Resistance insignia

The Resistance were anti-government dissidents based in the northern provinces of the Kingdom of Sahrani.


Comprised of civilians and soldiers alike - predominately from the former North Sahrani and remnants of its armed forces, the Resistance are commanded by none other than Crown Prince Orlando, the rightful heir and first in the line of succession to the throne of the Kingdom. The group was formed in the months that followed the passing of King Joseph III and Orlando's supposed "death" in an aviation accident.

Under Orlando's leadership, members of the Resistance share a common goal of overthrowing the incumbent Queen Isabella - Orlando's sister. Her continued oppression of the northern provinces and persecution of opposition parties, has united the unlikely sides into joining together to liberate the nation.

Covertly, the Resistance are even backed by some members of the Queen's own cabinet such as her press secretary, Raoul Gonzales, who fed intelligence and updates on the activities of the Queen's forces.

Post-Royal Flush

With their commander's death and the disappearance of other crucial backers within the organisation, it remains doubtful if the Resistance will be able to continue their struggle against the Queen for much longer.

The Kingdom's iron grip over the northern provinces tightens with each passing day, with more members finding themselves incarcerated or "liquidated" by security forces...


The Resistance's woodland camouflage patterns (Armed Assault)

Members of the Resistance wear scavenged uniforms camouflaged in a mixture of woodland camouflage patterns. Whenever possible, olive-coloured body armour vests are worn alongside their uniforms, though most fighters lack access to combat helmets and merely don caps, wool hats and/or berets for headgear.

Due to their lack of a reliable supply chain, the Resistance's fighters do not have standardised equipment and utilise hardware sourced both from foreign arms smugglers and salvaged SLA stockpiles. Fighters mostly wield Russian-made weapons ranging from AK-74 assault rifles, RPG-7V rocket launchers and PKM medium machine guns.

Vehicular options are similarly limited due to the group's need to maintain a low profile from the prying eyes of the Queen's loyalists. As such, fighters rely on converted civilian vehicles such as Urals, UAZs and Pickup trucks to bypass security forces. If overt action is required, their vehicles may be retrofitted with improvised 12.7 mm heavy machine guns to provide fire support.


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* this sub-faction does not canonically exist within the main Armaverse timeline.
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