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Radio Pack
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Icon-side-greenfor.png LDF
Mass 160
Storage capacity 80 mass

The Radio Pack is a multi-faction backpack in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Contact DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Contact expansion pack.

Designed to house a powerful long range radio for infantry squads, the Radio Pack leaves a small amount of room (80 "mass") to store additional ammunition/equipment.

It retains an inefficient stamina-to-capacity ratio due to its extreme base weight of 160 "mass". The spare pouches also cannot store much extra gear, resulting in the Radio Pack's overall usefulness being quite limited compared to similarly-sized backpacks.


  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage pattern with tan straps.
  • Urban: Urban Hexacam camouflage pattern with light blue straps.
  • Digital: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern.
  • Black: All-black colour scheme.
  • MTP: MTP camouflage pattern with khaki straps.
  • Tropic: Tropical MTP camouflage pattern with forest green straps.
  • Green Hex: Tropical Hexacam camouflage pattern with dark green straps.
  • Woodland: MTP Woodland camouflage pattern with dark green straps.
  • Geometric: Woodland camouflage intended to mimic the LDF's Geometric pattern with olive green straps.


  • In spite of its appearance, the Radio Pack does not provide players with the ability to communicate via radio. It is purely cosmetic in nature and will not function unless the player has an actual radio item equipped.
  • The Radio Pack is simply a retextured model shared for use by all main factions. There are no differences in weight/capacity between the variations, with the sole exception being the (obvious) choice of camouflage.


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