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« The Rahim 7.62 mm is a bullpup rifle serving as a designated marksman weapon for the OPFOR. It's based on the older Russian rifle with upgraded modern features such as firing mechanism, trigger and rail. The bullpup design allows the rifle to be more compact and maneuverable without shortening the barrel.
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Rahim 7.62 mm
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Type Bullpup Designated Marksman Rifle
Calibre 7.62×54 mmR
Dispersion 0.00058 rad
Mass 100
Variants None
The Rahim 7.62 mm bullpup sniper rifle.

The Rahim is a 7.62 mm bullpup designated marksman rifle used exclusively by Mediterranean CSAT sharpshooters in ArmA 3.


The Rahim is a gas operated, selective-fire designated marksman rifle that is chambered to fire the 7.62×54 mm round.

It loads from 10-round curved magazines and has a muzzle velocity of 830 m/s. It accepts accessories on both its top and underbarrel rails, and can mount attachments onto its muzzle.

Mediterranean CSAT squad on patrol. Note the marksman in the front armed with a DMS-equipped Rahim.

The Rahim uses a bullpup layout which makes it a relatively compact weapon to wield. It is the lightest weapon out of all the DMRs and has fairly decent accuracy for both medium-long ranges.

In addition, the Rahim boasts an impressive fire rate of 652 rounds per minute. In practice however, it should be noted that the Rahim is extremely difficult to control while firing in full auto. Combined with its meagre magazine capacity, this renders the Rahim's high fire rate rather redundant and essentially impossible to achieve under regular circumstances.

Two other (albeit minor) drawbacks that the Rahim has is that its dust covers cannot be removed, and that its muzzle velocity is slightly less than that of other DMRs like the Mk18 ABR. For the former, the Rahim faces the same problem as the CMR-76 and can't mount side rail accessories like a laser pointer which - depending on the user's needs, could prove to be a detriment.

In the case of the latter, the Rahim's 7.62 mm rounds will lose their energy slightly quicker than the Mk18 ABR, though it is fortunately somewhat compensated by the Rahim's excellent accuracy. However, it falls well short of the SPAR-17 and does not come close to being able to match the Mk-I EMR's range.


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s) Penetration depth (mm)
11.6 -0.0012 830 22.41

The Rahim can only load one type of magazine. It has a weight of 8 "mass" units:

7.62 mm 10Rnd Mag

Curved mag with 7.62 mm ball ammunition. Does not have any visible tracer rounds loaded.


  • The Rahim is based on the "VS-121", a prototype sniper rifle that is currently under development by Kalashnikov Concern (formerly known as IZHMASH or the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant), a subsidiary of the Rostec state-owned corporation.
  • Along with the Zafir, the Rahim was initially chambered (incorrectly) to fire 7.62×51 mm NATO ammunition.
    • This was later re-factored with the release of the Marksmen DLC, which changed it to its correct real-world calibre of 7.62×54 mm as part of Game Update 1.42.
  • The Rahim was not initially available in ArmA 3. It would not be added until the first episode of the campaign was released, whereupon it was bundled as part of Game Update 1.04.
  • Despite clearly being a Russian-made weapon, no Russian units actually utilise the Rahim as a DMR even after the addition of the Russian Spetsnaz faction following the release of the Contact expansion pack (eschewing it in favour of the shorter-ranged ASP-1).
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • The Rahim's disabled side rail re-enabled with a custom addon.

    Despite having removable covers and visibly modelled rails, the Rahim is unable to accept any accessories on its side rail.
    • It was previously able to fit side rail accessories but this capability was removed with Game Update 1.22, presumably due to the user's left hand clipping into the rail's accessories when attached.
    • Enabling the ability to attach side rail accessories onto the Rahim is still possible, albeit only through the use of a custom addon.


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