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« The SPMG (Special Purpose Machine Gun) is a lightweight medium machine gun, which greatly benefits from modern materials. It is designed to fill the gap between 7.62 mm and .50 machine guns. The SPMG uses.338 Norma Magnum bullet. The effective range of the machine gun is 1500 m, and thanks to advanced technology, it has low recoil.
Field Manual

SPMG .338
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Type General-Purpose Machine Gun
Calibre .338 Norma Magnum
Dispersion 0.00073 rad
Mass 340
Variants None
The SPMG .338 medium machine gun.

The SPMG is a .338 general-purpose machine gun used exclusively by NATO forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Marksmen DLC.


Premium content logo.png
This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Marksmen DLC.

The SPMG is a gas operated, long-stroke piston operated medium machine gun that is chambered for .338 Norma Magnum.

It feeds from 130-round belts stored in cloth pouches and can achieve a fire rate of up to 500 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 807 m/s. The SPMG can be fitted with accessories on its top, side and underbarrel rails, as well as muzzle attachments.

SPMG fitted with an RCO scope.

The SPMG's recoil can be easily managed, and is relatively light for a full-size GPMG while being very accurate at all ranges. In fact, the SPMG's .338 round provides the operator with an GPMG that has accuracy on par with marksman rifles like the Cyrus and the MAR-10.

When paired with magnified optics like the AMS, the effective range of the SPMG can essentially extend out to an impressive distance of 2,000 metres, allowing the user to technically fulfil both sniper and machinegunner roles.

Furthermore, the SPMG's .338 round demonstrates excellent barrier penetration. Steel and corrugated iron walls offer no resistance, and even moderately thick stone/brick walls are unable to stop the SPMG's rounds from punching through. It can clear drivers and occupants out of MRAPs without damaging the vehicle, other than potentially bursting its tyres or disabling the turret.

In terms of stopping power, its .338 rounds are powerful enough to outright kill armoured foes in one or two hits regardless where they are struck even at long distances.

However, the SPMG does suffer from having a very low rate of fire. Unlike its CSAT counterpart, the SPMG is unable to lay down fire as quickly due to its pitiful cyclic fire rate of only 500 RPM. The Navid on the other hand, is capable of reaching anywhere from 705 up to a maximum of 1,500 RPM (on burst mode). Though in practice, even this drawback is minor at worst, given that the SPMG's high accuracy and lethality can effectively compensate for its lower fire rate.


  • Sand: Standard desert sand/flat dark earth paint scheme. Used by Mediterranean NATO forces.
  • Black: Chrome black paint scheme. Utilised by NATO forces based in Eastern Europe.
  • Camo: Spraypaint scheme designed to mimic NATO's MTP uniform camouflage.


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s) Penetration depth (mm)
14 -0.00061 807 21.789

The SPMG can only be fed with 130-round cloth pouches. It has a "mass" value of 60 units:

.338 NM 130Rnd Belt

Belt pouch with one (visible) red tracer for every five rounds. The last five rounds will always consist of tracers.


  • Arma3-achievement-marksmenweaponmaster.png
    Marksmen Weapon Master
    • The SPMG is one out of seven premium weapons featured in the DLC. Simply equip it (and the other six) in the Virtual Arsenal and begin testing it. Can be done in a single sitting or in multiple playthroughs.


  • The SPMG is based on the real-life "Lightweight Medium Machine Gun" designed by the General Dynamics Corporation (officially dubbed as the "Lightweight Machine Gun - Medium" or "LMG-M" by USSOCOM).
    • The real LWMMG is a prototype medium machine gun that was designed to replace its heavier predecessor, the U.S. military's "M240" GPMG.
  • Armed variants of the Prowler LSV are fitted with a forward-facing SPMG that can be used by the commander. It is also only used by both models of the Rhino MGS as a coaxial MG, though oddly enough, neither the Slammer family of MBTs nor the Marshall IFV use it as a coaxial weapon.
  • Specific Tanoan Gendarmerie officers guarding the Red Spring Mine can be seen using the SPMG in the Apex expansion's Old Man mini-campaign/scenario. However, none of their other units elsewhere in the mini-campaign actually wield the weapon.



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