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Roberts was a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


Roberts was a member of the Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), a multi-national NATO black ops unit. He was subordinate to Lieutenant James of Group 14 and served as a medic, operating under the radio callsign of Ice-4.

For the duration of Group 14's operation on the Republic of Altis and Stratis, he supported the local resistance movement against the CSAT-backed regime of Georgious Akhanteros. In reality, Group 14's primary objective was to retrieve a CSAT weapon of mass destruction known only by its codename of "Project Eastwind".

The East Wind (2035)

On July 7th, 2035, Lt. James and Group 14's commander, Captain Scott Miller, took a small group of operatives with them and boarded a helicopter bound for the smaller island of Stratis. While they were gone, Sergeant Radcliffe would be left in charge of Roberts and the others who stayed behind on the mainland of Altis.

Two days later, the team returned to the mainland and they resumed their search for Eastwind. Over the course of the next three weeks, Roberts continued to support the guerillas in multiple raids, assassinations and extraction of a government defector who held information on a location of the FIA's arms smuggler.

As August came around, Group 14 was finally able to track down the hidden research facility where Eastwind was being developed. However, the team also realised that the facility was too well-guarded. Any attempt at making an attack now would be fruitless at best and suicidal at worst. For now, They would have to wait and observe the facility until the right opportunity.


However, a U.S.-led NATO invasion force was looming on the horizon and they would eventually arrive on the evening of August 8th, overrunning the entirety of the island's western region. Miller's disinformation helped to delay the initial wave of invaders but time was running critically short: Eastwind was on the move and its guards were preparing to ship the device out of the country. With NATO forces closing in from the west, Group 14 had no choice other than to act now.

Personally led by Lt. James, Roberts joined the assault on the facility. But as anticipated, the assault failed and most of Group 14 were cut down in the attack. Roberts was killed after being shot multiple times while breaching the main entrance.

Personality and Appearance

A black male, Roberts had a bald head brown hair and a faint moustache. Whilst posing as a UKSF operative, he wore an undershirt with Arid Dazzle pants, red-tinted shades and a snakeskin-camouflaged plate carrier vest fitted with a subdued Union Jack flag.

When working closely with the FIA, he swapped his military attire to match that of a guerilla medic - comprising of a dark blue poloshirt with cargo pants and a woodland camouflaged tactical vest. Regardless of cover, Roberts never wore helmets and preferred a simple olive green baseball-style cap for headwear.


  • Excluding O'Connor (who didn't exist prior to the release of the Marksmen DLC/Apex expansion), Roberts is the sole member of Group 14 who isn't present at any of the FIA encampments outside of story missions.
  • Strangely when Roberts does appear in Briefings he never wears his personal kit, unlike the rest of his team.


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