« You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking big crumbly castle, evil bad guy on the run. This has gotta be the place... Either that or we're on 'America's Most Gullible Marines'.
Randolph Sykes

Randolph Sykes is a main character in ArmA 2's Harvest Red campaign.


« Randy is a hard man to get to know. I think it‘s fair to say he keeps his distance in the company but despite that he‘s become something of a talisman to be honest. It's something I've tried to discourage.
Captain Shaftoe's evaluation of Sykes

Born and raised in Texas, Sykes has accumulated a decent number of accommodations and awards throughout his career in the USMC and is quite decorated for his age. He serves as the team's designated marksman for USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team.

He has taken part in multiple black operations, many of which are still marked as classified. Even the operation where he managed to score an (alleged) 2.3 km confirmed kill remains classified to this day.

With several tours of combat under his belt, he is admired by his teammates in Razor Team for remaining calm and sharp, remaining (as he is often nicknamed) "Ice Cold" even in the most dire of situations.

It's been stated that after Matthew Cooper, Sykes would have been Patrick Miles' second choice of pick to succeed him as team leader due to his sheer amount of past experience and leadership qualities.

Post-Harvest Red

Sykes was severely wounded during the events of Operation Fiery Mountain in 2010. Following a slow recovery, he eventually became a special warfare instructor for the Marine Special Operations School at Camp Lejeune in 2012.

Personality and Appearance

Sykes is a white Caucasian male in his mid-thirties with light brown hair. His usual attire consists of a woodland-camouflaged bandanna with a headset, a Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier, and a MARPAT-camouflaged Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform with an olive kufiya.

In stark contrast to the younger and more rash Chad Rodriguez, Sykes is the most cool-headed member of the team and remains stoic even when things go from bad to worse. And unlike Brian O'Hara, Sykes avoids allowing any pre-existing biases that he may have had against groups or people cloud his judgement as well, even though both of them are cautious individuals.

While most of this can be attributed to him simply being more experienced; not to mention being older than the former two, he's not immune to (although very rare) outbursts of emotion. He is also shown to have a rather humorous side to him as he enjoys sarcastically making fun of Rodriguez whenever the opportunity presents itself.


  • Sykes is the only member of Razor Team who still remains in the USMC after the events of Operation Harvest Red. The other two members who are still alive (Cooper and O'Hara) retire from military service and work in civilian sector professions post-Harvest Red.
  • Sykes' appearance is based on Ryan James. He is voiced by Matthew Blood-Smyth.


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