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Radcliffe was a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


Radcliffe was a member of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), a multi-national black ops unit.

He served as a team leader for Group 14, and was subordinate to Captain Scott Miller. He went by the radio callsign of Ice-1.

The East Wind (2035)

While Capt. Miller and Lieutenant James split off to search Stratis, Radcliffe assumed leadership of Group 14's remaining members on the mainland. They would continue to support the FIA while continuing to observe for signs of CSAT's elusive "Project Eastwind".

Miller's team eventually returned from Stratis and linked up with Radcliffe's group once more. Miller would return to the FIA camp while James stayed behind with Radcliffe.

They observed Kavala from the safety of his overwatch position as the city was being raided by joint CSAT/AAF counterinsurgency forces.

Suddenly, James was contacted over the radio by an American soldier - Corporal Ben Kerry, a survivor of the ill-fated Task Force Aegis. Kerry eventually managed to make his way towards their location and upon seeing the man's battered state, Radcliffe offered him a less tattered shirt to wear.

« Radcliffe: Hey, kid, I've got a spare shirt and vest here. It's going to get cold after dark.
Kerry: I - uh - thanks. Appreciate it.
Radcliffe passes clothing to Corporal Kerry

As night fell, it was time for Radcliffe and James to make their return back to the FIA camp. However on the way back, the other members of the team were spotted by a hovering CSAT helicopter and began landing reinforcements. Radcliffe split up with James, leaving him to escort Kerry back to meet the guerillas while he rejoined the other members to fight off CSAT.

In the coming weeks, Radcliffe and the rest of Group 14 continued to back the guerillas while searching for the facility where Eastwind was being developed. Eventually on the eve of a NATO invasion, Group 14 managed to find the facility but realised that it would be virtually impossible to take by themselves given how secured it was.

However, Group 14 no longer had an opportunity to wait. NATO forces were still pushing east and before long, the researchers at the base were packing up and ready to depart. With no time to spare, Radcliffe's team would be forced to act and assaulted the base.


Despite Group 14's best efforts, the assault was doomed from the beginning and had absolutely no hope of succeeding. Radcliffe was amongst the first to perish in the initial stage of the attack, was gunned down, and fell near the front gates of the research lab.

Personality and Appearance

Radcliffe was a white male with short dark brown hair and a medium beard. Whilst undercover, Radcliffe wore a simple dark blue poloshirt with cream-coloured cargo pants and a brown tactical vest.

Later on, he wore the same Arid Dazzle combat uniform donned by other members of Group 14 with a snakeskin-camouflaged plate carrier vest. Regardless of cover, he always wore an olive green baseball-style cap with a subdued flag patch of the Union Jack.

Trusted by Miller to lead Group 14 in his and Lt. James' absence, his tactical and strategic ability is unquestionable. Like most of Group 14, Radcliffe was secretive but generally more approachable and friendly than most of his cohorts and the FIA guerillas.

When first meeting Corporal Kerry, Radcliffe offered him a weapon, a warmer shirt to wear, and referred to him as "kid". Given his status however, it's not truly known if this was merely a facade to keep Kerry in line or was natural behaviour.


  • In all the hubs where CTRG are present, Radcliffe can usually be found standing alongside fellow operative Robinson.


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