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Mission Description

Razor Two is the fifth mission of ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


The players control the four operatives of USMC Force Recon fireteam callsign Razor. Following Miles' death, Cooper and the surviving members of Razor Team have been reassigned with the task of chasing after Lopotev and Bardak. To that end, they must first investigate the surrounding countryside for clues on the whereabouts of the missing leaders.


Default loadouts:





There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Dressler
  • (2) Find evidence
  • (3) Find/capture Bardak


  • (4) Find & capture Lopotev


  • All members of Razor must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not leave the AO



  • There is a fixed time limit of approximately one hour and twenty minutes for this mission.
  • This is a free roaming mission that will allow you to explore most of southern/eastern coastline of South Zagoria and even parts of the north-east/north-west.
  • However, keep in mind that you cannot go outside of the mission boundary or else the mission's Zone Restrictions module will instantly kill the offending player.

Blue: Star Force Base (You)
Red: Mission boundary

Primary 1: Dressler

After Captain Shaftoe nears the end of his briefing, you will be given the option of either continuing with the campaign or "leaving" (resulting in a bad ending):

  • Option 1: We'll stay.
  • Option 2: Fine, let's leave.

For obvious reasons, pick the first option. Capt. Shaftoe will then ask you to speak to Capt. Carl Dressler at the joint CDF/USMC FOB in Elektrozavodsk. Grab one of the unlocked vehicles at Star Force Base (one of the armed HMMWVs preferably) and drive straight to the city. Stick to paved roads and try to avoid crashing into any random civilian cars along the way.

Once you arrive at the base, park nearby and dismount from the vehicle. Run inside the camp and look for Capt. Dressler; he'll be standing next to a UAV Terminal with a camouflaged net covering it. After talking for a bit, he will mark three locations on your map for you to investigate. When Dressler's finished, head back to near the entrance and speak to the CDF intelligence officer standing nearby.

The officer, Lieutenant Tomas Marny, will provide you with more information about Lopotev's history and recent intel. Avoid the temptation to blame the CDF or to insult the officer (e.g. "The CDF are useless!") or else he won't provide you with the necessary information. If you managed to avoid provoking Lt. Marny, he will eventually suggest that you speak to a partisan fighter named Yuri Olegich at the village of Staroye. Do as he says and hop back into your vehicle, then drive straight to the village to meet up with the partisan.

Primary 2: Find evidence

The bulk of the mission now begins. Your objective is to gather as much intelligence as possible on the whereabouts of the insurgent leaders while also collecting proof of ChDKZ war crimes:

Yellow: POIs
Red: Insurgent patrols (initial)
Violet: Bardak's starting point
Green: Bardak's escape route

Enemy camps

NOTE: Completion of this task will add one piece of evidence to your total tally and will affect events in a later mission.

Remember the three points of interest that Dressler marked for you? You can investigate those locations but only one of them will actually have what you're looking for:

  • The first camp closest to Elektrozavodsk next to the ruins of Castle Rog (grid 111-112) has no threats. You will only stumble into a fireteam of friendly U.S. Marine scouts.
  • The second camp (grid 111-092), northeast of Staroye and south of Dolina, is devoid of threats or evidence.
  • The third camp, north of Guglovo (grid 083-078), has a total of six enemies present. You can deal with them dismounted or gun them down using your vehicle's mounted heavy weapon.

Once all hostiles at the third camp are dead, head inside the tent with the supply crates and face towards the table. You should spot some photographs which you can collect; grab them and another piece of evidence will be added to your tally.


NOTE: Completion of this task will add one piece of evidence to your total tally and will affect events in a later mission.

In the village of Vyshnoye, you can question several of the villagers walking or standing around area. If you speak to the profiteer standing next to the well, he will reveal that a vehicle was spotted parked at a farm to the south. He will then direct you to speak with a man who lives nearby named Malik (at grid 067-097). Get back into your vehicle and head over there now.

When you reach the house, dismount and speak to Malik. When interrogating him, you will be given a few dialogue options: pick "Please Cooperate" followed by "Do you want to go to jail?" (ignore the other responses). If chosen correctly, he will reveal that several insurgents are using the ruins of castle Zub to the west of his house as a hideout (grid 065-097).

Hop back into your vehicle and approach it carefully. You may need to do this on foot if manoeuvring through the forest while mounted proves to be too difficult. Upon arrival, you should find several tents and a campfire inside. A mapcase will be next to one of the tents by the main tower, which can be collected as another piece of evidence to add to your tally.

However, be careful as a three-man patrol of insurgents may potentially be lurking around the western and north-western sides of the castle. It comprises of a sniper, machinegunner and a grenadier. The machinegunner and grenadier each have a 39%/76% (respectively) chance of spawning, though the sniper is always guaranteed to be there no matter your playthrough.


The instant you approach the centre of town, the partisan that Lt. Marny mentioned earlier, Yuri Olegich, will request for your help.

Choose to offer him your aid (do not reject him), and he will quickly redirect you to a barn on the west end of town where the villagers are putting up a stand against an imminent ChDKZ assault. The assault force consists of twelve enemies in total split into two squads. They will mostly attack from the forest to the south-west, although there may potentially be a single hostile who will attack from the north.

