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ArmA: Cold War Assault's Resistance campaign has players take control of Victor Troska, a former special forces operative turned civilian living on the island nation of Nogova.

The story is set in 1982, and has Troska assume command of an anti-Soviet partisan movement after the country is invaded by forces led by Colonel Aleksei Guba.


Waking up for an early start, Victor Troska grabbed his keys and locked up his house after hearing a horn from a car waiting outside. His friend Tom had just arrived to give him a lift to the city of Petrovice.

Along the way, Troska stopped for a brief conversation with a (widowed) acquaintance of his at the village of Dolina. He asked if she needed anything while he was in town, and mentioned that she could phone him at his office if she wanted to talk more. Liz politely refused, leaving a somewhat dejected Troska to continue his journey. Troska still blamed himself for Liz's melancholic state due to the passing of her husband Adam, but Tom reassured Troska that it wasn't his or anyone else's fault that Adam died.

Troska takes the bus to Lipany.

Tom drops off Troska in Petrovice and heads back afterwards. Troska on the other hand, made his way to the bus stop to wait for the next scheduled one to arrive. Not long after, a bus arrives and Troska immediately boards it.

« Citizens. Today, August 21st, the National Coalition has finally collapsed. Vice-premier Ostrovsky of the Nogova Communist Party has resigned, and asked the entire government to follow his lead.
Radio announcement on the ongoing chaos in the government

On the way to Lipany, Troska hears a news broadcast on the bus' radio. The government was in utter chaos with the Nogovan Communist Party, which had formed a part of the ruling coalition government under President Novak, unanimously disbanding from the government.

Vice Premier Ostrovsky and three other senior party officials headed to the Soviet Union's capital city Moscow, to meet for an official "visit" with the USSR's Premier; their true purpose still unclear. Troska was asked about his opinion on the matter, but he himself wasn't too sure of what was going on.

Troska calls Liz on the phone while on break moments before the invasion commences.

The bus soon arrives near the centre of the city and Troska disembarks along with the other passengers, heading off on foot towards the courthouse where he worked as a judge. Work for the rest of the day goes off uneventfully and during a break a few hours later, he decides to call Liz on the phone.

At that exact same moment, another radio broadcast is announced from the government. President Novak addressed the citizens of Nogova that Ostrovsky had betrayed the country, "requesting" for the Soviet military to occupy the country under the pretence of reestablishing order against "capitalist corruption".

Massing along the coasts across Nogova, Soviet troops from their bases in Kolgujev invaded the island nation with overwhelming superiority. Key population centres were being seized by force all over the island, and Novak belatedly ordered all Nogovan militia to stand down so as to not "provoke" the Soviets.

By air and sea, Soviet troops invade the Republic of Nogova.

« Dear fellow citizens, help each other in this testing time for our nation. The truth will win out!
Novak's final address to the people of Nogova prior to his execution

From the roof of his courthouse, Troska personally witnessed the Soviet troops walk into the capital and begin enforcing martial law. Those who refused to cooperate were summarily executed by the Soviets without a shred of mercy.

Knowing that it was too dangerous to remain in Lipany, Troska immediately made plans to flee from the city. He commandeered a car parked outside and drove north back to his home, avoiding numerous Soviet patrols along the way who were ruthlessly rounding up Nogovans everywhere.

However the citizens of Nogova were not planning to go down quietly. Everywhere, disgruntled militiamen refused to obey Novak's order to stand down and rebelled against the Soviets. One group in particular, had gained much traction and had rallied many of the fighters to unite under a single banner.

But even with their tenacity, courage alone was simply no match for Soviet military might. Within hours of their attempted uprising, many of the partisan fighters and militiamen were killed and rooted out. The charismatic but inexperienced partisan leader, named Gabriel, knew they didn't have a hope of standing a chance against the occupiers in their current state. But he knew there was one man on Nogova who could lead them to victory.

« Troska: want me to join you?
Geronimo: We want you to help us! You're a fighter. You've been in a war before, haven't you?
Troska: More than once. And that's why I can't any more. Do you have any idea what this means, a war!? Do you know how many people will suffer!? Didn't you hear the President? This will only lead to unneccessary bloodshed.
Gabriel: The President has been executed.
Troska: You see? You can't win! They have tanks and you've got, what!?
Geronimo: Determination!
The partisans attempt to convince Troska to join their cause

Later that night, Gabriel took his second-in-command along to Troska's home in the hills. They attempted to convince Troska to join their cause not as a mere fighter, but as his adviser and tactician.

Troska was largely unconvinced in spite of Gabriel's pleas, however. Haunted by the memories of the bloody 1974 revolution years before, which lead to his friend Adam's death in the first place, he adamantly told them to stop resisting and obey the Soviets.

