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« Latest news is that our guys have been kicked off the south of the island and the Russians are all over us. Not for long, though - the Hammer's gonna nail those Commie sons of bitches!
Robert Hammer

Robert Hammer is a main character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's Cold War Crisis campaign.


A former junior officer in the U.S. Army, Hammer was a member of NATO's training garrison based on the island nation of Malden, deployed as part of NATO's ongoing efforts in maintaining a presence throughout the Everon islands group.

Initially an infantry officer, Hammer dreamed of being a tank commander instead and eventually transferred to an armoured unit where he began his training.

He went by the radio callsign of Yankee during his time in the military. Currently, he serves as a member of the United States Senate.

Cold War Crisis (1985)

Hammer was present on Malden when Everon was invaded by unknown forces. NATO dispatched most of the available troops on Malden in response, but Hammer's unit did not participate as they were still undergoing training at their camp in La Trinité.

As NATO forces were pushed off of Everon, Malden itself eventually turned into a warzone when the unknown forces invaded the island. Hammer had heard rumours that the invaders were in fact Soviet soldiers, with his commander pointing out that the invaders were using Russian weapons and tanks.

« Hammer: Lieutenant Hammer reporting for duty, sir.
Sutherland: Lieutenant Hammer. Your reputation precedes you. I hope you managed to get here without demolishing too much en route.
Now, I'll be with you on this exercise, but, God help me, you're the Commander. We'll see how you get on with some basic tactics.
Hammer is mobilised for the first time

However, there was no time to contemplate the rumours. Hammer's unit is suddenly called into action when Colonel Blake, the commander of the NATO force on Malden, desperately mobilises all available troops into combat to fight off the invaders. He would soon face his first trial by fire on the battlefield against a powerful enemy.

While reporting for duty, Hammer nearly runs over Major Sutherland - his own commanding officer, and knocks over several objects in the camp. However, the angry Major refrained from punishing him as they needed every crewman they could find.

Assigned to a tank platoon callsigned Yankee, Hammer was ordered to drive to another camp at Houdan, where he was to be complete his training as a tank commander with both his training officers acting as the gunner and driver, respectively.

« I know you're not a "total" screw-up, Hammer. And now's the time to prove it.

Despite their doubts, Hammer performed well for once and was immediately called to defend against a Soviet attack to the south near the city of Houdan, which was under attack by the invaders. After fending off a second assault following the initial counteroffensive at the village of Dourdan, Hammer's unit is ordered to attack the heavily-fortified Lolisse border zone where scores of Soviet tanks awaited.

The attack was aborted however, as it became clear that Hammer's unit stood no chance of breaking through the impenetrable valley pass without being decimated in the process. Later that night, a special forces team led by James Gastovski, managed to sabotage most of the Soviet tanks in a raid, clearing the way for Hammer's unit to easily take the valley later that day.

« Ah, the M1 Abrams. I've dreamed of this since I got here - the Russians have got nothing to match this baby. And now I've got command of one. Sweet.

Intel places a whole bunch of Soviets en route to this town, but Mr Abrams here should give 'em a run for their rubles.

Look out, Ivan. There's a new sheriff in town.
Hammer is unable to contain his excitement over finally being able to command the M1A1

With the invaders now on the run after repelling their advance upon Chapoi, Hammer's unit took part in another counterattack against La Riviere to finally push the unknown forces off the island. During this time, he had been authorised to use the latest, state-of-the-art M1A1 heavy tank - much to his delight, of course.

Though NATO had driven back the attackers (now revealed to be rogue Red Army troops led by General Aleksei Guba), Everon was still under Soviet occupation. Blake regrouped Hammer's unit and prepared to ship them over to the island in preparation for a major assault to retake Everon.

While Gastovski's team sabotaged numerous Soviet fortifications around Everon's coast, other forces such as infantry units led by Lieutenant David Armstrong, landed on the northern end of the island to secure vital points for NATO's heavy armour to be brought in.

« Papa Bear, this is Yankee. We're in sight of Montignac, and ready to crash the party.

Having proven himself in combat, Hammer was finally given command of his own unit and became the leader of Yankee. Starting off from Orion Base (the now-secured airport), Yankee thundered southward towards the town of Montignac. The route along the way had been heavily fortified by the Soviets, but Hammer's unit successfully broke through their lines and with the help of other tank platoons, liberated the town.

Six days later, Yankee regrouped for another major offensive into central Everon, this time against the village of Levie to the north of their current resupply camp. Hammer's unit blitzed through the defenders at the village and cleared the way for infantry units to hold it. They then attacked a nearby Soviet base and razed it to the ground.

Thanks to the efforts of Hammer's unit, ground troops supported by helicopters led by Captain Sam Nichols, are able to launch an assault on the Soviet headquarters at Saint Pierre and retake the rest of Everon later that day.

Post-Cold War Crisis

The capture of General Guba and destruction of his secret weapons by Gastovski's team would eventually result in a decisive end to the crisis on Everon.

« Hey Jimmy, nice to see you.
Hammer and Gastovski reunite for the first time in six years post-flashpoint

Six years later, Hammer was contacted by his old friend Gastovski. Along with Armstrong and Nichols, the four men agreed to reunite on Everon for drinks and small talk. Hammer flew to Everon where the veterans met and shared what they did in the years that followed at a local pub.

Between this period, Hammer had decided to retire into civilian life, was discharged from the military, and went into politics. More than forty four years later in 2035, Hammer - now a U.S. senator, participated in the 50th annual commemoration of the Malden Islands Crisis, honouring the memory of American soldiers killed in the conflict.

Personality and Appearance

Hammer was a young African-American male with a mostly shaved, black head of hair. He donned the standard attire of an armoured vehicle crewman that consisted of olive drab green overalls, a black tactical vest, and a CVC-T56 helmet. As a civilian however, he preferred wearing a white suit with matching pants instead.

Though young and inexperienced, Hammer was always eager to prove himself. At first, Hammer struggled to learn the basics of manoeuvring, specifically how to drive his tank. He developed a reputation for running into or over things during training that irritated his superiors; especially Maj. Sutherland.

Despite this however, Hammer was very confident in himself and his abilities, fully believing that he could rise to the challenge. As evidence of this, he would often write in his journals about how he would "bring down the Hammer" upon America's enemies.


  • Hammer was particularly fond of his M1A1 tank and affectionately referred to it as "Mister" Abrams.
  • He is the sole character from Cold War Assault that is directly mentioned by name in ArmA 3 (albeit briefly on a news ticker only).


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