You may wish to get out of your vehicle and defend the objective on foot. This is because two of the insurgents are equipped with RPGs which can instantly blow up your vehicle if you aren't careful. However, if you're confident in your driving skills and that you can kill the insurgents before they manage to fire off an RPG, then by all means stick to your vehicle for the defence.

Either way, find some cover to hide behind and concentrate your fire in whichever direction that Olegich's fighters are aiming. Once all threats are neutralised or the insurgents decide to flee, get close to the defenders and speak with Olegich. He will suggest that you have a chat with the owner of the power plant in Elektrozavodsk (grid 104-127).

At the power plant, the doorman will refuse to let you in but you can threaten him into divulging his secrets. He will direct you to head towards the far north-east (for the coastal village of Solnichniy). Go there now or call for transport via Star Force 21; the choice is yours.



  • The dog tags will spawn underneath the last ChDKZ insurgent that dies. Be sure to search carefully or you will miss out on another piece of evidence.
  • Alternately, you may want to turn off grass for your game's visual settings temporarily if the dog tags prove too difficult to spot.
  • Completion of this task will add one piece of evidence to your total tally and will affect events in a later mission.

Regardless, once you arrive at Solnichniy, you can start speaking to the locals who will suggest that you investigate the local quarry.

As you approach the quarry, get set to engage as three insurgents will be hanging around near the entrance. Get rid of them, then search around their corpses for another piece of evidence in the form of a bag containing dog tags.

Primary 3: Find/capture Bardak


  • You only have approximately twenty minutes to complete this objective.
  • Capturing Bardak will add one piece of evidence to your total tally and affect events in a later mission.
  • The capture sequence may not initiate if Bardak is wounded. Take care to not accidentally shoot him to death when doing this.
  • Capturing Bardak is not mandatory but failing to do so will have a significant impact on later events in the campaign.

At approximately 1200 hours, Battlemage will inform Razor Team that Bardak was spotted fleeing in a red hatchback and is attempting to flee to the northern region.

Bardak will initially start at a fixed position to the north of the village of Shakhovka (at grid 095-085). He will then make his way towards Gorka before turning towards Novy Sobor and finally, Stary Sobor before fleeing outside of the mission boundary. You will instantly fail this objective if he manages to make it that far, so be sure to intercept him long before he gets out of Gorka.


Thankfully, his AI's driving skills are not particularly great so you will have ample opportunities to intercept him well before he even manages to get within proximity of Gorka. Battlemage will also grant you the ability to take command of an orbiting UAV to use for scouting. If needed, you can toggle the camera's thermals to better identify his car's heat emissions from above.

Regardless of the location you picked to ambush him, in order to successfully capture Bardak you need to shoot out the tyres of his car. Once they've been popped, he will dismount and start running towards Gorka. Switch to your sidearm (if you have one) or stick to your primary and fire off a few rounds around him. However, do not actually injure him as this can potentially bug out his capture sequence.

Once the sequence triggers successfully, a cutscene will play and Bardak will successfully be apprehended. The mission will end in victory shortly afterwards as soon as the cutscene finishes.

Optional 4: Find & capture Lopotev

This objective runs concurrently with the main objective of the mission (Find/capture Bardak) but cannot actually be completed and will be cancelled once the former ends in either success or failure.


  • Avoid using Star Force 21 to make trips to any objectives with hostiles nearby.
    • As tempting as it might sound, the AI for Lt. Maddox is dreadful at best when it comes to piloting, and tends to select the worst possible LZs to make a landing at. As one can imagine, this is a disaster waiting to happen when there are ChDKZ insurgents nearby who will quickly gun down the helicopter if given the opportunity.
    • If you absolutely insist on calling for Star Force 21, pick open areas that are within walking distance of the objective area rather than landing right next to it. If you happen to be playing in singleplayer, make a save prior to boarding Star Force 21 for extra safety.
    • Alternately, if you are stuck in a remote area of the AO and are too far away to intercept Bardak in time with your own vehicle, then it is also fine to call for transportation.
      • Just be sure to take into account how long it takes to fly there and the amount of time that the pilot takes to land, as this can potentially cause you to miss your moment of opportunity.


  • Razor Two is the first playable free roaming mission to be featured in an official campaign for ArmA 2.
  • For strange reasons, Cooper's "identity" will revert to that of the player's user profile in singleplayer.
    • The end result is that Cooper's dialogue lines will either be high pitched or slurred depending on the player's profile settings. Likewise, his in-game radio protocol will default to one of the generic American English voices rather than Cooper's unique radio protocol.
    • It is an issue that has been present on non-Steam versions of ArmA 2 since the game's release, and has not been addressed even after the Community Configuration Project/CorePatch updates on the Steam edition.
  • A unique gold-plated version of the AKM can be found inside the power plant at Elektrozavodsk.
  • If Bardak manages to flee outside of the mission boundary, he will actually come to a stop at Vybor and does not proceed any further beyond the town.
  • On earlier versions of Razor Two (pre-Patch 1.05), it was possible for players to inadvertently soft-lock themselves by rapidly connecting to and disconnecting from the UAV whilst playing online or via LAN.

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