« You have no idea what you're saying! No idea what damage you're about to do. If you don't lay down your weapons immediately, the Soviets will just fight harder and harder against us. They'll start on innocent people, burning and murdering. And you have NOTHING but a few foolish men; you don't have training, weapons, ANYTHING!

It was clear that Troska seemed to be a lost cause. Gabriel and Geronimo prepared to leave, but he still had hopes Troska would come to understand their motivations. Internally, Troska knew that what the partisans said was right and was grappling on whether to join their cause in spite of his misgivings about himself.

His true test of resolve would eventually come the next morning. Having failed to gain any sleep the night before, Troska sat in front of his home listening to the radio. During a regular propaganda announcement, the Soviet broadcast was hijacked by a radio transmission from an eccentric man who simply identified himself as the "Tasmanian Devil" (TD).

TD urged the citizens of Nogova that not all hope was lost and that despite the Soviet propaganda, were stronger than ever. He told everyone that there was only one way to force the Soviets to leave, and that they all had to rise up.

Moments after TD's transmission is cut off, Troska's neighbours and friends show up to his home to discuss what they could do. Tom and Peter were convinced that joining the partisans was the right thing to do but Troska refused, rejecting the idea as sheer lunacy.

At that same moment a heavily injured partisan fighter shows up at Troska's home and begins to explain what happened to him. Troska demands to know if the fighter knew he was being followed but he was unsure. Tom and the others tell the man to hide in Troska's toolshed (to Troska's disagreement) and as if on cue, a Soviet truck shows up at the home.

The soldiers disembarked from their vehicle and demanded to know the whereabouts of the fugitive, threatening to torture the villagers if they didn't comply. Another vehicle shows up seconds later with what appeared to be a high-ranking officer inside.

« What's this? You don't want to cooperate with us? Surely you understand that by helping a criminal you're becoming criminals yourselves? Where is he?

The officer, a Colonel by the name of Aleksei Vasillii Guba, repeats their demands to the villagers to hand over the rebel fighter. One of Troska's neighbours attempts to negotiate and lies to the Colonel that they "didn't see anything".

Guba executes Troska's neighbour.

Unlike the soldiers, Guba was far less lenient and executed Troska's neighbour on the spot. Troska pleads for him to stop, but Guba arrogantly refuses and prepares to leave. He tells the soldiers to kill one villager with every passing minute should they continue to refuse.

Troska was now at a crossroads. He could either retrieve the shotgun he had stowed away in a cache behind his house, or comply with the Soviets and betray Gabriel's men.

« Standing in line, waiting for the bullet. I had only two options: reveal where the rebel was hiding, or somehow break out of line, grab the shotgun, and stop the bloodshed...
Troska makes a fateful decision

He made his choice. While the Soviets were distracted and motioned forward to execute Peter, Troska made a break for it and ran for his shotgun. Loading two shells into the chamber, he immediately opened fire on the Soviets, killing the patrol leader and the remaining two soldiers soon after.

While Troska salvaged equipment from the dead soldiers, Tom and the others fled from the scene. Troska knew he was persona non grata with the Soviets, and had no other choice but to join the partisans. He made his way on foot to the guerilla camp in the woodlands northwest of his home.

Troska arrives at the guerilla encampment.

Silently walking through the camp, Troska was immediately greeted by Gabriel and his lieutenants. To a surprised (and pleased) Gabriel, Troska explained his actions to the leader and explained he had no alternative left other than to join their cause.

Gabriel briefed Troska the overall situation on the island, and explained that the Soviets were rounding up citizens and torturing them for information on the guerillas. Troska took stock of the assembled men and their inventory, immediately making plans to help Gabriel lead the fight against the Soviets. But even though he was motivated to help them, Troska was still somewhat reluctant to take arms against the Soviets directly, and only wished to remain in an advisory status to Gabriel.

Before they could continue their discussion, Gabriel is shot and instantly killed by unknown attackers. The camp itself simultaneously comes under heavy attack from all directions, and Troska is forced to assume command over the partisans. Calling himself Fox, Troska orders all guerillas in the area to return fire on the attackers.

TD chimes back in again over the radio and cryptically informs Troska of more Soviet reinforcements en-route to the camp. Though he's unconvinced of TD's reliability, Troska is reassured by Geronimo that TD's information was genuine, and that he had helped them numerous times in the past.

With TD's advance warning, Troska is able to set up defensive fortifications in time against the incoming tanks. They are able to destroy all of the reinforcements, but are forced to scatter now that their forward camp had been discovered. Geronimo sent a truck to pick up Troska and the remaining fighters, and pulled back to another camp further north. Several other fighters opted to split up into smaller cells to the northeast and south to establish additional camps.

Commander Troska addresses the assembled partisans.

