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Pyrgos is the capital city of the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


The heart of the Republic, Pyrgos serves as the nation's seat of government and is home to one of its largest civilian populations other than the old capital of Kavala. The main highway which runs through the city centre connects the rest of the south-eastern peninsula with other regions of the island.

Having replaced Kavala as capital city of Altis in the 21st century, all important government institutions and administrative bureaus have been subsequently relocated to Pyrgos. However as of 2035, not all have moved to Pyrgos as many are still based in the old capital, despite the surge in guerilla activity post-civil war.

Although Pyrgos suffered relatively minor destruction compared to other settlements at the height of the NATO invasion of Altis, much of Pyrgos' northern and eastern districts are still heavily damaged. Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) leftover from cluster munitions dropped during the fighting is also present, further complicating the rebuilding process.

Notable inhabitants


On March 31st, 2035, senior officials from the Akhanteros regime welcomed the arrival of a batch of highly-advanced Main Battle Tanks donated by the CSAT coalition. They were driven to Almyra overnight, with the training of Altian crews scheduled to begin shortly afterward.

The 1st Mechanized Regiment (1st MechRgt.) races to intercept the NATO advance upon Pyrgos.

Five months later on August 8th, the city would be turned into a major battleground when U.S.-led NATO forces, having invaded the country in retaliation for the attack against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis, set their sights on the capital itself.

An amphibious strike force landed in the east, and had already seized the city of Dorida from the local garrison. In response, government forces dispatched an elite platoon of tankers to retake the city in a heated battle that culminated in a total victory for the government.

However, the victory at Dorida was short-lived as another NATO offensive in south against the city of Chalkeia, forced the government to redirect some of its assets from the international airport to retake Chalkeia. Unlike before, they failed to retake the city after the reinforcements were annihilated. All Altian troops at the airport were subsequently rerouted to defend Pyrgos itself. Consequently, the airport's remaining CSAT defenders were unable to repel NATO forces.

Against overwhelming odds, Pyrgos finally falls to NATO forces by morning.

The next day on the evening of August 9th, NATO forces lay siege upon Pyrgos after destroying several outposts on the city limits. Artillery continued to pummel the capital, until the bombardment was temporarily halted at the request of NATO's allies as many civilians were still trapped within the city.

However the ground offensive continued, with NATO troops attacking the city from multiple directions. An amphibious force landed on the pier, while heavy armour struck from the north and mechanised infantry assaulted from the east. The Altian defenders were simply overwhelmed and within hours of the siege commencing, the capital would be overrun by the morning of August 10th.


Pyrgos Castle


Dating back to the era of Ancient Phoenicia, the guard tower and collapsed walls are all that remain of its original structure. It is one of the city's more popular tourist attractions.

Pyrgos Harbour


A significant portion of shipping goes through the capital's Harbour, though it isn't deep or wide enough to support as many larger vessels compared its counterpart in Kavala.

Comparatively, it lacks the grandiose of the ancient capital's pier, but offers nonetheless a spectacular view of the entire gulf and parts of the western coastline.


Government Complex


The central government directs day-to-day affairs from the complexes in the western district. It is a walled compound with only one road leading to the front parking lot.


  • Despite being the site of many pivotal battles throughout ArmA 3's campaigns, none of the official campaigns/missions ever take place inside the city itself (Moral Fiber only explores the outer limits while the Gunships showcase has the player airborne for the majority of the session).


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