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The RCO (full name: Rifle Combat Optics) is a low-powered riflescope used exclusively by NATO forces in ArmA 3.


It has a backup reflex sight with a red dot reticle. It is fitted above the primary scope for use in close encounters.

The RCO uses an illuminated crosshair reticle which is opaque enough to be seen when using thermal vision. It is optimised for all weapons chambered to fire the 6.5 mm round (both caseless and cased). This includes:

  • CMR-76 bullpup marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Katiba bullpup rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Mk200 light machine gun (6.5 mm)
  • The MX series of modular rifles (6.5 mm; all sub-variants)
  • The Promet series of modular bullpups (6.5 mm; all sub-variants)
  • Type 115 special purpose rifle (6.5 mm-chambered rifle component only; does not apply to the underbarrel .50 BW anti-materiel rifle module)

The main scope has a magnification strength of 2x with a fixed zeroing range of 300 m. It is also thermally transparent; 'hot' targets will be visible through the sight when using thermal vision modes. The backup reflex on the other hand, is set to a zeroing of 200 m and is thermally opaque ('hot' targets will not be visible when viewed with thermal optics).


  • Black: Standard matte black finish. Used by both Mediterranean and Eastern European NATO forces.
  • Khaki: Forest green paint finish. Exclusive to Pacific NATO forces.


  • The RCO is based on the real-life "Mark 4 High Accuracy Multi-Range Riflescope" manufactured by Leupold Optics. The top mount red dot sight on the other hand is based on Leupold's "DeltaPoint Reflex Sight".[1]
  • The Khaki RCO variant was not added until the release of the Apex expansion pack.[2]
  • After the Marksmen DLC's release, the top-mount reflex sight was upgraded to make use of the then-new collimator tunnelling effect[3] for its reticle (as part of Game Update 1.42).[4]
  • In previous versions of ArmA 3, the reticle markings on the primary scope would become extremely blurry and difficult to read under specific lighting conditions if depth of field was enabled in the player's graphics settings.
    • This was eventually corrected in a hotfix for Game Update 2.02, changing the RCO's model to use radial blurring instead of DoF.[5]
  • A unique Defunct variant (Classname: optic_Hamr_broken) exists exclusively for use in the First Contact campaign which has both the red dot and illuminated parts of the scope's reticle disabled due to storyline events.[6]
    • However, it cannot be equipped outside of the campaign even with the use of scripting commands, as it is only enabled if the player activates the optional Contact module of the expansion pack.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • When ArmA 3 was initially launched in Alpha, the RCO functioned as a traditional, ArmA 2-style 2D scope rather than 3D. The Beta's release would eventually replace it with its current 3D-style model instead.[7] Its original 2D scope reticle is still available in the game files[8], though it remains unused since the RCO no longer requires it.




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