Richter was a minor character in ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Richter was a senior commander of the U.S. Army contingent operating in Livonia as part of NATO's Exercise Electron-39.

For the duration of the exercises, Richter was stationed at Camp Konrad, a forward outpost located in Livonia's semi-abandoned Nadbór region.

First Contact (2039)

On June 19th, a friendly fire incident involving a U.S. drone resulted in the deaths of seven Livonian soldiers.

In the wake of the incident, Richter was left responsible with coordinating the withdrawal of all U.S. forces out of the country when Electron-39 is cancelled at the behest of the Livonian government.

The hectic schedule resulted in Richter not sleeping for several days and even experiencing a heart attack on at least one occasion.


Two weeks later on July 3rd, Richter boarded a truck and headed off to complete a last minute errand when an unknown flying object suddenly begins hovering over the skies of Nadbór. Before anyone could respond, the seemingly alien craft discharges a high-power microwave (HPM) shockwave pulse that fries all electronic equipment in the region; Richter's pacemaker included.

Instantly going into cardiac arrest, Richter's truck crashes just off the road leading to Point Hopi from Camp Kresnik. By the time friendly troops were able reach the site, he was discovered slumped over the wheel of his truck and pronounced dead at the scene.


  • Richter's sole "appearance" in First Contact is his corpse inside a body bag, near the site where his HEMTT crashed.

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