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Rouvin Carras is a main character in ArmA 3's Beyond Hope mini-campaign.


A senior officer in the Loyalists, Carras served as the commander of Hoplite and was directly subordinate to Hektor Anastas.

Beyond Hope (2026)

May 2026. Led by rogue officers in the armed forces, a coup d'etat in the capital of Kavala brings about the downfall of the civilian government.

Appalled by their actions, Carras immediately joined the Loyalists, a faction opposed to the illegitimate regime of Colonel Georgious Akhanteros. Within weeks of the civil war kicking off, he quickly rises through the ranks and becomes the leader of Hoplite.

Under the command of Hektor Anastas, Carras built up a reputation for being quite resourceful, having managed to obtain several Gorgon IFVs for the Loyalist cause. He worked closely alongside Loukas Thanos, another Loyalist who joined for the same reasons as he did.

However, Carras was also forced to work alongside a defector from the AAF, Kael Mavros, as well as Colour Sergeant James and his fellow British special forces team. Lacking a reliable supply chain of their own, the Loyalists needed the support provided by the British to continue to their fight against Akhanteros' forces.

Carras knew better, and saw their "support" as nothing more than the British government's thinly-veiled attempt of reasserting dominance over its former colony. As a result, he constantly traded barbs with James and his men, only to find himself silenced by Anastas on every occasion.

Following the six day ceasefire arranged by the international community, Carras and the other officers under Anastas' command were based at a small outpost near the town of Orino. They were to observe the movements of the AAF and watch for any signs of treachery from the insurgents. However soon after, an isolated patrol by the callsign of Spartan failed to check in. Anastas assigned Mavros' team with the task of verifying their status, while Carras and Thanos were ordered to ready up to attack; based on the AAF's movements, it was highly likely that the insurgents had violated the ceasefire.

« Thanos: You heard those shots! Sounded like a fire-fight to me...
Carras: How do you know, Thanos? Maybe they're just showing a militia how to shoot straight. Georgiou's been late before and the rebels... I mean. Maybe they're just showing a militia how to shoot straight.
James: In this fog? Unlikely.
Carras: Nobody asked you, Sergeant... we're not your island any -
Carras angrily rebukes Sgt. James' unwanted opinion

Their suspicions were proven when Mavros stumbles into what was left of Spartan. A surviving member confirmed that the AAF had opened fire on their patrol first, and that the ceasefire was well and truly over. After Mavros finished off a mortar battery and a nearby outpost, Anastas signalled the green light for Hoplite to commence its ground assault.

After fighting through the streets of Orino, Carras' men were able to seize the town for the Loyalist cause. However, AAF reinforcements were now inbound from the north, forcing Carras' men to quickly fortify the town and brace for the counterattack. Though they took some losses, Hoplite once again came out ahead thanks to the support of both Thanos and Mavros.

The next day, Anastas' command relocated to the outskirts of Galati, a mountain village that was at present time under AAF control. Humanitarian aid was deliberately being withheld by the insurgents from getting through to the village of Abdera. The villagers were being persecuted due to their perceived support for the Loyalists.

Carras would once again be taking charge of the ground assault. This time, they would be backed by Sgt. James' team of snipers while Thanos would again be using his IFVs to provide fire support. Carras had also gotten word of Mavros' rescue of Spartan's captured survivors, and was beginning to grow fond of defector's skills. Seeing as how Mavros hadn't been assigned to any of teams, he offered Mavros the opportunity to join Hoplite for the assault.

« Hey! Mavros! Heard you rescued some of the guys. Join up with us, we need to make up our numbers after Orino.
Carras invites Mavros to Hoplite

Shortly afterwards, Anastas greenlit the attack and the Battle for Galati commenced in full swing. The defenders were dug in deep, but Carras' men succeeded in breaking through their defences and managed to secure the convoy from an attempted counterattacking force from Syrta.

When the last of the defenders finally fell, the battle ended in a total victory for the Loyalists. Carras' men proceeded to sweep through the buildings and finished off any stragglers.


In spite of the victories at Orino and Galati, both battles were merely the start of a drawn-out five year war that would only end in 2030 with the ratification of the Jerusalem Cease Fire agreement. Having suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Akhanteros' insurgent army, the Loyalists' ranks had been greatly depleted by then. They had become nothing more than a shadow of what was once a powerful fighting force.

Ultimately, it's unclear as to what becomes of Carras following the end of the civil war.

Personality and Appearance

Carras was an Altian male with a light beard and dark reddish-brown hair. He wore a dark mud brown hunter's jacket with worn-out jeans and an olive green shemagh wrapped around his neck. For headwear, Carras opted to only wear a simple watchcap with a compact headset.

« Carras Thanos... how's that Gorgon working out for you?
Thanos: Finished them repairs... But those tires you shot out - it's not easy to replace them.
Carras: Huh, well. Tell you what. Next time you want a twenty-two ton killing machine, go and ask someone else.
Banter with Thanos

Despite sharing a professional partnership with his comrades, he and Thanos generally have stilted conversations with Mavros. Still mistrustful of the latter due to his former affiliation with the AAF, their cordial relationship was borne purely out of necessity. As they continued to fight alongside each other however, his opinion slowly began to change for the better, particularly after Mavros rescued Spartan's men.

However, Carras does not extend such courtesies towards the British and especially holds a grudge against Sgt. James, seeing him and his team as an unsightly blight amongst the Loyalists. For the most part, James ignored Carras, which only further propelled his dislike of the British.


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