« They came - those who had to. Those who couldn't stand any other kind of life. But we were few, against such an enemy.

Having regrouped at this new camp, Troska officially assumed command over the partisan group and began to make plans to retake the initiative. But as they stood, the guerillas lacked the firepower to tackle the Soviets properly. Their first priority was to obtain more supplies and heavier weaponry to bolster their firepower.

To that end, Troska arranged for the partisans to ambush a Soviet supply convoy that regularly travelled through the valleys of the Mokroposy hills to a nearby depot. While Geronimo and his team reconnoitred the convoy's progress through the valley, Troska and his primary team set up positions for ambush. The convoy is caught by complete surprise, and Troska's men destroy the escorting vehicles while leaving the two trucks intact.

« Good afternoon, gentlemen. It's me again, your little Tasmanian Devil! The Russians are going crazy, looks like you've really lit a fire up Guba's ass. Oh, and you may like to know that they're sending you some tanks; as a token of their appreciation.
Tasmanian Devil alerts the partisans of incoming reinforcements

Before they could make a getaway with their stolen hardware, TD chimes in again and informs Troska of Soviet reinforcements rushing toward them from the nearby base. Troska cancels the retreat and decides to make a stand. They regroup and ambush the incoming tanks and after a brief struggle, succeed in destroying all the vehicles. They make a quick getaway with their salvage into the forests.

Now that the partisans were armed with actual weaponry, they could conduct their first offensive operation against the Soviets. The next morning, Troska announced that they were going to strike at a Soviet armoured vehicle depot near the village of Trosky. Scouts reported that their crews were "celebrating" in the castle ruins, and their recently-repaired vehicles (including an advanced heavy tank) were ripe for the taking.

Enlisting a small squad of fighters, Troska assaulted the castle ruins and eliminated the vehicle crews before they could respond to the attack. They then attacked the base itself, whose defenders were still confused from the initial ambush. With all Soviets cleared from the base, the partisans quickly refuelled and rearmed the empty tanks.

TD reports in again that the Soviets were sending more tanks to retake Trosky. This time however, the partisans were well-equipped to deal with the incoming mechanised reinforcements. They set up positions to the south and annihilated the Soviet forces. Returning to the base, the partisans salvaged what equipment they could before retreating back into the forests.

After the success at Trosky, the partisans regroup for a meeting to discuss their next course of action.

« Partisan Officer 1: There are other options, but it's obvious. We've got tanks, men, guns - we should attack now and get rid of the Soviets once and for all!
Partisan Officer 2: The question is, where to launch the first assault? Lipany, the capital?
Troska: Or maybe we should just go right ahead and take Moscow. Have done with it.
Partisan Officer 1: Moscow?? I don't understand...
Troska: Yeah, I noticed. Look, if we take these junkheaps anywhere near the town or airport, we'll survive maybe thirty seconds. You're talking like we're an army. We're just a bunch of guys on a run of luck.
The partisans debate on their next plan of action

The partisans regroup for a meeting the next day and consider their options. Most of the officers think they have enough firepower to attack the main cities directly, but Troska rebukes their ideas, explaining that they still did not have enough men or tanks to fight the Soviets head on. Instead, he updates the gathered officers of his intent to strike the town of Modrava to the west. Modrava had an improvised base set up and was fairly isolated from the rest of the Soviet garrison. In addition, it housed a significant cache of weapons and munitions that the partisans could use.

To commence the attack, they struck at an outpost the Soviets had set up east of Bludov. When the outpost was overrun by the partisans, then proceeded west towards Modrava itself. Troska knew the enemy troops were garrisoned deep within the town and would take heavy losses if they cleared it house-by-house.

« Grenade team, this is Fox. Let's warm these guys up a bit. Give 'em all you've got!
Troska calls in a "mortar" strike

Instead, Troska set up a plan so that the tanks would be used as a distraction to lure them out into the open. When the Soviet troops rushed forward to deal with the armour, Troska gave the signal to a squad of partisan grenadiers who were standing by, ready to fire their rifle grenades as improvised mortars. The rattled defenders are caught in the trap and are completely wiped out, with the tanks proceeding to mop up the remaining survivors.

Nogovans begin to rebel against the occupation.

« I expected it to fire people up, to fan the flames of resistance. And that's exactly what it did.

Modrava's seizure hailed the partisan group's first real victory over the Soviets. Against all odds, they had liberated a town with greater numbers than they had while incurring minimal losses. Better yet, the victory had also achieved an unintended (but welcome) side effect; Nogovans all across the island were beginning to rise up, stirred by news of the victory.

Many villagers throughout the country secretly began supporting the resistance with information and supplies, and the partisans' ranks were swelling with new recruits as well. Those who had weapons even banded together to join the fight directly.

