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« The S&W revolver was designed for the ever popular .357 Magnum cartridge, chambered to use a six shot cylinder. S&W has been produced in a variety of forms, and is popular as a hunting and competitve shooting weapon.
Weapon Description

S&W .357
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png United States
Type Handgun
Calibre .357
Dispersion 0.004 rad
Variants None
The S&W .357 revolver.

The S&W is a .357 handgun used exclusively by U.S. military pilots in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


The S&W is a double-action revolver chambered to fire the .357 round.

It loads from 6-round cylinders and can attain a fire rate of only 200 rounds per minute. The S&W retains a muzzle velocity of 380 m/s and has an effective range of up to 100 metres.

The S&W is the primary sidearm of U.S. helicopter pilots. It is the most powerful handgun in Cold War Assault, with a single hit to the chest being more than sufficient to outright kill the target. It is also one of the most accurate sidearms and rivals the 92F while retaining greater stopping power.

U.S. helicopter pilot with an S&W.

For all of its strengths however, the S&W also has two major flaws, one being its fire rate which - because of its double-action operation - results in there always being a small delay before the round actually leaves the chamber. This is what causes the S&W to have its notoriously slow rate of fire.

The second is its pitiful ammunition capacity. Since the S&W can only load from six-round cylinders, the user will be forced to reload frequently. Combined with its arduously slow fire rate, this renders the S&W virtually useless compared to other sidearms in close quarters, as missing even a single shot can result in disastrous consequences.


Base damage value Initial velocity (m/s)
11 380

The S&W is restricted to loading only one type of "magazine". It requires one free inventory slot to carry:

S&W Mag.

6-round cylinder loaded with .357 ammunition.


  • The S&W is directly based on the "Model 686" revolver designed by U.S.-based arms company Smith & Wesson of Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Along with all other handguns, the S&W was not actually included as part of the default set of weapons that could be used in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (the initial release name of Cold War Assault). It was only added with the Resistance expansion pack, but was never implemented into any of the official missions as a usable weapon.
  • The S&W is the only revolver available for use in Cold War Assault.


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