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« The survivors launch a coordinated assault on Air Station Mike-26.
Mission Description

Radio Silence is the fifth mission of ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


The player controls U.S. Army infantryman Corporal Ben Kerry. With the AAF spread thin across the island, Captain Scott Miller has decided that the opportunity to strike Air Station Mike-26 has presented itself. Should they succeed in retaking the facility, the survivors can contact NATO MEDCOM and call for reinforcements.

Kerry's role/class:

  • Infantry / Grenadier

Default loadout:*

Loadout options:**

  • Pool of weapons and equipment stockpiled at Maxwell's Armoury

(*) This is the default loadout assuming that the player has not customised or collected different items from the previous mission and/or has chosen the Armoury's recommendation.
(**) Any weapons, ammo, gear and/or backpacks salvaged from previous missions will carry on to this mission and can be equipped through the briefing equipment menu.



  • (1) Set Up OP
  • (2) Neutralize Watch Towers
  • (3) Seize Air Station Mike-26
  • (4) Repel Reinforcements




  • Kerry must survive
  • Follow your squad leader's orders
  • The MRAP must not be disabled
  • Do not alert the guards to your presence until the mortars have landed
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Remain within the combat area


Primary 1: Set Up OP

You start off inside an MRAP being ferried to the outskirts of Air Station Mike-26. Once the driver stops, disembark and follow your squad leader to the observation post. Crouch when told to do so then stop at the bush near the marker. Equip your binoculars (or rangefinder) and look in the direction of the facility.

Primary 2: Neutralize Watch Towers

Targets of opportunity.

You need to mark multiple targets for Charlie squad to hit with their mortar battery before the assault can begin. There are a total of five targets to hit:

  • Three watch towers, one near the front entrance to the west, another at the northern side to the east, and the (third) last facing toward the southern tip.
  • The command centre/HQ with two garrisoned marksmen.
  • An AAF rifle squad scattered throughout the compound, standing in the centre of the grounds and near the parked MRAP/IFV/truck.

You only have eight high-explosive (HE) mortar shells at hand so focus on the towers first. Of these targets, the only required ones are the two watch towers closest to your OP and the command centre.

Call in one fire mission at both towers and the command centre except for the one at the rear. Point your crosshairs at each one and direct a barrage with two HE shells apiece (taking out the rear watch tower helps but is not necessary). Once the targets are neutralised, your squad leader will radio the all-clear and authorise the main assault.

However, if you weren't able to knock out all the required targets and ran out of mortar shells then this objective will be marked as having "failed". Don't be too concerned though; the mission will still proceed even if you didn't manage to hit them.

Primary 3: Seize Air Station Mike-26

Rejoin your squad leader back at the MRAP downhill. Disembark again once you're on the outskirts of the facility and join the battle already in progress alongside Bravo squad. Once all remaining enemies in the compound are dead, this objective will be marked complete. Keep in mind that there are gaps in the fence so you don't have to run through the main gate.

Primary 4: Repel Reinforcements

Hop into the rear watch tower facing towards the north.

Pull out your binoculars/rangefinder again and look in the direction of the crossroads north of Mike-26. Motorised infantry in the form of seven infantry will be arriving soon from Camp Rogain. They will start off mounted but will get out of their vehicles once they arrive at the Y-shaped junction leading to Mike-26.

You should see their dust trails in the distance. Once they are approximately 15 seconds away from the crossroads, point your crosshairs at the centre of the Y-junction and call in the remainder of Charlie's mortars (if they have any). If you don't have any mortars left, you'll have to do it the traditional way and simply gun them down as they get out of their vehicles.

Once the reinforcements are down, Delta squad will inform Capt. Miller that the facility needs to be demolished. Follow your squad leader out of the facility and down the slope. The mission will conclude shortly after Mike-26 is blown up.


  • Don't forget that if you need a marksman rifle like the Mk18, some of the garrison's sentries will have one on their corpses. However, their default optics aren't particularly helpful for long-range firefights so you may want to swap it with a scope that has greater magnification.


  • By default, the mission is scheduled to take place at 12:25 PM. However, this is only the default time defined in the mission's settings and will actually vary depending on the player's progress throughout Survive (i.e. the player starts Radio Silence after they go Scouting).
  • During testing for the Survive episode on the development branch, Charlie's mortars were extremely precise and if marked properly, the player could hit every target with practically zero dispersion.
    • This was eventually changed post-release with the mortars being refactored to become much less accurate. It is still possible to hit all the targets but the chances of achieving this are minimal due to the increased dispersion.
  • In another example of CTRG's duplicity, the communications equipment at Mike-26 was "fried" according to Lt. James despite the lack of evidence to suggest this being the case.
    • The reality, as would be revealed in later missions for the Win episode, was that Mike-26's equipment was fully functional. CTRG deliberately destroyed the facility not to prevent it from falling into the AAF's hands, but to stop the survivors of TF Aegis from contacting NATO MEDCOM.
    • Through doing so, Capt. Miller essentially sealed the task force's fate and guaranteed that all of the remaining peacekeepers would meet their demise by the episode's end.

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