The defeat at Modrava had greatly infuriated Guba, who at this point had largely disregarded the partisans as nothing more than a minor threat. To answer their impertinent acts of defiance, he dispatched almost a regiment of tanks four days later to take Modrava through any means necessary.

Once again, Troska quickly assembled his men to take up positions overlooking the forests to the south. When the Soviet tanks rolled past their positions, the partisans pummelled them with rockets and tank cannon fire. Those that managed to get past the first defensive line ran into the second defensive line where even more rockets and anti-tank mines awaited them. An hour after the attack began, the Soviet attack force sent to retake Modrava was turned into nothing more than a burning scrapyard; to the delight of the the partisans.

A few days later, Troska attempted to find out what Guba had in store for the partisans and to more importantly, send him a message that victory over the partisans was not possible. Troska had gotten word that a officer was passing through a road that was considered guerilla-controlled territory. Setting up a "roadblock" at one of the villages along the way, the officer was quickly surrounded and restrained to be taken back to a nearby encampment.

The captured Soviet officer refuses to give away anything about Guba's plans for the partisans.

« Soviet Officer: Surrender! Give up your weapons and go back to your homes. Or I will have you all shot!
Troska: Big words, little man! We're much stronger than you think. Now, we're asking you, for the last time, to leave this land. Immediately. You don't understand our people or our country - so go home. Take the message to Guba. This is our last warning.
Troska "allows" the captured officer to return with a message for Col. Guba

The recalcitrant officer refuses to divulge any information regarding Guba's plans, but Troska allows him to return regardless, telling him to redirect his threat to Guba.

Unsurprisingly, Guba resorted to using treacherous tactics in order to lower the morale of the partisans. The Soviets deployed death squads to "seize" villages throughout the countryside. They rounded up their villagers and began to interrogate them for information on the guerillas. Threatened with the lives of their family members, some of the villagers were coerced into giving away details on the partisans.

A villager from Velká Ves calls for help from Troska's partisans.

One such village that underwent this "treatment" was Velká Ves. The small farming community was being brutally oppressed by a platoon of Soviets who had already executed a few of the farmers in retaliation. A villager that managed to escape fled to the hills in search of the guerilla encampment and appealed to Troska to help free them. Troska immediately mobilised a team of fighters and rushed to Velká Ves' aid. They managed to get there in time and prevented the remaining villagers from being executed, quickly bringing back the remaining villagers to the safety of their encampment.

Scouts then reported that the Soviets were deploying reinforcements from their base at Blata, and that the base was also the source of the death squads which terrorised the region. Troska regrouped his men for the counterattack and managed to wipe them out. Following their defeat, they advanced onto the base itself and razed it to the ground.

« A rainy night, after a rainy day. Around midnight, the only things that kept us warm was the news coming in of Malden...

By now however, the eyes of the West and NATO were beginning to focus on the Soviet occupation. The United States, though reluctant to actually commit deploying troops to Nogova, secretly planned to aid the partisans.

Having been contacted by agents from the U.S. government, Troska was informed that a representative would soon be arriving to meet with the guerilla leader to discuss their needs. Later that night (and to Troska's surprise), the representative finally shows up turns out to be U.S. special forces operative Major James Gastovski; an old friend of Troska's that he knew during Troska's tenure with the British SF.

Troska reunites with his old friend.

« I requested the mission as soon as I found out what was going on. Not surprised to see you in charge here.
Maj. Gastovski

Gastovski soon introduces himself and his fellow team mate, Will. Putting aside their reunion for the first time in decades, the begin discussing assistance that Gastovski could provide. Though he was forbidden from getting overtly involved, he was authorised to arrange covert arms shipments for the partisans and assist in reconnaissance; all through plausibly deniable means of course.

The next day, Troska was informed by a scout that Soviet officers were spotted converging at a farmhouse not too far from their current encampment. Wanting to find out more about the enemy's movements, Troska decided to halt their planned offensive later that day and infiltrated the farm alone.

Troska overhears the meeting at the farmhouse.

He manages to sneak in and eavesdrops on the meeting between the Soviet officers. Troska discovers that they were planning to ship a supply convoy to a base north of the city of Mirov. Having overheard the exact time and route that the convoy was going to depart, Troska decided to change their current plan; they were going to intercept then convoy and then seize the base itself.

Clearing the outpost (a chateau) which was being used by the Soviets inside Mirov, they proceeded to hit the base itself once their forces were in position. Following a fierce firefight involving multiple IFVs and tanks, the base finally fell to the partisans.

Partisan scouts reported that Soviet reinforcements were racing to retake the base however, so Troska quickly reassigned his men to fortify the base as best they could. Anti-tank mines placed on the roads into Mirov stopped a few vehicles, but the rest of the Soviets continued their assault.

