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Isabella Ximénez is the main antagonist of ArmA: Armed Assault's Royal Flush campaign.


Daughter and second child of King Joseph III of the Kingdom of Sahrani, Isabella is the former princess and (current) reigning Queen of the island country.

She assumed power following the death of her father and older brother, Crown Prince Orlando, who was the first in the line of succession. Both perished in a helicopter crash a year after country's reunification at the end of the war.

Royal Flush (2007)

Following the death of the King, she quickly assumed power as the sole remaining member of the royal family. One of her first actions as Queen was to mandate the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces out of the country.

Unknown to the public, her second action was also the rounding up of her political opponents; supporters and known associates of her deceased brother were quickly herded off into concentration camps hidden in remote parts of the country.

In the weeks and months that followed her takeover however, tensions amongst the populace throughout the country; particularly in the country's north, began to rise.

Questions surrounding the circumstances of her assumption and her hardline policies that only benefited the southern parts of the reunified country, turned many away from supporting the new regime. An organised anti-government movement was beginning to form in the north, and was proving to become more than just a minor threat to the stability of her reign.

In reality, the rebellion had been secretly formed by her own brother Orlando, who had actually survived the crash and knew that the "accident" had been staged by his sister. Isabella had already received reports of her brother's survival from her trusted intelligence sources, and needed a clean way to remove him quickly before he could expose her to the public.

« She has the support of the original, southern confederate army, and on top of that she has her own personal guards. They are always proficient, real first-rate guards. Instead of giving the job to them, she gave it to us mercenaries. Let me spell it out for you guys, in case you still don't get it...this mission will be a pain in the ass.
Kurt Lambowski questions the Queen's decision to hire Royal Flush

To that end, she hired the services of a mercenary team codenamed Royal Flush from the Black Element private military company. Using the excuse that the insurgents possessed "biological weapons", they would be used to hunt down her brother and crush the insurgency once and for all.

However, the insurgents prove to be more cunning than she had initially expected them to be, and eventually decide to align themselves with her brother. When she discovers this "betrayal", she orders the army to hunt down the fugitives and to stop them from exposing the truth.

Her brother is able to score a small victory against her when the mercenaries are able to escort him safely to the Kingdom's largest TV station, where he began broadcasting news of his survival to the nation and announced himself as the true ruler of the country; not her. The Queen however, quickly rebuked this false claim and denounced her brother as an impostor, sending troops to retake the TV station by force.

Her troops are unsuccessful but she wasn't finished just yet. She offered an olive branch to her brother, promising to turn herself over in exchange for amnesty. In reality, Isabella was planning to lure her brother into a trap, and had already sent assassins to eliminate him once and for all. Orlando agrees to her terms, and personally agrees to meet with her at an undisclosed location close to Corazol.

Orlando walked right into the trap and her assassins opened fire on the Prince. Once his death was confirmed, she announced to the rest of the nation that an impostor had been posing as her brother, and that she was still well and alive.

« You probably haven't heard the news. Isabella is returning to the palace. She announced that the so-called prince was a look-a-like. The whole affair was an unsuccessful attempt of a coup d'etat. She's reinstated the army. They're patrolling the streets and soldiers are guarding the airport. Soon she remembers about us and sends a military unit our way.
Isabella announces the end of her "false" brother's insurgency

As for the mercenaries who had supported her now-deceased brother, the company they worked for had disavowed their contract, and were now considered to be wanted men that were to be apprehended dead or alive.

Post-Royal Flush

« The international community wants stability, and so they recognize Isabella's claim to the throne. As of now she's the rightful queen, the only one they have here. Who could deny it? Everyone is going to accept that the alleged prince wasn't the real prince, but an impostor, trying to play a prince. The impostor is dead, long live the queen!
The aftermath of the insurgency

The members of the disavowed Royal Flush were able to escape, but having removed her only remaining threat in the line of succession, Isabella was now officially recognised as the legitimate ruler of the nation. She continues to serve as the reigning monarch of the Kingdom.

The truth surrounding her coup will forever remain buried beneath the ashes of her father and brother's graves.

Personality and Appearance

Isabella never physically appears in-game, but she is described to have long blonde hair and has a well-endowed chest.

« She isn't the blonde bimbo you think she is. A half a year after her coronation she made all the necessary arrangements to consolidate her power.
Kurt Lambowski's analysis of the Queen

Outwardly, Isabella appeared to be a young and inexperienced princess who had been unwillingly forced into the reigns of power by unfortunate circumstances. The reality however, was that she was a conniving and ruthless individual who resorted to any means necessary to achieve her goal of becoming Queen no matter the cost; even if that meant assassinating her father and brother in a fabricated "accident".

As is to be expected from someone of her calibre, she always planned one step ahead of her foes and often made good use of her (outwardly) naive appearance to lure opponents into a false sense of security.


  • The Queen is amusingly nicknamed as "Titsabella" by the mercenaries of Royal Flush due to the apparent size of her chest.
  • In the alternate ending of the final Royal Flush mission (Meeting), Isabella can either be killed by the mercenaries or she manages to flee from the country. In both cases, Orlando successfully reclaims the throne as the rightful leader of the Kingdom (this event is completely non-canonical, however).
    • Incidentally, Isabella does not actually appear in the alternate route where she can supposedly be killed. Because she does not have an actual in-game "unit", her black HMMWV doesn't show her as a passenger inside.
  • She and AAN reporter Marian Quandt are the only named female characters in ArmA: Armed Assault. And as previously mentioned, she does not actually appear in-game due to lacking a "unit" (unlike Marian).
  • To date, both she and Mark Reynolds from ArmA 2's PMC campaign are the only antagonists who have canonically succeeded in their goals.

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