    • It is one of the candidate designs taking part in the U.S. Army's Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) program.
  • The armed variant of the Prowler was only available with a .50 cal HMG prior to the release of the Tanks DLC. The AT variant was eventually included as part of the free platform update (though restrictions still apply to players who do not own the Apex expansion).


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