« What the hell's this!? They've got gunships! We can't fight gunships!
Troska's horror at the sight of the Soviet helicopters

Though their ground forces were forced into a halt, what came next caught Troska and the partisans by complete surprise. Over the horizon, a squadron of Soviet attack helicopters and heavy gunships homed in onto the base and began opening fire on the guerillas. Unable to retaliate against the immense firepower, Troska could do little but give the order to abandon the base. Everyone quickly fell back into the woods while the Soviet helicopters relentlessly pursued down the guerillas.

The partisans turn on each other.

« That's it! I quit! Going up against those gunships, it's madness! What's next, nukes!?
The partisans begin to lose hope after the defeat at Mirov

Having incurred heavy losses in the retreat and their first defeat on the battlefield, the dejected guerillas begin to bicker amongst each other. Unit morale begins to break down as the partisans begin to consider surrendering to the Soviets. In the heat of the moment, two disenfranchised rebels turn their guns on another partisan and accidentally misfire their weapons.

The setback at Mirov, while costly, did not spell the end of the partisans however. Gastovski's promise to deliver aid finally came through, and the first shipment was scheduled to arrive under the cover of darkness days later. Troska personally led a team to rendezvous with the shipment, but come under fire from an errant Soviet squad that had presumably gotten word of the delivery. Troska's men manage to repel the attackers, and successfully deliver their contraband back to the main encampment.

Two days later, the partisans regrouped for another attack; this time against a Soviet helicopter base deep within the Nogovan desert. Striking once again under the cover of darkness, Troska's men infiltrated the base and sabotaged its facilities. Confused by the sudden attack, the Soviet pilots and their logistical crew were swiftly cut down along with their helicopters.

The Soviets begin to lose ground all over Nogova.

« The Soviets finally realised they couldn't win.

Better yet, Gastovski's team had full assembled and were now actively contributing to the fight. While Troska's men launched ambushes and raids on military bases all across the island, Gastovski's men assassinated Soviet leaders and crippled their logistics.

Though they were winning many battles, TD returns back with good and bad news for Troska. Guba, apparently in an act of desperation, was willing to negotiate with Troska to arrange a ceasefire with the partisans. In exchange, Guba would be "happy" to release a number of captured rebels and their supporters. He made sure that one specific name was to be relayed to Troska: Dolina.

Knowing full well what that specific name meant to him, Troska immediately agreed with Guba's conditions and agreed to meet the Colonel personally. Though he and his men all knew it was an obvious trap, Troska couldn't bring himself to allowing any harm to befall Dolina's villagers. He was forced to decide on what mattered more; Nogova's liberation or giving in to Guba to save Liz.

« I know, but... I don't have any other choice. They have hostages, from Dolina. They made a point of telling me! I'm afraid they could... They might know about Liz...
Troska is forced to make another hard choice

Gastovski tries to convince Troska to not go, but gives in to his old friend's wish. On the sidelines however, the partisans weren't going to allow their leader to be taken so easily. Gastovski and Geronimo arranged for men to be on the lookout for any potential treachery from Guba.

Arriving at the site of the meeting, Guba cordially greets the partisan leader and suggests they begin talking about his proposed ceasefire. Troska on the other hand, demanded that Guba free the hostages first. In reality, Guba had no intention of surrendering the hostages and true to Gastovski's suspicions, was planning to assassinate Troska.

Troska sees Liz for one last time.

Timely intervention by his men and the scattered guerillas foils his plan, though Guba managed to flee in the chaos before he could be apprehended. But to Troska's horror, he discovers Liz's corpse was lying flat on the ground nearby. Caught up in the crossfire between the two sides, Troska begins to lament over her death, with Gastovski and Geronimo wondering if Troska still had any willpower to continue leading the partisans.

« Who said anything about giving up? Get your weapons, we're going to kick these bastards off our island. Let's finish this!
With Liz's death, the fight against the occupation becomes personal for Troska

Troska defies their expectations once again however, and resolves to push even harder against the Soviets. Knowing that the Soviets used an important bridge that connected the eastern and western sides of the island, their priority was to demolish it in order to further sabotage Soviet logistics. Striking out from the village of Neveklov, they eliminated the defenders on both sides and quickly seized of the bridge before destroying it with satchel charges.

Split off on both sides, the Soviets were now forced to divert their supply convoys through the dangerous, guerilla-held mountain passes in the northeast. Troska intercepts several heavily-armed convoy and prevents the Soviets from getting through to their port in the northwest.

On the way back to Dolina to regroup, TD urgently reports back that Guba was he was currently in the capital Lipany, which had been turned into one of the three Soviet garrisons left on the island. TD also begins to tell Troska that Guba was plotting something sinister for the partisans but before he could reveal more details, Soviet soldiers break into his hiding location and gun down the informant.

