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« The AAF and the FIA agree to a dialogue in the former capital, Kavala.
Mission Description

Rising Tensions is the fourth mission of ArmA 3's Prologue campaign.


The player controls Task Force Aegis peacekeeper Sergeant Conway. Leaders from both the FIA and AAF have agreed to a hold a summit to discuss a potential ceasefire.

They will be meeting in the old capital of Kavala at the Ministry of Defense. NATO peacekeepers, under the command of Colonel Andrew MacKinnon, will be overseeing the summit to ensure that both sides play by the books.

Conway's role/class:

  • Infantry / Team Leader

Default loadout:

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Locate the Convoy
  • (2) Secure the Convoy
  • (3) Treat the Soldier


  • (4) Follow the ROE


  • Conway must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Obey the Rules of Engagement and do not fire first unless fired upon
  • Do not leave the AO


Primary 1: Locate the Convoy

You will start off in a helicopter being flown to the AAF convoy's last known position. Disembark from the helicopter once you arrive at the LZ and follow Adams through the nearby grove.

Primary 2: Secure the Convoy

A standoff with a team of FIA insurgents will begin shortly after you move through the grove. There are three in total who are standing at the treeline south of your current position. Wait for Adams to give the all clear to engage (see optional objective below for reference), then sprint for cover behind one of the trees and return fire.

Peek out of the trees and aim carefully. Don't switch to full auto and fire in semi-automatic bursts of 1-2 rounds. The AI will mostly focus on your teammates so you (usually) won't have to worry about being targeted. If you get injured, remember to heal yourself with your own First Aid Kit.

After the first batch of insurgents are dealt with, wait for the rest of your fireteam to regroup and wait for Adams to move forward first. Three more insurgents are located down the valley next to the convoy. Once again, take cover near one of the trees and return fire.

Primary 3: Treat the Soldier

Heal the wounded AAF trooper slumped next to the truck. If you've already used your own FAK, Adams will provide another one. The mission will end shortly afterwards.

Optional 4: Follow the ROE

Do not fire on the FIA insurgents until they fire first. To not breach the ROE, wait until Adams gives you the signal to state that you are cleared to engage.

You will fail this objective if you accidentally (or choose) to attack them first.


  • Do not waste time "protecting" Adams. He and your two other teammates are invincible for gameplay purposes and cannot be killed.
  • Remember to switch your optics view to the riflescope rather than its top-mount reflex sight (Default hotkey: / on the numpad). This will allow you to visualise the insurgents from afar thanks to its magnified view.


  • Arma3-achievement-kia.png
    • This can be obtained by getting Conway killed by fire from the FIA insurgents.
    • Simply disregard Adams' orders and sprint directly towards the insurgents at the treeline. A burst of 5.56 mm bullets to the face will earn you this shiny merit badge.


  • This is the only mission in the entirety of ArmA 3's campaigns where the FIA's forces are explicitly depicted as a REDFOR faction. In all other instances they are always shown as BLUFOR.
    • This obviously excludes the INDFOR arms smugglers/bandit groups in the main campaign's optional Scouting missions (they are simply reused FIA units for gameplay purposes as storyline-wise, they are not actually FIA).
  • Although it is considered a violation of your ROE, you won't actually fail the mission if you prematurely open fire upon the FIA during the standoff (it will only result in the objective's failure, not the mission itself).
  • You can skip several parts of the ending dialogue in the final sequence by simply sprinting and identifying the wounded AAF trooper first. This also applies to the healing section as you can use your First Aid Kit on him before you're ordered to do so.
  • Somewhat amusingly, the AAF sniper team providing overwatch at the hospital are shown using the GM6 Lynx but reload from an ammunition container that stores 12.7×99 mm NATO rounds (.50 BMG). This would be incompatible with their rifle as it is chambered in 12.7×108 mm Russian which is not interchangeable with 12.7 mm NATO.

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