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S.O.G. Prairie Fire is a premium DLC made for ArmA 3's Creator DLC programme. It was released on May 6th, 2021.


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« Get ready to experience the brutal intensity of the Vietnam War on a monumental scale. Developed with the help of US veterans and Vietnamese advisors, S.O.G. Prairie Fire immerses you deep within enemy territory as a member of covert special ops unit MACV-SOG and delivers an Arma 3 sandbox experience you won’t forget.

Charge into battle with a wide range of historically accurate weapons and vehicles. Explore the steamy jungles and sprawling landscapes of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Run recon missions in a thrilling new co-op campaign and wage all-out war in new multiplayer and singleplayer scenarios.

Featuring the authentic combat, full-spectrum battlefield, and powerful scenario editor Arma 3 is renowned for, players can now experience the full scope of the Vietnam War on their own, with friends, or with one of the thousands of Arma community groups located around the world.
Official DLC Description

Set at the height of the Vietnam War, S.O.G. Prairie Fire has players charging into battle with a wide range of historically accurate firearms along with both ground and air vehicles. Accompanying the sandbox assets are a variety of playable missions in the DLC's titular co-op campaign and several multiplayer/singleplayer scenarios.

This Creator DLC also includes two terrains: Cam Lao Nam and Khe Sanh. Cam Lao Nam is a "compacted" terrain that includes parts of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It features over 300 km² of tropical jungle, heavily built up towns, isolated villages and farmland, mixed in with military bases and winding rivers.

Khe Sanh on the other hand, is directly based on the Quang Tri Province and features towering hills and deep valleys scattered across 225 km² of jungle terrain. For gameplay purposes, Khe Sanh especially focuses on the Khe Sanh Combat Base and its surrounding areas.

All proceeds made from the sale of S.O.G. Prairie Fire are shared between the developers of the DLC (Savage Game Design, the creators), the publisher (Bohemia Interactive), and the digital distributor (Valve).

NOTE: The content in S.O.G. PF is completely optional to acquire. Unlike inhouse DLCs developed and released by Bohemia Interactive, content is only downloaded if the user purchases the DLC.

Optionally, players can download a trial version from the Workshop which is intended to be used for multiplayer compatibility purposes. The terrains and campaign are not fully accessible however, and vehicles cannot be driven or commanded outside of the editor without purchasing the DLC.


Post-release assets will be gradually added via patches to the DLC's content library and expanded over time as they are completed. All additions are free of charge for both existing and future owners of the DLC.

(*) Denotes free content added in Update 1.1





Main article: S.O.G. Prairie Fire Vehicles
Vehicles of S.O.G. Prairie Fire
Wheeled Bicycle (Mule) • Boheme BonnBoheme KrabiceBoheme KupeBoheme RodinaBTR-40M54 (M109, M185, M49, M55) • M151A1 (Offroad) • Z-157
Tracked M41A3 Walker BulldogType 63
Rotor-wing AH-1GCH-34 (UH-34) • OH-6A CayuseMi-2 (P, URN, URP, US) • UH-1 Iroquois (B, C, D, P)
Fixed-wing F-4 Phantom II (B, C)
Aquatic BoatPTF Nasty BoatSampanShantou Gunboat
(Parenthesis) denote variants.