Though partisan losses were minimal, the cost in civilian lives during the operation to liberate Lipany was significant.

Unsure of what Guba was contriving this time, Troska nonetheless went ahead with a plan to liberate Lipany. Mobilising much of their heavy armour assets (which had been considerably bolstered) and with Gastovski's men standing by, Troska commenced a major offensive against the capital city.

After hours of brutal house-to-house fighting and both sides incurring losses by the minute, both of the defensive lines surrounding Lipany were overwhelmed. Guba himself however, was nowhere to be seen.

The next and second last target to fall was Petrovice. This time, Troska mobilised all of the partisan's armour and men to take the city. Two days later, the entirety of the partisans assembled on the outskirts of the Petrovice and prepared an all-out attack. When they were ready to attack, Gastovski's team once again sprung into action and sabotaged Soviet communications, preventing the defenders from calling for support.

Normality returns to Petrovice following its liberation.

« So this is victory, Geronimo...

Despite its heavy defences, Petrovice also fell to the guerillas after several more hours of fierce fighting between the two sides. Once again, Guba was nowhere to be seen, with Troska suspecting that he had retreated to the main airport in the desert; the only remaining base that the Soviets still held onto.

As predicted, Guba was indeed holed up at the airport where his remaining forces were actually planning to make a full retreat. Appalled at the inability of his supposedly elite Red Army troops to stop what he considered a mere band of peasants, Guba expressed his outrage over their continued transgressions and vowed retribution.

To that end, he arranged for a squadron of bombers to be flown in from Kolgujev to "cover" his retreat. In reality, the bombers were going to be used to carpet bomb the entire island into oblivion. Simply put: if he couldn't win, then Troska wouldn't be allowed to either.

« Gastovski: Victor, we've got a problem.
Troska: Of course we have...
Gastovski's worst fears are confirmed

Fortunately for the partisans, Gastovski's team manages to intercept Guba's orders over the radio and report back his findings to Troska. Gastovski personally reconnoitres the airport and confirms the presence of the bombers. Reporting back to NATO command, he attempts to convince General Williams to send support from the airbase at Malden to stop Guba's plan.

The General was unwilling to follow through however, as the risk of confrontation that could escalate rapidly was simply too high. Rather, Williams "promised" to send a letter of protest to the Soviet Embassy instead.

With support from NATO firmly ruled out, Gastovski volunteered to attack the base with his own team instead. They are unable to bypass the airport's heavy defences however, and are almost killed in the attempt. A heavily injured Gastovski rushes back to the guerilla encampment and hands Troska the explosive charges, entrusting the task of stopping Guba's plan to him.

Troska mobilised whatever was left from the assault on Petrovice and sent all the partisans to take the airport through any means necessary. The partisans' tanks, supported by friendly troops, split up and charged in from the north and southeast while Troska went by himself towards the central section of the airport.

Troska infiltrates the airport alone and cripples Guba's bomber fleet.

But the opposition from the defenders was stronger than expected, and both units are revealed to be outnumbered. They are even cut off while attempting to retreat and get completely annihilated by the Soviets.

Left with no support, it fell down to Troska alone to get the job done. In a blaze of glory, Troska infiltrated the runway and destroyed every single parked bomber with Gastovski's charges. A horrified Guba soon arrives onto the scene and orders his remaining forces to hunt down the guerilla leader.

Surrounded on all sides, Troska prepares to meet his fate.

Though he had fled a substantial distance away from the airport, Troska was simply unable to outpace the Soviets and their tanks.

Guba triumphantly watched as Troska could do little but stare at his enemy's face, who was seemingly victorious despite the loss of his bombers. He ordered the entire force to open fire on Troska's position.

Elsewhere, the last of the partisans were holed up at their rudimentary camp on the outskirts of the airport. The Soviets were rapidly closing in onto their position, and they knew it would be impossible to stop them from overrunning their position. Just as all hope seemed lost, the guerillas are surprised to see a squadron of American helicopters halt the Soviets (literally) in their tracks. The confused survivors are overwhelmed by American airpower and surrender in droves to the partisans.

Troska was not amongst the guerillas that had returned from the airport, however. When asked about Troska's whereabouts, Gastovski could do little but remark sadly on the loss of his old friend.

« He took out the planes... he saved us, but some things are too much, even for a hero... Even for a hero, Geronimo.

As for Guba, the notorious Colonel had managed to escape in the confusion and returned to the Soviet Union. He had exacted revenge against Troska, but his humiliating defeat on Nogova was far from forgotten...


