Remote Designator
Faction - NATO
Type Autonomous Laser Designator
Caliber None
Variants None

The Remote Designator is a static laser marker turret that is used by both NATO and CSAT forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Marksmen DLC.


Controlled via a UAV Terminal, the Remote Designator serves as an autonomous laser designator turret that is fitted onto a retractable stick. Like the AR-2 Darter, it can be disassembled into a backpack and carried by its user to any location.

The advantage of the Remote Designator is that unlike its handheld counterparts, it does not require the operator to remain stationary in order to maintain aim over a target. The user can simply set up the Remote Designator at any location, connect to it via terminal, and then move elsewhere.

Once friendly aircraft are on station and ready to attack the target, the operator can simply switch to manual control over the turret, activate the designator's laser marker, and then return to their previous task.

Alternatively, the Remote Designator can also be used to provide overwatch by simply placing it on a high position overlooking an enemy base. The user can switch back and forth via terminal, or activate a live feed Picture-in-Picture view of the Remote Designator's camera on their HUD to see enemy positions in real-time.

Unlike most static weapons however, the Remote Designator is completely unarmed and is only designed to mark targets for laser-guided weapons (i.e. GBU-12 bombs used by the A-164 Wipeout). It should also be noted that unlike the Mk30A/Mk32A sentry guns, Remote Designators do not mark targets on their own, and can only be forced to do so manually by the controller.


Mediterranean NATO version.

Mediterranean CSAT counterpart.

(*) Remote Designators used by both factions are identical to each other in terms of functionality. The only main differences are that their laser marker models are based on their respective handheld counterparts, use differently shaped tripod mounts, and have faction-specific paint finishes.


  • Sand: Desert sand/desert tan paint finish. Only used by NATO Remote Designators.
  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage. Used by CSAT Remote Designators only.


  • Oddly enough, neither Pacific NATO/CSAT forces possess a variant of the Remote Designator that is camouflaged for their respective force colours (olive green/Tropical Hexacam).
  • Both models of the Remote Designator are the first of their kind in the entire series.


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