Main article: S.O.G. Prairie Fire Weapons
Weapons of S.O.G. Prairie Fire
Handguns .38 RevolverHD .22HP 9 mmM712 7.62 mmM1895 7.62 mmM1911 .45Mk1 UDG 2.54 mmMk22 Mod 0 9 mmModel 10 .38PM 9 mmTT-33 7.62 mmWelrod 7.65 mm
Submachine guns M/45 9 mmM1A1 Tommy Gun .45 (Shorty, M1928, M1928A1) • M3A1 Grease Gun .45MAT-49 9 mm (VC) • MC-10 9 mmMP40 9 mmMPU 9 mmPPS-43 7.62 mm (PPS-52) • PPSh-41 7.62 mm (K-50M) • Sten Mk.II 9 mmVZ.61 7.65 mm
Shotguns ISh-54 (Sawn-off, Sidearm) • M1897
Carbines M1 Carbine 7.62 mm (M1 Rifle Grenade, M2, M2 Rifle Grenade, M3) • SKS 7.62 mm (GL) • XM177 5.56 mm (Foregrip, Stock, Short, XM148)
Assault rifles M16 5.56 mm (XM148) • M38 7.62 mmM49/56 7.5 mm (Rifle Grenade) • M63A 5.56 mmType 56 7.62 mm
Squad automatic weapons DP-27 7.62 mmM63A LMG 5.56 mm (Commando) • RPD 7.62 mm (El Cid, Shorty)
Machine guns M60 7.62 mm (Shorty) • PK 7.62 mm
Designated marksman rifles M14 7.62 mmM1891 7.62 mm
Sniper rifles M91/30 7.62 mmM40A1 7.62 mmXM21 7.62 mm
Grenade launchers M79 (Sawn-off)
Launchers 9K32 Strela-2 (M) • B40B41M127 Flare LauncherM72 LAW
Static 9P111 MalyutkaBGM-71 TOWD44DP-27DShKML/60 Mk3L/70 Mk2M2M2HBM29M45 QuadmountM60M101M1919A4 (M1919A6) • PKRPDSpiderholeType 53Type 56 Recoilless RifleType 63V-11M Twin AA GunZPU-4
(Parenthesis) denote variants.


Weapon attachments of S.O.G. Prairie Fire
Riflescopes Carbine 2.2xOptic 3xOptic 9xM49/56 3.5xM91/30 SKS 3x
Night vision ANPVS2
Side barrel Camo Wrap
Underbarrel Bayonet
Muzzle Suppressor


Wearable vests in S.O.G. Prairie Fire
Flak jackets Vest - AircrewVest - Army [Crewman]
Armourless Vest - ArmyVest - NVAVest - SEAL (Diver) • Vest - SOGVest - USAFVest - VCVest - VPN
(Parenthesis) denote variants.
NOTE: Vests in S.O.G. Prairie Fire are not classified with armour levels and do not conform to the same protection standards as their non-Creator DLC counterparts.


Wearable hats in S.O.G. Prairie Fire
BandanaBeretBoonieBoonie HatCapHeadbandHelmet SHL61Non La


Wearable helmets in S.O.G. Prairie Fire
Helmet APH6Helmet M1Helmet M56Helmet SSh-40Helmet SVH4Helmet T56Helmet TSH3Helmet ZSH03Pith Helmet
NOTE: Helmets in S.O.G. Prairie Fire are not classified with armour levels and do not conform to the same protection standards as their non-Creator DLC counterparts.



Update 1.1


SGD Publishing Extras

Published by Savage Game Design, these extra addons/game modes are free (unofficial) additions separately made available for use with the Creator DLC. They can be subscribed to via ArmA 3's Steam Workshop section:

Community Language Pack

The S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Community Language Pack offers localisation support for non-English languages. It was made with contributions from various members of the ArmA community.

The latest version (May 6th, 2021) adds localisation for Polish, Turkish, Korean, and Japanese. Additional languages may be included in future versions.

Mike Force

NOTE: This content is not usable with the Compatibility Data Pack as it requires access to the Cam Lao Nam/Khe Sanh terrains.

A unique game mode designed specifically for S.O.G. Prairie Fire, Mike Force was released on May 6th, 2021 as a beta. It is a persistent, open-world, co-operative multiplayer mission that allows players to choose from one out of four combined arms roles.

They must build bases to expand their capabilities, and to survive in the jungle against a numerically superior force of North Vietnamese. As players progress through the mission, they will earn rank points and medals which will unlock better equipment and supports. A dynamic AI commander ensures that no two playthroughs will ever be the same experience.

Dedicated versions of the scenario have been made available for both of S.O.G. Prairie Fire's playable terrains; one for Cam Lao Nam, and a second for Khe Sanh.


  • S.O.G. Prairie Fire is the first Creator DLC to feature a Vietnam War setting rather than taking place in a Cold War-era European location.
  • It is the second third party-developed DLC to be released under the Creator DLC programme.
  • It is the first CDLC to include a second playable terrain in a post-release patch.

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