Invasion (21st August, 1982)

« After years of regime liberalization in Nogova, Vice-Premier Ostrovsky of the Nogova Communist party resigns and leaves for Moscow to meet with the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist party, Leonid Brezhnev. Result of this meeting is the dispatching of Soviet forces stationed on the nearby island of Kolguyev, to Nogova. Led by Col. Aleksei Guba, their official mission is to establish Socialist order and prevent the country from devolving into a capitalist regime of corruption and unemployment. »

The Soviet occupation begins in the early hours of the day following a full-scale invasion of the island. Victor Troska, having just taken a bus from Petrovice to the courthouse in Lipany, immediately rushes back to his home to evade the oppression from the Soviets.

Crossroad (22nd August, 1982)

« Resistance leaders fail to draft Victor Troska to their cause, but the next morning, wounded resistance fighters appear at Troska's home and hide in his barn. »

Newly formed Partisan leader Gabriel and his second-in-command Geronimo visit Troska later that night to convince him to join their cause. Still haunted by the previous revolution, Troska refuses to accept their offer. The next day, a guerilla fighter stumbles his way to Troska's house just. Troska refuses to hide the injured fighter, but Soviet soldiers soon turn up and demand Troska and his friends to hand over the guerilla. He is forced to retaliate against the Soviets, and flees into the woodlands to find the guerilla encampment.

No Turning Back (22nd August, 1982)

« Resistance camp is under Soviet attack and Guerrilla fighters are forced to retreat. »

Troska meets with the guerilla leader hours later, but Gabriel is killed by the Soviets when snipers ambush the camp. Troska is turned into the de-facto leader of the partisans and together they repel the Soviet attack successfully.

Ammo Low (22nd August, 1982)

« Victor Troska leads an ambush on a small supply convoy and steals as many weapons and as much ammo as possible. »

Relocating to another hidden camp in the north, the guerillas regroup and intercept a Soviet convoy passing through nearby. They later execute "Plan Kappa", repelling an attempted Soviet counterattack. The guerillas are victorious, and loot much needed weapons and equipment.

Scrap (23rd August, 1982)

« Small task force lead by Victor Troska attacks the tank base in Trosky. »

With their newfound heavy weapons and gear, Troska leads the guerillas on a raid against a Soviet vehicle depot on the outskirts of the town, Trosky. They succeed in eliminating the depot's defences, repel an airborne counterattack from the Soviets, and retrieve their salvaged tanks back to their camp in the mountains.

Field Exercise (24th August, 1982)

« With stolen vehicles, Resistance army attacks the city of Modrava. »

To make a point against the Soviets, Troska arranges for their first major offensive. Using a combination of their previously salvaged tanks and smart bombardment by rifle-launched grenades, they breach Soviet defences at Bludov and proceed to annihilate the defenders at their main base in Modrava. Their success at Modrava scores the guerillas their first major victory, and begins to stir the Nogovan population into resisting against the occupation.

First Strike (28th August, 1982)

« Large Soviet tank group is sent towards Modrava to crush the resistance. »

In an attempt to retake Modrava, the Soviets dispatch almost two companies worth of tanks to eliminate the partisans four days later. The guerillas ambush the convoy from a forest pass south of the town and in spite of the odds, manage to destroy all of the incoming tanks.

Hostages (2nd September, 1982)

« Victor Troska's infantry squad rescues civilian hostages in village of Velka Ves. »

A villager from the village of Velka Ves begs for help from the partisans; his fellow villagers were going to be executed if they refused to divulge information about the guerillas. Troska rushes to their aid with a few of his men and they manage to liberate the village, freeing the hostages and killing off their captors.

Information (3rd September, 1982)

« Major James Gastovski meets with Victor Troska at an undisclosed location on Nogova. »

Though publicly denying any involvement, the United States government covertly dispatches a team of operatives to assist the Nogvan Partisans. Troska is later informed by his scouts that a group of Soviet officers were meeting at a nearby farmhouse. He personally infiltrates the farm and eavesdrops on their plans to dispatch a supply convoy to a Soviet base north of the city of Mirov.

Occupation (4th September, 1982)

« Resistance fights launches attack against Soviet base in ruins north of the city of Mirov. »

Having overheard the exact time and route that the Soviets were taking, Troska leads an assault against the Soviet base near Mirov. They succeed in seizing the base and fight off enemy tanks sent to retake the base.

Counterattack (4th September, 1982)

« Resistance fighters defend the captured base. »

Though the ground counterattack was repelled, a swarm of Soviet gunships soon arrive and open fire on the guerillas. Completely overwhelmed and unable to retaliate, they are forced to abandon the base and fall back into the forests, suffering moderate casualties while retreating.

Contraband (6th September, 1982)

« The USA sends its first major weapon shipment to the Resistance. »

Despite the setback at Mirov, the partisans regrouped once more and prepared to receive the first of many arms shipments requested by Gastovski. Under the cover of darkness, Troska leads a small team of guerillas to meet with the Americans and load up their cargo. They are intercepted by the Soviets on the way back, but manage to annihilate the attackers and return to their camp intact.

Reckoning (8th September, 1982)

« Task force led by Victor Troska ambushes Soviet helicopter base. »

Having obtained a plentiful supply of SAM launchers from the Americans, Troska leads another raid against a Soviet airbase deep in the Nogovan desert. They manage to cripple the base's facilities and for good measure, destroy all of the gunships housed there before fleeing back to the village of Vidlakov. Overwhelmed by civilian and guerilla uprisings all over the island, the Soviets are forced into complete disarray as Guba begins to realise that victory over the once ragtag guerillas was no longer possible.

Fireworks (19th September, 1982)

« Resistance fighters attack a strategic bridge in central Nogova. »

Attempting to lure Troska with a known acquaintance of his, Guba fails to assassinate the partisan leader. As revenge, Troska vows to fight even harder against the occupation and days later, plans an attack against the MSR being used by the Soviets in central Nogova. Launching their attack from the village of Neveklov, they manage to seize the bridge before demolishing it with explosives.

The Pass (21st September, 1982)

« Resistance fighters attack a Soviet convoy in the northern mountain passes. »

Having lost their MSR to the guerillas, the Soviets are forced to re-route their supply convoys through dangerous, guerilla-held territories in order to reach a port in the northwest. Utilising the terrain to their advantage, Troska leads an ambush on multiple convoys before fading back into the forests. Tasmanian Devil attempts to tell Troska of a major plan by Guba, but is killed before he can reveal further details.

Hunting (22nd September, 1982)

« Resistance prepares to launch a major attack on the capital Lipany. »

Completely cutoff from their supplies and surrounded everywhere, the partisans commence a major offensive to liberate Nogova's capital city, Lipany. With the help of Gastovski's team, the guerillas manage to seize the city after hours of fierce fighting between the two sides and even repel a second counterattack from the Soviets.

Trap (24th September, 1982)

« Resistance prepares to attack the largest city on the island, Petrovice. »

Now that Lipany had fallen to the partisans, the Soviets were driven back to their two remaining strongholds on the island: Petrovice and the main airbase in the desert. After ambushing an isolated patrol of Soviet tanks, Troska disguises their own tanks as the destroyed "friendly" patrol, infiltrate Petrovice, and open fire on the confused defenders. A group of Soviet mechanised forces race to reinforce the ailing garrison but are also destroyed in the process.

Fire Fight (25th September, 1982)

« As a last resort, Col. Guba plans to level the whole island using his heavy bombers which arrived from nearby Kolgujev. Resistance fighters must put a stop to this. »

As a last resort, Guba attempts to retreat from the island with his remaining forces, but intends to raze the entirety of Nogova with relentless carpet bombing using reinforcements from nearby Kolgujev. Gastovski overhears the plans and tries to hail for U.S. support from Malden, but is denied help. Troska sends the entirety of the remaining partisans to attack the airport in an all-out assault, but take heavy losses and are forced to retreat. Troska personally infiltrates the airport and in spite of the odds, manages to destroy all of the jets before they can take off. Troska is eventually cornered by Guba while retreating and dies just as U.S. air support arrives to stop the Soviets from finishing off the guerillas. Guba manages to flee from Nogova and is never captured.


  • Although Resistance (the expansion pack) was released one year after Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, it is chronologically the very first campaign that marks the beginning of the series story-wise.
  • For Scrap, it is possible for Troska to infiltrate the base by himself (option A) and then call in support after eliminating the Soviets.
  • Resistance is the second campaign after Cold War Crisis to feature multiple bad "endings" that can be obtained at certain points in the campaign. Aside from the standard game overs caused by failing primary objectives, these two major routes are:
    • During the second mission Crossroad:
      • The player can opt to cooperate with the Soviets and betray the partisans instead. Doing so will lead to the Contact mission taking place, followed by a game over cutscene where Troska is executed by firing squad (the Soviets refuse to trust him due to his duplicity).
    • In the final mission Fire Fight:
      • Taking too long to destroy Guba's bombers during the final assault will cause them to take off and succeed in massacring the Nogovan population.
  • Resistance also marks the first campaign to feature weapon/equipment stockpiling that carries over multiple missions. This mechanic would not see a return to any future campaign in the series until the release of ArmA 2's Operation Black Gauntlet campaign (added in the Private Military Company DLC).
    • It was also the first campaign to prominently feature the mechanic of keeping team members alive across missions. The more casualties that the player took in one mission, the less they had for subsequent missions which could drastically increase the campaign's difficulty.

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